The Vision "Hit List": we're number one (and three)!

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We're number one...eeeeeyaaaaaaaaaah!

A quick update to our faithful readers, and a big thanks for some of the most amazing traffic we've seen since the Olympics and the great comments. The stories we've reported over recent days such as the Oglov contract for the Mayor's office, the iPad purchase plan, and the VACMPS memo revealing City Hall morale going down a mineshaft (which became the front page story in today's Vancouver Sun) were a little complex in terms of their details, but not surprisingly our readers understood the issues implicitly.

While Mayor Gregor avoids local media (again) to answer questions about his change of position on the West End STIR plan (asking Geoff Meggs to respond instead), I thought it might be fun to draw your attention to a fun story that's gone somewhat viral among Vancouver's media crowd.

Blogger Alex G. Tsakumis has a recent post that reveals a reputed "media hit list" developed by the Vision backroom gang of their Top 15 most "reviled" civic affairs reporters in Vancouver. Apparently a few of us have got into Gregor & Magee's bad books. It's with a measure of pride and humility that I can tell you that I am Number One!

It still chokes me up that because of all of you – our coveted readers – I have been awarded with the top spot on Vision's rumoured list.

Now, the Mayor's office are scrambling to deny the story, as evidenced from this tweet from Kevin Quinlan. Is the hit list for real? Well, I wasn't so sure until late this afternoon when my editor at 24 Hours – who was one of many media to get a haranguing phone call from Mike Magee today – told me he is now convinced enough of the credibility of Vision's list that he will be running my column about it in tomorrow's paper. That said, it would be great to have some more convincing evidence.

This "hit list" story has got a few legs since it came out. Some very funny banter between Vancouver Sun reporter Jeff Lee, 24 Hours' Bob Mackin, myself and others took place over Twitter yesterday afternoon. Lee quipped that he wasn't high enough on the list, and Mackin even wrote his column from today on the topic.

But for me, folks, it's a little more serious. Vision have already begun a smear campaign on me (read my response to the smear here) using Linda Solomon's Vancouver Observer blog. Caught also in the crossfire is the Sun's Jeff Lee, who the Vancouver Observer accuse of lying and colluding with me to attack the Vision Vancouver City Hall. Last week, I appeared on CBC Radio and on-air the hyper-caffeinated Vision operative Marcella Munro accused me of unexplained financial malfeasance relating to my past work at City Hall.

Now it's all fine and well to attack a blogger, but as they say when you pick your battle with someone who buys ink by the barrell, things don't end well. By the way, if any of our readers is in the defamation law field and wants to drop me a line, find our contact info here.

Here is the list of The Fantastic 15 who are doing their damnedest to hold these weasels' feet to the fire.

  1. Mike Klassen (
  2. Alex Tsakumis (
  3. Daniel Fontaine (
  4. Marisa Thomas (Global TV)
  5. Wayne Moriarty (The Province)
  6. Christy Clark (CKNW)
  7. Jill Bennett (CKNW)
  8. Janet Brown (CKNW)
  9. Jeff Lee (The Vancouver Sun)
  10. Harvey Oberfeld (
  11. Charlie Smith (The Georgia Straight)
  12. Bob Mackin (24 hours)
  13. Mike Howell (The Courier)
  14. Mark Hasiuk (The Courier)
  15. Geoff Dembicki (The Tyee)

My colleague Daniel is not too pleased about coming in two spots after his protogé, and he'll be posting his own thoughts about the Vision Hit List later today.

- post by Mike


I have to think that Ms Linda's slagging of Jeff "Tweedledumb" Lee is a very very dumb strategic move.

"Is the hit list for real? Well, despite my respect for Alex I wasn't so sure"

I'm still not absolutely sure myself - but then again I doubt that he would have aired that post unless he was certain. Sure would like to know who his "Deep Throat" source is!

I agree with Jeff. He deserves top five ranking. Vision is running scared and striking out like this (literally and figuratively) is the clearest manifestation of that fact. Pretty soon you'll see them disintegrate as they will start to turn on each other.

I loved Gregor's controlled spin on Global News tonight... he was trying too hard to prop himself up and justify his upcoming trip to China.

That's what you get from the City Hall when you are doing a good job. The boot.
The Hit List is what it is. The fact that this punk Mayor is going to China on my dough, is what bothers me. What's he doing there? What is the upside for Vancouver from his trips to London, Athens, New York, San Francisco?
...the Hit List.
Not to say that the list is incomplete, I can think of at least two people that were critical of these guys and made me laugh in the process. Thank you City Caucus for your true reporting and for the forum.

The Vancouver Sun is reporting this evening that Gregor Robertson's upcoming trip to China will cost city taxpayers around $120,000.

Hey guys, the upside of getting Gregor out of town is he doesn't do so much damage. Unfortunately he also has a lot of help who stay behind.

The Thought of The Day

" Robertson wanted to eradicate homelessness in Vancouver. But he focused on the World Homelessness, he couldn't."

Robertson also wanted to stop the global warming, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the spreading of the gossip that a monkey with a mandolin is the Mayor of Vancouver. And he couldn't.

Now he heads on to China on taxpayers money to play the role of the middle man for all of us. If this isn't a front for his Hollyhock business interest pals I don't now what is.

Butterfly catchers, paper flip-flops, green tea flavoured bubble gum, dragon shaped kites and solar powered beach lanterns are already 'on sale' in Mr. Fu Koo Yoo's friendly neighbourhood 'Loonie' store.

Make him happy, Travel Man, and stay home, buy green from this guy and start looking out for this city, that's your job! But if you must go, go, and maybe you could figure out a way to stay there for good, save yourself from the embarrassment you've become. And BTW have the decency to pay from your own pocket for this BS extravaganza. And don't forget to 'offset' your carbon fart print by buying some credits from one of your sponsor pals!

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Firstly, let me say that despite the protests and denials, the list is absolutely real and I'll have more on it's authenticity in the coming says, included some email traffic that includes the names of Vision bobbleheads.

Secondly, it should be fairly clear that I've run some of the regardless of biggest stories that have caused the Mayor grief. It's easy pickings frankly since the Mayor refuses to fly straight. And Vision are too busy digging up dirt on reporters who won't drink the bathwater. I don't need to furnish a fake story to anybody and I've NEVEr thought of doing that. My critics can say what they want but I just don't play like that.

Thirdly, why all the vitriol from Mike Magee, Andrea Reimer, Kevin Quinlan, Jonathan Ross, etc.? If the story is a fake you ignore it. It's rule number one. A clear sky doesn't worry about lightning. But they can't ignore it because they know it's true and has long legs.

Lastly, it's easy for Mike Magee to try and intimidate newsrooms because that's how incredibly STUPID he is. You never pick fights with the press unless you're ABSOLUTELY sure of your position.

Thx for the kind words Mike. nice to see your happy to play Dan Marino to my Joe Montana. Remember, you're prolific but I won a few rings! LOL!

Oh, geezus I just thought of myself in tights and felt my stomach turn...

Keep up the good work.

I love how the Vancouver Observer points out your link to Colin Hansen to somehow claim you're responsible for HST. Oh, and you hate bikes...obviously.

The purest comedy of Gregor's attempted puff piece was his little story about Westport Innovations. These guys have been pissing through money for 15 years now. I'll give Gregor credit for one green's a very recycled story.

Here's some links to what David Baines has detailed about Westport over the last decade. They've lost a over $300million. A classic green business to use as an example.

Anyone who got in on the ground floor is long underground by now.

I just wanted to congratulate Mike Klassen for a job well done. Your esteemed colleagues on the list are no slouches and to be ranked #1 is an honor worth noting.

Thanks to everybody on the list (and some who aren't) for all of your hard work and standing up for the Citizens.

Keep up the good work.

I remember the China trip taken by Sen. Larry Campbell when he was Mayor.
Somewhere I have pictures of the delegation having breakfast at the hotel. The Mayor and his chief of staff (a chap named Meggs) are huddled at their table, frowning over their cold toast, while the business guys are shaking hands and giving out business cards.
The look on Mr. Meggs' face is priceless. Apparently he had been told the Chinese were Communists. Instead, every cadre he met was decked out in Armani, wearing jewelled Rolexes, driving Lexuses and looking for bribes, not deals. Poster boy for culture shock.
To the Chinese (and the rest of the world) Vancouver is just another smallish North American city, ripe for the plucking. You think our politicians are doctrinaire busy-bodies? China wrote the book on that kind of politics.
Re : the list. Turnabout is fair play. After all, they're on your hit list. It's what I tell the cyclists who ride on traffic : You want to play with the bid boys? Wear a helmet.

Or maybe he had just learned that, in the country on whose investments and products Canada (and the rest of the world) depends, labour unions and political parties are illegal.

Word on the street is moonbeam had a private chat with Johnny boy last evening. Somebody has loose lips. It looks like the Mayor's office might be ripe for a change. It could be announced while he is overseas to avoid any more messy headlines. Is a new Director of Communications about to step on the scene shortly?

What about Bruce Allen. Why didn't he make the list? Weird.

Mayor Moonbeam was on the Bill Good Show this morning and when asked about the media hit list, he stated that it was silly and insinuated that it was created by NPA hacks. What a boner.

Hello Landlord,
If you find that picture, we would love to see it.... this is just too funny! I love this post!! The truth is often funnier than fiction.

@Todd. Did he whisper anything like this when the NW microphones were still live?

"Who are those effin NPA hacks on the list anyway? I'm tired of getting fu&%$&n slagged by those lazy reporters who do nothing but ridicule my chicken, green, bike lane agenda. I'm only trying to run a city for fu$k sakes."

I suspect not.

there must also be another list of media suck ups somewhere in VISION's dowry chest.

1) Francis Bulla
2) Bill Goode

anyone care to guess the next 8?

Good job Mike! You have made a difference. If council would govern itself accordingly they wouldn't need a "hit list". This sounds like we have Mayor Putin now...

I hope mike or Daniel does not live near me. Could be dangerous.
But good going guys. Almost as good as Nixon's most hated list. You guys are the new generation investigative reporters, in the image of the late Daniel Schorr. Good stuff

It's amazing to see him act more and more like a punk and a thug. (Funny to see someone else describe him as a punk, as that's the first thing that came to mind when I read about this).
First he rides with Critical Mess to get votes, then pretends to promote cycling while running a red light (just as CM does, interesting..).
Then he's calling his opposition *&%$ing hacks.. in city hall! (seems like he's the hack actually).
Then all of these pointless trips wasting money.
Then the bike lane distraction, when the police aren't allowed to enforce it's use (I know a police officer who has told me so). - what if I walked in their bike lane, while they continually ride illegally on the sidewalk?, would this punk mayor allow it?
Then this right wing "hit list", with more and more Vision members getting pissed off and leaving (as reported when he decided to call his oppostion 8*&%$ hacks).
This is the last straw, time for him to go. City Hall, every member of the council, and every BC MLA are getting a letter from me. Next time the elections come, none of the current council are getting my vote.
Maybe it's time to start fresh and try to appear like a real city, not this small town run by a thug.

so true, I was told the same thing by a parking authority officer, I took the badge # ....I was told the orders came directly from the mayors office.

Yeah, no doubt.
The one who told me is a friend of mine who works in the east side.
Then at a corner where CM was blocking the traffic last year, I asked a cop there if this was illegal, he said "it's extremely illegal".
Yet there he was escorting them on city hall orders.
Then I called the non emergency police number another time to ask, and again was told it was illegal.
Now more recently under public scrutiny, the police are told to not answer. I asked another one in a car behind the CM crowd this year and he shrugged his shoulders!!!
Anyway, sorry to get off topic. Well, not totally off topic..

"what if I walked in their bike lane, while they continually ride illegally on the sidewalk?"

Looking at the detailed diagrams of the "proposed" Hornby Street bike lanes on the city's website, I thought the same thing!

It'll still be ignored by cyclists.

Riding illegally on the sidewalk while the bike lane that we all paid for is 6 feet to their side.


Time to print these and take these to the open house on Wednesday the 8th at the Pacific Centre Mall rotunda, and see what they say!

As much as I don't like sidewalk riding, if he were in that bike lane, he'd be a salmon going the wrong way down the street. Not defending the sidewalk riding, but there is no bike lane going down the street in the direction he's heading.

Whatever happened to 'I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it'?

I guess I'm out of touch.

Check out!

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