Anton rescinds support for Hornby Street bike lane

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Hornby street work
Markers (lower left) were in place before council's decision. Contractors already working – click for larger & see slideshow

Just when you thought the debate on the Hornby Street bike lane was over, we received a news release this evening from NPA councillor Suzanne Anton. She is fuming mad that City work crews were out at the crack of dawn this morning beginning to construct the bike lane which only received approval from council late on Tuesday evening. According to Anton, she discovered this afternoon that work on the controversial bike lane actually started before council even approved it and she's demanding answers. Here is her release in its entirety below.

See also the memo circulated to neighbours first thing Wednesday morning after the vote. Was this written, printed and organized over night? What about the permit for the Sunday morning noise waiver – did that too happen after midnight? We've learned that the noise waiver permit was applied for on this project September 23rd.



“No one who spoke to council on Tuesday expected to be a part of a Kangeroo council,” says Coun. Anton

“On Tuesday night at 11:38pm city council once again held a vote at the end of a marathon meeting that suited the agenda of the Mayor and his caucus more than it did Vancouver citizens, small business owners, or City staff.

“When the meeting concluded I was satisfied that two of my biggest concerns about the Hornby Street bike lane project were met. First, I was assured by the City's Engineering Department that the design of the separated bike lane was the absolute best of all available options for Downtown Vancouver. Second, thanks to my amendment of the motion I understood that every best effort would be taken by the City to mitigate the impacts of this development upon Hornby Street residents, businesses and their customers.

“However, earlier today I discovered that a critical requirement of my support has not been met. I've learned that at 7:30am on the morning after council's decision, crews and equipment began immediate work on the new Hornby Street bike lane. It's clear to me from prepared signage and work plans that logistics for this project were not done overnight, and that staff was given direction to undertake this work weeks ago. Furthermore, I've learned that the road had already been marked in preparation for the work as early as Monday, a full day before the public meeting took place.

hornby-markers.jpg “Regardless of your views on the Hornby Street separated bike lane, no one who spoke to council on Tuesday expected to be a part of a Kangeroo council. It is a fundamental trust between citizens and their elected representatives that when we meet in council chambers that we are there to listen, deliberate and debate, and finally decide based upon the inputs we have received.

“It is crystal clear to me now that Tuesday's council meeting was a mere formality, and pure political theatre. Businesses on Hornby Street cannot have faith that their concerns will be properly considered, nor can they have faith that this is a 'trial' project.

“I am therefore submitting a motion to rescind to the City Clerk, and withdrawing my support of this project. I will also request a full report from staff that explains how these preparations had been completed in time to stage work the morning after our vote.

“Thanks to the STIR projects, HEAT Shelters, and now this bike lane, Mayor Robertson and his colleagues have a well-earned reputation for being autocratic. With my decision I am hoping to send a clear message to council that we must listen to the people who elected us.”

– 30 –

Media inquiries to Suzanne Anton

Note to readers: The smaller inset photo was sent to us by a Vancouver resident prior to the council vote on Tuesday evening. Although it is difficult to see, the smaller photo appears to have new markings painted on it in preparation for the new bike lane. It has also been widely reported in the mainstream media that work on the project began only hours after the vote.



Wow, Anton has a political spine. I too found it odd that so many work crews were out this morning in full force. How could they have had everything coordinated to go after only receiving approval from council hours earlier? It takes monhts just to get an electrical permit, so how did this happen so quickly. Clearly the fix was in and yesterday's council meeting was a total sham.

Robertson should be ashamed of himself for trying to pull a fast one on us. But then again, was it not vision that conducted the so-called public consultation on this in the dead of summer? I somehow think they didn't give a crap what we said all along.

I am pleased Councillor Anton has taken this position.

I guess I can pull my NPA dinner tix out of the garbage can now. Good move for Anton. She has given opponents of this $3.2M expenditure some hope that at least one member on council still retains some common sense. I support bike lanes, just not those where the fix was in from the beginning. This council is such a joke. Chickens, heat shelters, vegetable gardens, forced bike lanes, on and on.

THANK YOU SUZANNE ANTON! Thank you for FINALLY opening your eyes. Thank you for finally viewing this project with the scrutiny it deserves. STOP THE DEMOLITION OF HORNBY STREET! SAVE OUR STREET!

Cynical and disgusting actions by both council and city staff. Next year's elections can't come soon enough.

I actually had respect for her after last night's vote now I see she is just playing politics to appeal to her partisan base.

I was actually considering voting for her if she ran for council again, now not a chance. Her actions clearly show she has little integrity.

Daniel - shouldn't you have headlined this either "Braking news" or "Suzanne Anton declares she will not run for NPA mayoralty nomination"?

Wow - quite an astonishing turnaround after it makes no difference at all.

Did Suzanne really believe that the majority on Council would decide to not proceed with the Hornby bike lane even though she herself was voting in favour?

Or did Suzanne realize - after voting to make it unanimous that Council supported the Hornby bike lane - that she had committed NPA political suicide?

I think the answer is obvious.

And even the diehard NPA supporters on this blog should read the writing on the wall - Anton has fallen off her bicycle and can't get up.

what part of Hornby St is in this picture? Where are the business and parking spaces that are to be destroyed? And what are those pipes and flanges for ? Bike Racks to be? Or maybe you are just making stuff up = Gregor's Gridlock 2.0

It's hilarious that you'd post a picture that IS NOT HORNBY STREET.

Cloudy and smokey jr... While the picture may not actually be of Hornby, you can not deny the facts behind the story. At 7:30 wednesday morning city staff already began posting notices of the impending change. You can't tell me staff worked through the night to print up the notices. And even if you do try to say that, as of Friday last week there were white dots all the way up Hornby Street marking where the new bike lane will be going. There's a picture of the dots over on Alex Tsakumis' blog.

Fact is, Vision Vancouver directed the Engineering Department to begin work on the project BEFORE council had voted on it. BEFORE they had a public hearing.

I was surprised to see her support in the first place. I wonder, at times, about her political instincts.

She is a joke.

She had the wool pulled over her eyes and didn't even realize it. Good politicians don't allow the wool to be pulled over their eyes. She should pack it in and resign from civic politics next time around. If she doesn't, the NPA needs to boot her butt out of there before the next election.

Who cares if she is the only NPA person on council if she is going to vote with the Mayor on stuff like this then she might as well join him and leave the NPA now.

To make matters worse now that she has figured out what is going on she is trying to ask for her vote back. You have to be kidding me! How did the people in Vancouver elect this imbecile.

This idiot probably still believes it is a trial. Just on the issue of spending over $3 million on a trial should have been enough for her to vote against the lane but she voted for it knowing the price tag.

While Suzanne's latest action is 'appreciated' as being better than nothing - anyone looking @ Drake St. between Hornby & Burrard LAST WEEK would have seen the many new neon road markings.

This was a done deal long before this meeting. Trust the uproar is far more than enough to get Vision turfed. Yes they campaigned on bikes & homeless but also transparency and consultation!

VV aka opportunists.

The Thought of The Day

“Before Vision came along, we were famished. Now we are all fed up!”

Not much can be said about what happened last night at City Hall. Democracy cubed. Not that I expected a different result, far from it. But I did expect to see some councillors with spine instead of a group of paramecium and one amoeba. The amoeba was of course, Suzanne Anton. It’s sad to realize that her defensive system, in the face of a sustained depressing attack, works worse than that of an amoeba, who BTW is brainless.
Following are some questions, bits and pieces that bugged me the whole day today.

If Raymond Louie is the Beta Carotene to Geoff Meggs Alpha Muppet, does that make David Cadman the Coca Cola Man?

If you’ve been watching the late Council meetings on TV, fire your cable provider. You’ve been had. It’s CRAP TV.

Joel Solomon’s slogan for his 500 years plan: ‘Today in Vancouver, Tomorrow Incontinent.’

Newest campaign pitch: ‘Vision In –Nothing Out’

ONE. My cat fell from the second floor into a fresh pile of dog shit left on the lawn. Being psychologically traumatized from having to lick himself off, what do you think, does he need a haircut?
TWO. My dog licked his dick until he pulverized his balls. Can you recommend a good balloon artist?
THREE. I have a rattle snake pet. Lately he became very depressed from watching too much CRAP TV. Could you put a word to Andrea Reimer, see if she could make a short courtesy visit? It would mean the world to him. To be able to see another familiar face…

I had a dream. I was eating pizza, and one piece got stuck down my throat. As I was fading away, someone in a white coat leaned over me and tried to pull a Heimlich manoeuvre. On her front pocket, the words ‘PENNY HUT’ were stitched in Red. I chose death.

I’ll never forget the first time I met Penny – although I keep trying.

Parking downtown has become so expensive that when one takes his family of four to Stanley Park, tells the kids they are going to Yosemite National instead.

(Drum rolls) …Go to Suzanne Anton and Gordon Price, for their remarkable acting in the ‘Dr Jekyll and Dr. Hyde’ remake .

What a sweet guy he is. Robertson grows on people; he really does – like a wart.

He is such a carefree soul – he doesn’t care as long as it’s free.

Don’t blame him. Blame the audio system. He is not hard of hearing – just heard of listening.

David Cadman excused himself for last night’s meeting. Big deal. He’s about as useful as a Roots backpack mistaken for a parachute.

Reimer is twitting into the 21st century. By some accounts she is the finest woman that ever walked the streets of Vancouver.

Robertson made a quick announcement. He declared the Hornby Bike Experiment a huge ‘Suck’cess. We knew that.

In less than two years Vision managed to change the public perception of the municipal politician, from ‘Public Heirs’ to ‘Pubic Hairs’. Way to go.

Gregor Robertson Mask – with a bike lane across the face.
Aaron Jasper Mask – half man half lama.
Patti Bacchus Mask – School Teacher Dominatrix
Penny Ballem – herself

Andrew Lloyd Webber is in town. Our city and people inspires him. Working title: ‘Gregor and his Technicolor Vision’

I walked with my five years old son by the City Hall the other day. The little guy looked up at the building with the clock on top and said to me in a very childish but firm voice:’I don’t know what people do in that building!’ ‘Neither do I, son, neither do I!’

After a show in front of the council and Mayor, two monkeys were having a very loud conversation when a third monkey approached them. ‘Did they notice you are monkeys?’ ‘’Nope’ ‘So, how did you do it?’ ‘Easy, do what they do, follow their lead.’ ‘That’ it?’ ‘Oh, be yourself .’

So, last night, Vancouver City Council behaved like a bunch of Peter Pans in search for the Never, Never Land. I’m not so sure if they’ll ever find it, but the potential is there. Michael Jackson would approve of this.
And so it goes…

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Next year’s NPA campaign should highlight this fact, pre-determined outcome before the process has completed. I cannot stand this group of arrogant and disingenuous children playing in the sand box. What type of nirvana are they trying to turn Vancouver into? The fact of the matter is, being Green cost money, and lots of it. We all do our little bit to be green but why shove it down all Vancouverites throat? Where can I get active, I want to bring these yohos down, I am fed up with the entire lot of them. I didn’t like Sam, but at least he seemed genuine and down to earth, Mr. Robertson, smiling at the Canucks photo-op, actually made me want to throw up, what does he have to smile about? He’s sorry about the “hacks” comment, I doubt it, still happening, he doesn’t listen, so sick of this BS at city hall.

Ummmm, your picture is that of a water main replacement.
And those aren't even CoV excavators.

The blue pipe is a water main. The red things with the flanges are gate valves.

What gives?

The staff report which was available for the whole world to read stated on page 14
“Construction would begin as soon as possible following Council approval. It is estimated that the facility would be completed within 10 weeks subject to weather. Staff would commit to no construction during the Christmas period (exact dates to be confirmed with businesses inthe area) to limit impact on the surrounding businesses.”

The day after the council approval is clearly as soon as possible.

As it makes little sense to leave the bike lane half completed during the Christmas period, it is obvious that construction needed to start now to minimize impact on the businesses.

Richard, if it started "as soon as possible" that would be one thing. But it ALREADY HAD started. That's what Councillor Anton has an issue with. That's also what I am taking issue with. A city government can't direct staff to start a project, book staff, mark up city streets and have equipment on standby before the project has approval from the committee struck to approve it. It discredits the public consultation process. It makes a mockery of the public process.

The photo shows a water main replacement. I live around there... and there is not much major work. Having done construction, I know that you have to tell me 2-3 weeks in advance about a project if I'm potentially working on it. People cant sit and wait for days. If the project is a go - go for it. As a resident of downtown I support the lanes, and saw no opposition to them as of yet. Why fume over nothing?

This is just posturing. Anton is no dummy. If she had voted against the motion, that would have been the end of any publicity the NPA might get from this issue. By manufacturing a fake news story like this, she's guaranteed tv interviews etc.

Hi. New here.
Blink and you really miss a lot in Vancouver city politics.
Honestly, the bike lanes do not affect me directly. I rarely go downtown any more, but I must say that the timing of the deployment of crews and equipment only solidify peoples view that Vision had no intention of listening to business owners, or drivers that this would affect.
That's just not right.
I've ridden the non barrier bike lanes in the past for a days outing, and felt more than safe. Why is it necessary to do bike lanes in this fashion in the first place? Is this a visual statement more than anything? I just can't justify the cost, when you have the beautiful and so essential Burrard bridge falling apart.


Pretty ironic to see HST-crybaby #2 making fun of Anton.

Isn't his whole little anti-HST (they think we are a bunch a whiny losers in Toronto y'know) hissfit about the government just moving forward on something without proper public consultation? Or about being arrogant and just moving forward because they know they have a majority in the house?

Talk about a campaign that is about nothing at all.

I'm Bill Tielmann. Rally with me and you won't pay PST on a haircut.

Pretty deep.

Oh god can't this just die? Whether you like it or not, it's just a bloody bike lane. Let's move on!

@rf. You are bang on with Tieleman. While he spends his life campaigning against the BC Liberals for their lack of consultation on the HST and ramming it in without due process, he is more than happy to support Vision's tactics. HaHaHaHaHa.

For crying out loud, the city started work on this bike lane even before council had even approved it. What does Tieleman think of that???? Is that listening??? Is that true consultation? Tieleman is such a hypocrite and will do whatever it takes to keep his vision/ndp buddies in power.

I live on Hornby Street, the white markings were there as early as LAST Friday morning, October the 1st.

This council is beyond the pale.

`Anton has fallen off her bicycle and can't get up`

Actually I think that honor belongs to Geoff Meggs.

To add further - yesterday the bright lights from the City Engineering decided to park their cars in the two spots that our building in the 1300 block Hornby has for a passengers zone preventing any one wanting to drop off anyone from doing so and making it harder for parents to drop off and pick up their children from the Montessori school.

They also posted a notice advising us that the City had granted a noise exemption to allow work to be done in early morning hours on the weekends - can the City engineering department just blanket issue these or are they suppose to be passed by council and aren`t the citizens affected supposed to be advised in advance.

While I support the bike lanes the way this council has handled it is anything but open and transparent.

"The above photo was for illustration purposes only."

Typically doesn't a cutline describe what is going on in the picture? This isn't the G. Straight music section. The juxtaposition certainly makes it easy to assume the worst.

Nice deflection Chris. Do you deny your buddies started the work on this bike lane before it was approved by council? Why not stick to the issue at hand rather than trying to create a new one. You are truly a piece of work.

Doesn't Suzanne Anton are citycauscus know how these things work? To not affect the Christmas shopping period, this project needed to do some pre-construction planning. The engineering staff would already have a plan in place on how the work was to take place. Is this a surprise? If they didn't have a plan, that would be a surprise to me. Staff had already gone out an put markings on the road. Is this a crime? If the proposal hadn't been approved, the markings would simply fade away.

With the crews being able to start at 7:30 the next day, that is not a surprise to me either. They had the workplan (see above). Managers of work crews know how to plan. They need to be able to adapt on the fly. Generally the managers have several projects on the books and it is easy to move crews from one project to another. For example, on Tuesday they well work on plan A, but if it rains, then we can't do A, so we will do B. That happens all the time. If materials don't arrive for one aspect, you don't have crews sitting around, you get them to do something else.

Obviously, council did not direct staff, but that staff had planned that if it is approved, the crews will work on A and if not, then they will work on B. This is rocket science and anybody who has an understanding of how construction works shouldn't be surprised.

Jerry Dobrovolny, the city's director of transportation is on CKNW right now and just said that they will be repaving the ENTIRE street during this. Funny, Hornby was redone just a couple of years ago. He also says that there will be many instances of either only one lane of traffic being available or even complete shutdowns of blocks during construction. Here comes the gridlock...


Four other posters before me are making similar observations. If honesty and transparency are the issue, then CC's decision to run a stock photo and describe it as crews working on the Hornby bike is definitely 'in play.'


What's the rush? Why does this need to be rammed in before Christmas anyhow? It will be pouring rain so almost nobody will be using the bike lane in any event. I too heard Dobrovolny say the whole street was going to be repaved. How enviro friendly is that??! This is all getting so crazy it's hard to believe it all.

As for the illustration, I think it sums up quite nicely was is now underwater on Hornby. I think most readers with any kind if IQ would realize it's a photo of a water main replacement. Duh! Stick to lobbying for bike lanes Chris.

@Chris. "Four other posters before me are making similar observations" Yeah, four other cycling nutbars like you. Get over it and stick to the issue.

None of you haven't answered the question as to whether you are comfortable with staff building this bike lane BEFORE it was approved by council. Any chance we might get an answer on this sometime today? Do you not think it looks really bad on your buddy Gregor to get this work underway before staff even had authority to work on it? We're waaaaaaaaiiiiitttting.

Why should Council and Mayor care about business. They dont vote.

It's probably a good idea for the businesses to try to get the vote for businesses in a civic elections back and then take care of business on election day.


Do I have concerns about some dots painted on the road prior to official approval of the plan? Nope. Happy to see the Engineering Dept working hard to get this done before Christmas so downtown shoppers aren't inconvenienced by roadwork during a busy season.


No self-respecting paper would print that photo and cutline together, because there's too much room for misinterpretation. Any cub reporter could tell you that. D'uh.

Was that Gregor mumbling "those effin NPA hacks" when Laura Jones from the CFIB was speaking at council? This council has no interest in listening to neighbourhoods. None whatsoever. They have no interest in listening to anybody except their small group of supporters. If you come to speak at council and say something against the party line, they snicker and laugh at you openly. Check the video tapes.

Vision = no consultation

Vision = arrogance

Vision = bullies

Did you also notice how he waivered on how long it would take the work to be done.

I feel for those Hornby businesses as they are getting sideswiped by this lying council harder than they were already expecting.

And although I am in theory against citizens suing government as it effects every tax payer in the city - I do hope they go for it.

Scalbania vs Robertson - it will make the MMA match look timid....

Anton is suppose to be on the Global noon news.

(If anyone is interested)

Of course you're happy. Of course you're not interested in dialogue, of course you're not interested in democratic process (except to use it for your own partisan goals). You've made that very smugly clear. Congrats.

I expect they are wanting to get construction started as soon as possible while the weather is still nice. This will enable them to finish sooner and thus minimizing the impact on drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and businesses. If the construction is delayed by rain, that means parking could be missing on both sides of the street for longer and more congestion for motorists.

They are doing exactly what Anton wanted, the city is making a big effort to minimize the impact on business.

@Chris, you seriously need to give your head a shake. It's one thing to quietly have staff ready to go for a project pending a council vote, it's ENTIRELY different to actually get them to start work on the project prior to getting approval from council.

Not that I'm blaming staff, clearly council did give them approval to start work on the project. They just did it well before the public hearing and vote on the project. A backroom direction to staff while council viewed the desperate pleas from businesses and residents as theatrics.

this looks like a cut and cover bike lane popular in Denmark and on Cambie

great way to mislead with a photo

why don't we find out what the truth is instead. no we'll just make it up and post as fact.

did anyone speak up in favour of this - overwhelmingly and convincingly YES. where were you at council. did you not notice that it was unanimous and after the vote they were ready and got to work. perhaps they were set to do other work and now it includes a safe separated bike lane

let's hope that the fears of the local businesses are unfounded and more people means more business. i shop by bike

The real reason this bike lane is being rammed through is so that all the construction would be done way before the next election. Vision is hoping people will forget about it by then. Meggs admitted on the radio this morning that Vision will not be doing any more bike lanes now because they are essentially starting their election campaign for the year.

Meanwhile, I see that Alex Tsakumis and his sidekick Glen Hall are still out there slandering Suzanne and the entire NPA with incredibly vicious, personal attacks. I think Citycaucus should investigate whether these two are actually being paid by Vision along with Jonathan Ross, their motives appear to be aligned.


At some point did you fall off your bike without a helmet?

Try staying with the plot.

(I'll give you a hint...the Mayor and Council lied AGAIN!)

"Of course you're not interested in dialogue"

I'm here. Trying to have a reasonable debate with people that have no qualms about calling me a 'nutbar' or telling me to shut up, or to ignore the misleading information posted by the site's authors, simply because I've politely and patiently answered question after question, presented reasonable arguments and generally treated other commenters with far more respect than has been extended towards me.

Yeah, I'm the one who's not interested in dialogue or democracy. Right.

They did not start building it before the vote. Staff just developed a plan for how to build it, if it was approved. Of course they had to plan for it. It would be foolish to plan the fall work schedule without taking into account the possibility of a major project with very tight timelines disrupting everything else.

I live on Hornby street and the city slapped on those temporary markings a week ago. what more proof is needed that work was well underway before the vote.

@ Chris and others.

I share your concerns about misleading pictures.

Recently Citycaucus showed a montage of Castro, Stalin, Marx and others having a (non-communist) party together, furthermore they appeared to be drinking Coca Cola. Obviously this could never have happened and could easily confuse a number of readers.

Also another recent picture showed someone apparently being beamed up to a space ship. Imagine my dismay when the article turned out not to be about Star Trek.

Please also accept my congratulations on taking bike lane comments over the 100 mark on a recent Frances Bula blog.

Two words David.

Spaghetti Harvest.

Don't forget, you CAN fool some of the people some of the time.

The cutline doesn't belong under that picture. It should be clearly labelled as a file image. Simple as that.

@Dave2... Completely false. Again, it's one thing to plan, take measurements, do up drawings. Those are all PLANNING phases. Actually sending engineers out to mark up the street is no longer PLANNING, that's DOING.

Funny that Councillor Reimer tweeted that she felt the presenters at city hall were engaged in theatrics, clearly it was council who viewed the hearing as theatre, since they already instructed staff to go ahead with the project.

Note to readers: "The above deliberately deceptive photo was chosen to raise your ire."

Anything to make cars happy, isn't that right?

a BIG thanks to the lock in step sheep who are keeping the story alive and giving it new legs with a new spin to fire up the anti bike brigade.

Anton played you like a violin and now the story which would have been over and done with has a new angle that will keep the chattering classes busy (and yes that include Sparty, Chris, Tessa and the rest of the bathwater drinking crowd)

BTW funny she still supports bike lanes just not the way Emperor gregor and his minions do things.

let the masses discuss!

Note to Ryan! City Caucus always have fab tongue-in-cheek pictures. Irony! Did you see the Backyard Chicken house? It was hilarious.


Are the photos the only thing you and your cycling buds can focus in on it or did you try reading and comprehending the article at hand.

No one here, aside from a select few, gives a rats ass about the pictures or how they are or aren't titled.

(Perhaps the writer of the article needed to do this picture book style in order to accommodate certain persons.)

Lord, give me strength.

My personal favorite was the Mayor climbing out from under his desk.....sigh, still makes me smile.

LOL. David, I couldn't have said it better myself. How dumb do these cycle-eestas think people are anyway?

Has Chris never read this blog and seen some of the great photos the citycaucus boys have dreamed up/photo shopped for their posts. Their fantastic!!! and make me laugh. It's part of their shtick and don't tell me you haven't enjoyed them as well.

I have enough brains in my head to realize that the original photo was there to help make a point. As a previous person said DUHHHHHH!!! Stick to the issue of why vision started working on this bike lane before people had even spoken to council about it. I notice you don't want to talk about that.


It took almost 7 years and two terms for Campbell to derail.

It's taken (your NDP boy) Robertson and Vision 1.5 years.

Must be a new record.

Now run along and give Zalm a hug.

They didn't have to photoshop this one, but it's still my favourite

oops;-( I posted this on the wrong thread before, feel free to delete my other comment

Maybe Chris K. will be offended by this image as well and demand an apology. LouieLand has to be in the top 5!!

Getting back on topic...

I think it's quite something to learn that less than 24 hours later, the stunning details of the construction process that were hidden from the public.

Only now are we learning that Hornby will be completely repaved. It will be completely closed at times during construction, and the traffic disruptions are scheduled to last until mid-December. So much for the holiday shopping season for these businesses. So much for the bike lane being "Green". So much for there being "no congestion caused by the bike lanes".

Even when Vision tells you exactly what they're going to do, they lie.

I've just Facebooked a business associate of mine and asked if she had ever considered running for city council.

I know she had in the past.

I am hoping to have her attend the NPA pub night tonight.

She is smart, even, has a political background and could make Magee shake in his boots.

Who knows, but she would be a huge asset to the NPA.

Two comments:

1) Nothing presented to Coun. Anton regarding the implementation of the bike lane has changed, so there's no basis for her to change her support of the lane. She's a politician so criticizing her fellow councilors wherever she can is expected, but flip/flopping on whether she thinks the bike line is a good idea is disingenuous.

2) If Hornby is being repaved, has anyone stopped to consider the possibility that Engineering staff sensibly timed the work to follow the bike lane vote? If they knew the paving was to be done, they would have prepared as much as possible in advance, and now they can start the the work in such as way as to accommodate the bike lane.


They lied - this 'vote' was nothing more that a sideshow, just as they did with the Burrard bike lane. I walked across the Burrard bridge the morning of the supposed vote and guess what - the work was already under way.

How about we ask the businesses in the area that were 'consulted through this whole process' if it was ever indicated to them Hornby was being resurfaced. My guess, the answer will be No.

@Sean. Wasn't Hornby re-paved only a couple of years ago? I just drove down there a few days ago, the street does not need to be repaved. Not a chance. Good spin, but it won't wash.

What environmental impact does it have to repave the whole road? Bucket loads of asphalt. Bubbling tar. Big trucks. Gravel excavated from the Fraser River and the list goes on. This is what Gregor considers as "green"? You gotta be kidding me. What hypocrisy.

I just saw the letter written by the city which has now been posted in the slide show above. It was given to all local business owners. Amazing!

Notice how the letter was already translated, printed and distributed within 12 hours of the "decision" being made by council. Do they really want us to believe all this work was done after the vote at 11:38 on Tuesday night?

If this were a court trial, it would be Exhibit A as to why Vision lied to the public. In less than two years, they have become more arrogant than any government I know in Canada. Civic recall can't come soon enough.

This comment should be in the David Letterman category.

There is no excuse - in fact it's illegal - for city staff to spend taxpayer's money unless that expenditure has been fully and duly authorized by council.

While I generally support an integrated network of separated bike and pedestrian paths, two questions arise from the work underway on Hornby before it was voted on:

1) Who is running Vancouver City Hall? Dr. Ballem and the unions, or the officials elected to oversee them by the voters?

2) Or is the Mayor himself in contempt of council for illegally authorizing work before submitting it to council for a vote?

Regardless, yet again, this Mayor has brought the city's democratic processes into disrepute, and caused a loss of trust in consultation at city hall.

I would like to add that during the "consultation" the engineering told my buildings strata council that construction would begin in NOVEMBER. This whole city council and mayor are a FRAUD

Charles wrote: "What environmental impact does it have to repave the whole road? Bucket loads of asphalt. Bubbling tar. Big trucks. Gravel excavated from the Fraser River and the list goes on."

Are you seriously suggesting we stop repaving our streets?

Charles wrote: "What environmental impact does it have to repave the whole road? Bucket loads of asphalt. Bubbling tar. Big trucks. Gravel excavated from the Fraser River and the list goes on."

Are you seriously suggesting we stop repaving our streets?

Yes Charles the paving on Hornby seems OK. Perhaps Engineering can enlighten us on why they are doing this now?


So now I'm a sidekick of Tskaumis eh!

Why don't you come out from behind your monicker and show us who you really are?

I happen to comment on this site far more than I comment on Tsakumis' site, and frankly if you've paid any attention at all, Tsakumis was actually nicer to Anton for a much longer time then he should have been.

Him and I have never seen eye to eye on her being a good councillor which was his opinion until this last vote. Whereas my opinion has been that she's kryptonite for the NPA's chance at ever forming council again and needs to get booted from the party like what James did to Simpson this morning.

As for your assertions that I am being paid by Vision, I haven't heard a more ridiculous thing on a blog, since...well...reading Chris Keam and Richard comments.

Talk about being a fool. You certainly take the cake.

Frankly the way I see it, anyone who supports Suzanne's effort to retain her membership in the NPA is actually rooting for Vision because the longer she clings to the party, they're finished.

And yes I will continue to bash the NPA until they pull their collective heads out of their collective asses with respect direction until they get it right.

So far they continue to get it wrong....daily, if not hourly. And like Suzanne, they refuse to listen or follow advice that is in the best interests of the citizens of Vancouver.

Now back to you. Care to take off that mask so I know who it is that cares to accuse me of nonsense?


Don't put words in my mouth. You cycling types are prone to do this kind of thing. I never said we wouldn't pave roads ever again, I asked if we needed to pave Hornby St. Read more carefully next time instead of just spouting out Vision's talking points.

Hornby Street does not need to be repaved, so why would we hurt the environment by doing so unnecessarily. Do you have an answer to my question?

Not a taxpayer I take it. I don't even own a car. I bike, walk and take transit. It's got nothing to do with CARS. It's the fact that council is rushing these things through with only "pretend" consultation. You haven't gleaned that from the comments yet?


Alex G. blogged about proposed plans to reverse the lane next year -move the lane to the opposite side of the street.

I wonder if this has something to do with the resurfacing the entire roadway now.

"Vision Councillor Geoff Meggs agreed it would be inappropriate for city staff to start construction on a bike lane council had not yet approved."

This just out from the Vancouver Sun. A must read. Here is my official reaction. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA...sigh!

About time the bike lane got going! I hate bikers and bike lanes, but still support them for a city... so get on with it!

Can't believe this councillor Anton flip flopping, what a waste of everyones time. You voted for it, the city needs it, get over it and make a positive decision for the City of Vancouver and quit whining. Get back to work!

Mayor Fauntleroy and Comrade Meggs are so desperately pushing the social change agenda they trammel on respectful process and produce trivial, amateurish analysis. A quick read of the admin report is quite interesting. There is a detailed analysis of design features and of survey data but what is so shockingly absent is any analysis of the economics of the proposal or of any other appropriate benchmarks normally applied to assess a “trial” (i.e. reduction in injuries to cyclists, dollars per cyclist etc.) The report ignores the lost revenue from 168 metered parking spaces and makes some bizarre point that 160 will be reinstated due to busses rerouted to Granville Street. Nice try that is still a net loss of 168 metered parking spaces. What of the value of the asset allocated to the bike lane? (12 blocks of paved roadway in one of the most expensive cities in the world) What of the additional maintenance costs? There is a huge externality here as well and that is the additional lost productive and leisure time suffered by commuters in downtown Vancouver created by constructed vehicle (both private and public) access. Laughable is the absence of the costs associated with removal of the bike lane if the trial does not succeed. There will be lost business for the Hornby street merchants and indeed Hornby Street was selected because it, among the other alternatives had the least adverse impact on businesses (see page 7 of the report). The report contains as appendix c an assessment of the Dunsmuir separated bike lane. There the measure of success is a 400% increase in volumes. Well if volume was 3 pre bike lane and 12 post bike lane that is a 400% increase.

Very interesting. Vancouver Sun now reporting Mayor Robertson signed off on noise exemption for bike lane construction before the vote took place. See excerpt below:

He said city staff put signs up early Wednesday morning and began actual construction on Thursday.

Dobrovolny said reports construction began earlier may be due to the fact there are a number of unrelated road and paving projects going on in the same area.

While the speed at which city crews began on the bike lane project is unusual, Dobrovolny said the advance preparations his staff took were not.

He said city work crews typically have to be scheduled up to a year in advance, so his office has to do things like site surveys and utility checks months before council votes.

In this case, that included getting a noise bylaw exemption from the Mayor’s office that would allow city crews to work on weekends and holidays.

“For any of the complex major projects, everybody has to be all ready to go and the timing and the sequencing is critical,” he said. “If we didn’t do that work in advance, we’d be in a position where a lot of the decisions that were made by this council would be built by the next council.”

Sounds like a good idea. Is the rationale why not?

When I was a Commissioner I was ticked to see Engineering digging up the street trees that the Pk Bd had planted weeks earlier as part of the Robson St beautification we were doing so they could do some of their work. I sent off a wee note to Bill Curti,s the City Engineer, asking him why they weren't doing critical path planning of this work to avoid such things. A week later I got a 12" high bundle of the past history of same in the City of Vancouver. Needless to say I browsed. Bill was a dedicated, energetic & capable person in that position & the City was fortunate to have those of his caliber. We actually did get along. A few years later his daughter worked for me for a while.

Robertson signed off on a construction permit before council had approved the bike lane? What the hell? Did I read that correctly? If this is in fact true, this guy is in much deeper trouble than we think. Has anyone posted a copy of the permit online?

Take a look at the Nebur-King Coffee place in the picture. I am sure Mayor Bicyclist gives a damn about this small business.

Looks like someone just dumped yellow curbing right in front of the business. How are these poor people supposed to stay in business.

I know they don't want to end up like many of the Cambie merchants but a good pro bono lawyer should be sought out and the city taken to court.

That yellow curbing has been there for a couple of years - the strata council phoned the city more than six months ago and asked that it be removed and they were going to do it right away - perhaps they will now notice it and take it away.
There is no parking in front of Nebour King and hasn`t been for several years and alot of their clientle are the students at the Vancouver Film School campus next door on Pacific.

So Anton has principles. And if you don't like her principles - well, she has other principles.

I find the comments from those defending the mayor's actions in approving noise permits etc before council even voted on this issue disheartening. "The ends justifies the means" argument should be anathema to anyone who values democracy. There is no valid reason that the consultation and voting process could not have run through its normal course before construction began. Now, whether you are for it or agianst it, the Hornby bike lane is tainted.

I must admit I'm puzzled by Greg Hall's comments about Councillor Anton. Since she was the top vote-earning councillor for the NPA in the last 2 elections, how could she remotely be considered "kryptonite" for her party? It would seem to me she took the principled stand in both cases: 1) voting for the bike lane depsite many in her party's base being against it; 2) rescinding her support when she realized the consultation being done at the committee was purely for show and the mayor had put his will above that of council.

Amen to that, but it's going to take an anti-HST-like grassroots write-in campaign to MLA's to get it on the legislature's agenda next spring. A good time to start would be now.

I would suggest Minister Coleman as a good start.

I have a feeling the is not a huge fan.

On the other hand, in what other city would they have the machinery of implementation so well lubricated.

Well certainly not Vancouver if the state of the road outside my house is any guide.

Ah the great Groucho Marx...yes, she is the embodiment of his famous quote. Anything to suit anybody.

That always indicates no spine to stand for something.

Interesting stats released by ICBC with regard to the significant increase in vehicle accidents at the north end of the Burrard St. Bridge since Burrard bike lane went in.

July/Aug. 2009 - 10

July/Aug. 2010 - 60

Check out!

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