Vancouver City Hall staff scuttlebutt

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We just tweeted out @CityCaucus some info provided by our City Hall sources that Peter Judd has been hired as the new City Engineer to replace Tom Timm, who retired last May. We speculated that Assistant City Engineer Jerry Dobrovolny would be passed over in part because of his work as media representative for the City during the 2007 labour dispute.

We've also learned that the Administrative Manager in City Manager Penny Ballem's office, Caterina Di Nozzi, has also hit the road. We've not talked much lately here at about the volatile head of Vancouver's civil service lately, but we will oblige our readers with an interesting new report soon.


Pete is a good choice and he sure ain't a Hollyhock type . . . .

Peter Judd was the Deputy City Engineer so he out ranked Jerry, so no real suprise.

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