Happy Optional Civic Holiday!

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British Columbians know that the first Monday in August is a day off

What is the great legacy of the BC New Democrats' 1970s term as government? The ALR? ICBC? Nope, it's BC Day!

Yes, if you had an extra couple of bottles of beer to drink over last night's BBQ, you can thank former Premier Dave Barrett and his government for approving this so-called Optional Civic Holiday, which is also known as New Brunswick Day, Saskatchewan Day and Heritage Day (Alberta).

Of course, for a whole bunch of folks this is not a day off. Thousands are mobilized around the Province trying to douse wildfires which have predictably appeared with this warm, dry season. Regrettably, we've lost two brave souls who were flying one of those aircraft we see dropping water and fire repellant on the flames. Our condolences go out to their family and companions. Without question these men and women who are putting out fires around BC are hard-working heroes.

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Interesting and inviting but not too sure if this fits me

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