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A lovely view of Vancouver on a Saturday night by Vanramblings

Some old friends of mine J.B. Shayne and Ray Tomlin are doing what so many others are doing for the next ten days, and that's consuming as many foreign and domestic films as possible. They're indulging in the rich program of the 29th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF).

At one time I used to also do power screenings at the VIFF, but this subsided as family and other matters took precedence. For now, at least, I'll have to live vicariously through the writings of Ray on his Vanramblings blog.

Last night Ray came home after more VIFF fare, and quickly cobbled together this video (including some footage from his new iPhone 4). I think it's a lovely look at Vancouver on an autumn Saturday night, and worth sharing with our readers. Ray was half-apologetic for the rough editing which he promises to improve in another cut, but that didn't matter to me. For me it's a brief interlude from the hectic politics in recent weeks.

Ray is posting his film notes daily under his VIFF2010 category. It's a fading memory for me now but back in the mid-90s I produced the first VIFF.org website, which subsequently went on to win an award I'm told. I also had fun doing some community TV programming which made light of film festival culture. Here's a clip of me and J.B. at Videomatica a long time ago.

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going to a viff to a 4 oclock show. Walking there, will catch in this lovely view.

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