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This weekend's CityCaucus Redux was originally published in March 2009 and features a Know Your Donor profile of (now) former City of Vancouver staffer Lesli Boldt. She's moved on back to the private sector but has landed a good gig as a result of her service to the City. Boldt currently works for condo marketer Bob Rennie on the City's Olympic Village project. According to our sources Boldt has been having regular dialogues with City Manager Penny Ballem providing media advice on the matter of the Olympic Village headache, as well as on how to deal with bloggers (ahem, you know who they are).

While Boldt's contribution to Vision and Gregor are a pittance when compared to the Hollyhock mafiosa, it's an interesting profile of how political loyalties can occasionally benefit individuals, especially when the public service has become as politicized as it has under Vision Vancouver.

It's also worth repeating that Boldt worked in the City's communications department while openly supporting Vision. Her boss back then, Laurie Best, was married to someone who was eventually hired to work in Gregor Robertson's office.


Name: Lesli Boldt
Donation to Gregor Robertson nomination: $100-$499
Donation to Vision Vancouver: $350

As part of our ongoing Know Your Donor series, we are looking at some of the small, medium and supersize donors who contributed to the political parties and candidates in the recent Vancouver election. Earlier, we featured both a supersize and mid-size donor to Vision Vancouver.

Our latest installment features Lesli Boldt, a financial contributor to both the nomination campaign of Mayor Gregor Robertson and to the Vision Vancouver party. Some of you may remember Ms. Boldt's name as she recently appeared in our post about Dave Rudberg resigning from his position as the head of Olympic operations for the City of Vancouver. She prepared the special talking points about him wanting to retire to play with his grandchildren.

Ms. Boldt was hired by Laurie Best, Director of Communications to work in the City's non-partisan communications department. We confirmed with the department yesterday that she was hired in April 2008 through an open competition to work there as a Project Manager.

According to the Georgia Straight, Ms. Boldt made a contribution to the Nominate Gregor Robertson Campaign Fund in the $100-$499 category. In addition, she is listed as having made several financial contributions to Vision Vancouver starting back in late 2007.

In a comment posted on CBC online, Boldt took a shot at NPA School Board Chair Ken Denike and called him a hypocrite:

"I find it hypocritical that - in the midst of a civic strike where Mr. Denike's own NPA mayor, Sam Sullivan, is encouraging all citizens to reduce waste, recycle more, and commit to EcoDensity - that Mr. Denike is not willing to provide leadership at the school board or lobby the provincial government to actually practice what they preach and help alleviate waste coming from B.C. schools in the City of Vancouver. They're clearly sending mixed messages to Vancouver's kids."

Ms. Boldt served as a legislative intern in 1993 under then NDP Premier Michael Harcourt's provincial government. Her Linkedin profile states her specialities include "advocacy" and "politics."


Ever heard of loose lips sink ships? Perhaps some people shouldn't be openly bragging about how close their relationship is with senior folks at the corner of 12th and Cambie. This is a small town, and things get out. Just sayin...

Muni politics is interesting. If you are a federal or provincial staffer working closely with a particular industry, you can't quit and go work directly for that industry for at least 2 years. There are big time restrictions on this type of activity.

Funny how a municipal civil servant can be working for the city one day, then working for a condo promoter selling the their Olympic Village the next. Clearly there are no rules at the city regarding a "cooling off" period. Maybe there should be? Not saying anything inappropriate has taken place, just comparing how different levels of government manage this.

Welcome to BC... Does the name Ken Dobell ring any bells?

The Thought of The Day

"100$ - 499$ for a staffer position with the City of Vancouver? That beats the hell out of having to write a Cover Letter, a targeted Resume all backed up with formal education & references."

It reads right out of 'The Vision Vancouver Book of Advancement in Public Pencil Pushing'.

I wonder what Penny's 'donation' was? I could only assume it was a 'drop in the bucket'TM.
It just makes sense.

As for Lesli Boldt... Another Flea on the Horse Vancouver's butt. Closer to the hole, bigger the stink. IMO. She didn't leave. She branched out. And previously was advising Penny and donated to Vision, you say? She presently works for Rennie Relaxed in London, you say? That's what he thinks.It's the oldest trick in the book. Poor shmuck, he doesn't know he's in for a Hollyhock skimming. What a better way to control and direct the marketing and selling of the biggest Waterfront Money Pit in Vancouver's history, then to have someone working on the 'inside'? That's just the way these people in Vision operate.

Or, maybe I'm wrong and Bobbie is gone All In! Think it over. Sleep on it. Dig the story out. Like a mole would.

Anyway. It seemed to me you needed a bit of traffic on this item :-)

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

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