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Will we see more of this in Vancouver? Video mocks T.O. mayoral candidate Rob Ford

More often than not, Vancouver City Council is a pretty serious kind of place. There are those dry public hearings followed by endless Penny PowerPoint ("3P") presentations. Occasionally, things can get a bit more interesting. For example, we recently reported on hundreds of thousands of dollars being wasted and controversies regarding which Mayor's office contractor is funding a certain attack blog. But there are also many times when municipal politics can just make you laugh.

I recently tweeted about a funny YouTube commercial made of leading Toronto mayoral candidate Rob Ford. It's a takeoff on the new Old Spice commercials and has one scene of Toronto burning in flames as Ford blathers on. I can't help but think that we can expect to see more of these videos as Vancouver moves headlong into its own civic election campaign. Gosh, with backyard chicken coops, vegetable gardens, Ken Doll looks, running red lights...there is no shortage of material for the Mayor's opponents to work with.

In that vein, I thought it would be fun to share with you some other interesting and funny YouTube videos that were taken at various council meetings across North America. Speaking of Rob Ford, you just have to take a look at this video whereby he goes on the attack against what he calls a "socialist reporter". There is no shortage of testosterone in the room as he takes on the media establishment after one of them calls his a "fat f**k". It is pure entertainment. Remember as you watch this video that this guy is likely going to become Toronto's next mayor (Ford appears to have Mel Lastman beat in the outrageousness department).

Next on my list is of hilarious council videos is a short clip from a Carson, California council meeting. Watch carefully as the woman who finishes speaking lightly taps someone on the back of the head as she leaves the podium. If the "victim's" reaction isn't worthy of an Academy award, I don't know what is. Listen carefully as someone shouts out about needing to call the police. This one is truly a keeper. 

Then there is the cantankerous Detroit city councillor who just wouldn't shut up when the mayor tried to bring the meeting back to order. Her attacks got quite personal and once again, it makes the antics at Vancouver council look tame by comparison.

If Gregor Robertson thinks we at ask him tough questions about some of his donors and his lack of transparency, just take a look at this video. Wow, just imagine if we had a video camera and started showing up at the Mayor's news conferences and asking him some questions. Hmmm...on second thought, maybe not a bad idea.

Now here is someone who turned her protest into a tune. She wrote a song for the mayor and council to express her concern regarding a proposed new bike helmet law. How anyone in the room kept a straight face is beyond me. If I close my eyes I vaguely recall someone who sang just like her who showed up at a Vancouver public hearing back in 2008.

For people who like mixing bathroom humour with the dryness of a city council meeting, this video is for you. Listen closely as someone makes a rather rude sound right in the middle of a public hearing. Due to the subsequent laughter, it's understandable why they had to adjourn council for a short recess.

This one isn't necessarily that funny, but watch this councillor blow a gasket when he challenges one of the speakers to reveal which of his council colleagues revealed in-camera information to him (sound familiar??). This guy appears genuinely ticked off that confidential information is getting leaked out into the public domain.

Finally, take a look at what can happen in council when the gloves actually do come off. This St. Petersburg, Florida council meeting disintegrated into a knock em out fist fight. Tempers got quite heated and this looked more like an mixed martial arts event than a meeting of the planning and priorities committee.

When someone tells you that urban politics can be dull, dry and is like watching paint dry, be sure to flip them this link. They just might get a different perspective.

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I guess if you lower our expectations we won't complain when you start mudslinging.

Brenton, how much did you have to lower your own expectations to continually hold your nose while posting pro-Vision comments all over the Internet? You might want to remove those Vision Goggles once in a while.

@Tom. I think Vision calls this conversational mining.

Meanwhile, only Quinlan's buddy Brenton could take a funny post like this and turn it into something negative.

Buddy, you need to relax and take a pill. I assure you that your pals in Vision are no slouches when it comes to political muckraking and slimy underhanded attacks. The NPA,COPE and Greens better get ready for what's about to hit them.

"Speaking of Rob Ford... one of them calls him a "fat f**k". It is pure entertainment... this guy is likely going to become Toronto's next mayor"

Yeah, that video takes the cake - and he's leading in the polls to become Toronto's next mayor? If one didn't know any better one would think that he's an actor or a Chris Farley wanna be of Beverly Hills Ninja fame.

What a buffoon!


You left the "media" off your list of smear jobs Vision is about to embark on.

Well, except for Frances Bula of course who continues to shovel the Vision crap over at her socialist social club blog.

And perhaps BeeKeeper to the I mean mayor....Allan "I only swing at politicians when the righties are in office" Garr.

Now.....what these two former worthwhile reporters have forgotten or chose not to address, is the fact that if Vision had actually engaged people as they promised, and went about their agenda more respectfully to the citizens, we wouldn't be knee dip in the sewer already.

They also forget to mention that this started back when Sam was mayor and Vision was doing the very same thing, which she willfully engaged in.

Oh...and lets not forget the infamous leaked documents during the election that sunk the NPA.

Hmmm....yes it all a conspiracy of the right to discredit the left because as Jonathon Ross wrote as advice to Vision the other day:

2. Your record of accomplishment could be overshadowed by the petty, the emotional, and/or the insignificant...."

Vsion do anything that just can't be possible.

Remember that quote folks. Your complaints are petty, emotional and don't forget that you're insignificant.

Exactly, Tom!

Apparently, pointing out the...uh...foibles of the ruling party is verboten here. Similiar to jurisdictions like Iran, Venezuela, China, etc.

I think it's hilarious/ridiculous when one side takes umbrage when its ox is being gored. Especially went it's for cause.

I know that true believers on either side of the political equation don't like to see their elected deities de-pantsed, but oh, well.

Lick those woundsand dry your tears like a big boy, Brenton, and get back in the fray.

The council fart video had me in stitches for at least 5 minutes. Thanks for making me and everyone in the office have a great laugh. Too funny.

a song that just seems so perfect to me right now ;=)

"Desolation Row " land of the walking wounded, everyone with a story....

bob dylan


I was just playing your song on my i-pod!

Groovy, man.

Angry Taxpayer,,
when I posted, I did so from a vague memory.
After posting, I went to listen to the long version, 11 delightful minutes... but what stuck me is how appropriate a choice it really was:)
glad you enjoyed..

Count me in as someone who is looking forward to the funny YouTube Vision spoofs on chickens, moonbeams, bike lanes, vegetable gardens, bee hives, wasted tax dollars, office renovations, empty social housing units blah blah blah. I am laughing already and I haven't even seen one yet.

Check out!

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