Park board embarrassed by postcard graffiti

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Park Board invite delivers an (almost) hidden message
A Park Board invite delivers an (almost) hidden message – click for larger

Question: What do Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the Vancouver Park Board have in common?

Answer: Both have propagated the theory that 9/11 was an inside job.

It sounds bizarre, of course, but a postcard invitation circulated to elected officials, community organizers, City, Park Board and Translink staff and contractors for this Sunday's grand opening of a new trail in south Vancouver did exactly that.

As this shot of the back of the postcard shows, an (almost) hidden message is placed on the leg of a new picnic table situated along the banks of the Fraser River stating that "9-11 Was an Inside Job." When you first look at the card you wonder if this was a bad joke by the printer or graphic designer. The card was designed in-house, and printed by a contracted provider.

However, speaking to Joyce Courtney of the Vancouver Park Board today she explains that the 9/11 phrase was carefully stenciled "stickered" by someone on the leg of the picnic table, and neither the photographer nor staff who prepared the card spotted it until it was pointed to them by recipients of the postcard.

"It's our mistake and we sincerely regret it," says Courtney. "We've since re-printed the invite and sent it out again with an apology. We've also now removed the stencil from the picnic table itself, and wherever else staff could find it."

Those who are familiar with digital printing understand that it's easy to overlook problems even with printed proofs. Courtney says that the error will make her staff even more vigilant when it comes to circulating photos from Vancouver's parks.

By the way, for those who live in the Marpole area, you might like to check out this new trail at the foot of Hudson Street along the Fraser. The future of the Eburne lands, as they're known, have been a source of contention between the City, Park Board, the Squamish Nation, local residents, and now Translink for some time. The Vancouver Transit Centre is where most of the bus fleet for Translink operates out of, and the community has desired waterfront access here for years. It's great to see that there is a new trail down here.

The weather forecast isn't promising for Sunday's event (hey, it's Vancouver after all), but goodies and entertainment will be provided during this early afternoon celebration. Here's a Google link for the location.

In light of today's war of words between President Obama and the Iranian leader after his UN speech that 9/11 was conspired by the US government, we thought we'd share this bizarre story.

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It's not a stencil. It's a sticker. And they are all over Vancouver.

Way to Stalinize the photos, park board.

how many people looked at that postcard before it went out? does anyone proof these things? how could anyone miss it?

makes you wonder what else they miss!

So what's wrong with that? Big deal. It's a free country. What happened to the freedom of ,hmmmm, opinion, or is that expression? Go Vision go!

And this little error cost the tax payers how much?

Slow non-news day?

what you didn't blame Vision or specifically GR or MM for this colossal screw up! ... you must be getting soft, missing another huge opportunity to smear em, I'm sure your NPA cohorts won't be happy about this.

It's not even a good picture...sticker or not.

I'm pleased to advise your readers that the official opening of the Trail is this Sunday, September 26th, from 11 AM to 12 noon, on the Trail at the foot of Hudson St., in front of the VTC (Vancouver Transit Centre).

To clarify, the Trail has been open to the public since the fall of 2008, but without proper signage and an official opening, its existence has been a bit of a secret to locals. The fight to get public access to the Fraser River at this location and establish this modest trail began in 2003.

The Trail's existence is a testament to many dedicated volunteers, from Marpole, Dunbar and other neighbourhoods, who recognized the value of this waterfront land as more than a bus parking lot.

I would humbly suggest that we should celebrate our community's small but important victory, rather than draw attention to an unfortunate photograph.

I agree with Claudia

Civil servants proofing? You've got to be kidding. They're not accountable to anyone. Why should they care?

Yes. Go away.

Check out!

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