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Tim Louis
Former COPE city councillor & lawyer Tim Louis is coming back to the pages of

We're extremely pleased to announce the imminent return of Tim Louis to Tim wrote for us in the early days of the site and provided his "Seven Progressive Indicators" by which the Vision Vancouver government would be judged. We are republishing Tim's full article below from January 7, 2009, and we expect to have Tim back to discuss how Vision are doing in the days to come...

Here are my Top 7 indicators by which progressive voters can assess this Vancouver City Council at the end of its term.

1. Social Housing

Indicator: 1200 units of social housing initiated and completed

The recent cold weather has only exacerbated what was already a crisis. As many of us, myself included, complained about the inconvenience of being stuck inside by the snow, for thousands of Vancouverites being inconvenienced by being stuck inside would have been a blessing. These are the people who live on the street because our society stopped building social housing. Instead of lending hundreds of millions of dollars to a private developer to complete the Olympic Village, City Council should use the Property Endowment Fund to build social housing.

2. Property Taxes

Indicator: no further shifting of property taxes from businesses to homeowners

Under the NPA, $10 million in property taxes [2007] have been shifted off business property owners on to Vancouver homeowners. The banks and other owners of large downtown office towers don’t deserve to have part of their tax bill picked up by family homeowners. Small business owners may indeed need a reduction in their tax rate. Large businesses are definitely not in need of such a subsidy. Until the province agrees to amend the Vancouver Charter - giving City Council the authority to create two classes of business property owners - the City must bring a halt to further tax shifting.

3. Ethical Purchasing

Indicator: vigorous inspection of apparel manufacturers within Vancouver to identify and address local sweatshop issues

Four years ago, I was privileged to co-chair Vancouver’s Ethical Purchasing Policy Task Force. The recommendations of this citizen-based working group committed the City of Vancouver’s purchasing department to purchase apparel and coffee only from sources which adhere to international labor standards - no sweatshops, no child labor etc. This action earned our city international recognition. It’s time to look locally.

4. Compressed Work Week

Indicator: reinstate the compressed work week at City Hall

In the 1970's a new municipal party swept to power! Team, The Electors Action Movement, accomplished many things - some good; some not so good. One of the good things was the adoption of a compressed work week for all City Hall employees. Employees continued to work the same number of hours per week but spread over fewer days. Benefits? For citizens, easier access to City Hall which was now open for longer hours. For the environment? Reduced greenhouse gas emissions as employees commuted to work fewer days. For workers’ families? More days off to spend together - all of this at no cost to the tax payer. When the NPA came back to power, they arbitrarily and without negotiation got rid of the compressed week. In the 2002 campaign, COPE promised to bring back the compressed work week. This promise is still outstanding and is more important than ever given global warming.

5. Gambling

Indicator: no further gambling expansion

Gambling is a predatory industry engaged in a legalized form of pickpocketing. Forty percent of gambling money comes from 12 - 15 % of the population that is either gambling addicted or at risk of becoming so. In addition to the devastation it does to vulnerable gamblers, it presents an opportunity for money laundering from those who acquire large sums of money illegitimately. The NPA and COPE up through 2002 stood fast against any expansion of gambling capacity in the city of Vancouver. In fact, Mayor Philip Owen, in the late 1990's, went to Court on behalf of the City of Vancouver to stop the province from imposing gambling casinos on the City of Vancouver and won! Since that victory, new Councils of the day have opened the doors to gambling expansion approving Vancouver’s first two casinos with hundreds of slot machines - despite enormous neighborhood opposition.

6. Sam’s Ecodensity

Indicator: stop the plans to mass rezone 17 neighborhoods

As the late Councilor Harry Rankin once said ‘If it wasn’t for development, we’d all be living in caves.’ The question, then, is not whether we need development, but what type of development and for whom - for the developers or for the citizens and the neighborhoods. Green space, community centres, and good public transit are just a few of the keys to a healthy community. A progressive Council would only approve mass rezoning on condition that there is clear neighborhood approval and that access to community services and green space is increased to meet the increase in density.

7. City Policing

Indicator: freeze the police budget

While it is counterintuitive and controversial to say, I’ll say it anyway: police play a very limited role in preventing crime. The most effective way to prevent crime is to deal with the root causes. In Vancouver, drug addiction is one of the major root causes. Until we have a provincial government that offers addicts treatment on demand, no increase in the number of police officers will prevent addicts from finding ways to fund their addiction. Rather than increasing the City’s fastest growing budget, the police budget, let’s put the money into true crime prevention such as more community centre based youth workers, more library services, arts and culture programs, literacy efforts, and immigrant settlement and support programs.

- post by Tim Louis. Tim is a former COPE city councillor & park commissioner who maintains a strong interest in Vancouver's affairs, and the future of progressive politics


"Until we have a provincial government that offers addicts treatment on demand, no increase in the number of police officers will prevent addicts from finding ways to fund their addiction" is a good "conservative" statement, but I cannot really bring myself to call this "progressive." The progressive position on this front is for City Hall's occupants to vigorously lobby for one of two things:

(I) Drug Law being made a provincial responsibility, like the license of doctors is, anyway. Why is the Federal Beauracracy involved in telling British Columbian doctors how to operate?

(II) A return to the "Status quo ante bellum", state of things before the war, within which there was a free market in drugs and doctors. This brings us to the real function of police:

Police are the protection arm of the transnational University Doctor/Lawyer/Pharmacist gang. You try to sell drugs without "permission" from Fat Tony the Pharmacy College Registrar, and Fat Tony sends Jim Chu to break youse guys legs.

Within the Realm, police are not even necessary---Sheriffs are necessary; Constabularii Pacis are necessary to apprehend breachers of the peace. Only fools and the mentally deficient equate drug use with breach of the peace. Indeed, the hilarity of the situation is that enforcing drug laws requires breaching the peace, which is immoral. Drug Law is merely positive; the law against aggressive war, that's natural: attack another animal and suffer the consequences.

Isn't it great that University Educated Primary Teachers allow cops into the schools to brainwash every generation into allowing the Boys in Blue to steal from them? "We injure prevent you from injuring yourself!" And unlike most other curriculum items, especially political ones, where there might be a debate, the teacher simply needs to toe the Union Line on drugs: drugs ist nicht sehr gut!!! Verboten!!!!

So, compulsory primary education today amounts to, in large part, compulsory behaviorist conditioning in furtherance of creating a pliable servant population for the University Education. At least the medieval ruling class were honest slavers. The modern ruling class are so intellectually dishonest, vapid and delusional that many of them really don't believe they enslave people. What is it but a yoke around my neck that I cannot buy $1000 worth of opium and sell it? Cui Bono? It certainly isn't to my benefit. It certainly isn't to the benefit of addicts, unless we accept the paternal thesis that they're incapable of speaking for themselves and need University Degree holders to speak for themselves, often saying the opposite of what they say themselves.

To close, a really progressive idea is to abandon all so-called "Law" produced since Jun 15 1215 if such "Law" is in conflict with Magna Carta. For example, per the 42nd clause, one may infer that imprisonment or outlawry are only possible secundum legem regni, that is, the bible. And therefore, the crimes for which imprisonment is allowed are all defined in the bible: rape, murder, theft, perjury.

Perjury is the big one---ask a Provincial Court Judge for her commission some time. Judging without corporeal seisin of one's commission = ABUSE.

I find it troubling that you hail the appearance of Tim Louis as anything other than an insult to your readers.

Quite apart from acting like a raving lunatic while on council, Louis has the distinction of sitting for an interview with me an making two breathtaking statements, neither of which he has had the courage to explain or expand upon.

1) Murderous thug Che Guevara, whose ugly visage Louis appallingly displays on the back of his wheelchair, is, according to Timmy, "A hero...a freedom fighter."

2) That Vision Vancouver's original seed money or monies at some point soon thereafter were "from the proceeds of crime."

Can you can get specific answers from Louis? I couldn't get a straight answer on either.

Perhaps because I don;t believe either to be true.

But that's the kind of guy you are pleased to feature?

City Caucus seems to have hit its stride with an audience of paranoid conspiracy theorists. Sure, I'd love to be able to sell medication without pesky regulation and toss around unsubstantiated allegations about Vision's funding, but when would I have the time to run my 9/11 Truther tent at the art gallery? I look forward to the exciting dispatch.

"Sure, I'd love to be able to sell medication without pesky regulation"

Excuse me, the common law makes it a crime to sell unwholesome victual; the idea that absent University degree holding nitwits managing their lesser-ranked human resources we'd be "without regulation" is only true in the sense that "regulation" is a university-retard word they use for things which change so often that even they will not call them "law." If it is law, it is constant and eternal. If it is not constant and eternal, it is not law. So simple a six year old could get it---where things get fuzzy is when you start tripping on four year degrees...

"and toss around unsubstantiated allegations about Vision's funding, but when would I have the time to run my 9/11 Truther tent at the art gallery?"

I don't think I mentioned anything like that---and I am not really concerned about 9/11 so much as the flagrant maladministration of justice which occurs in British Columbia ever day. Armed Canadian military (who call themselves police officers, as though a dogturd stops stinking if you call it a rose) violently attack, capture and steal from peaceful drug possessors every day.

That is unlawful torture, unlawful military aggression: it is a war crime, especially in light of the clearly stated desire of the Government to ratchet up Canada into a full-on war-footing re: drugs. That is what mandatory minimums are, they loudly and clearly declare a war footing: we are on a war footing, and ze enemy will be executed by the legislature! Our judges are our servants, not our equals, certainly not our superior priests and guardians of the constant mind of God. Heavens, never!

And I didn't mention anything about political funding, so that's great---you deal with 1 really big issue, indeed, the biggest issue of our time, corporate kleptocracy, and dismiss it by mentioning two quite zany topics that were not even mentioned.

Really, it takes a very well trained sort of peasant to _enjoy_ being used as cattle by the University men. Perhaps you are one of the University cattlemen, and that explains why you don't think the "regulation" is tyranny? It is straight up tyranny---national socialist style. Only difference between a Canadian and a 1930s German Nazi is that the 1930s German Nazi was more honest and likely had a better philosophical defense for his actions. Oh, and the Germans went after jews---big mistake. You don't want to go after a single ethnic group because then they can militate against you. What you want is to employ retarded people going after the intelligent: thus drug prohibition employs people so retarded that they are incapable of understanding the moral law, THOU SHALT NOT STEAL, in order to steal from those intelligent enough to set their own diets without a Nationalist Socialist Medical Board Member Doctor Nanny.

I look forward to the cognitive dissonance and total lack of response to the very substantive and very real issues raised in this despatch!

The Harsh Reality of Drug Addiction richardmclaughlin007 — January 18, 2009 — after 11 months of sobriety from drug addiction, in 7 short days this man hits the depths of despair and insanity.

This video was shot in Vancouvers downtown eastside by the narrator it is quite extreme, It shows how common place and and readily available drugs are and how people can succomb to a extreme physical reaction from lack of sleep, nutrition and dehydration. This video was made for many different reasons, one being educational the other as mentioned earlier it's common place here in Vancouver, in any other city or town in North America this man would have recieved immediate medical attention but here in Vancouver both the police and ambulance just drive by. If you do not belive me come on down and see our little human circus slash "HARM REDUCTION EXPERIMENT"
This man was spotted two hours later sleeping on a concrete curb as his pillow.
Both the narrator and producer of this video have had spent many years struggling with addiction and have spent hard time in Vancouvers "NOTORIOUS" downtown eastside.
Today they have escaped and are clean and sober and now dedicate there lives to those who still suffer from "THE HARSH REALITY OF ADDICTION"

Thanks for this video, quite an eye opener, very sad indeed..

Check out!

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