Spain or Holland?

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I will post this video from Heineken House as much as possible

Okay, we've not exactly been glued to the World Cup playing out in South Africa during the past month, but it's always fun to see how excited people get about big sports matches like this. I was really feeling my German neighbour's pain when his team lost. Down came all the flags at his house.

So will it be Holland, or will it be Spain? I adore everything Spanish, so I might be inclined to favour España. However, I can also be terribly shallow and pick a team based upon their venue here during the 2010 Winter Olympics. And we all remember Holland's little effort, right? Right?!

I remember the Dutch lost a pivotal speed skating match that stole gold from them. Maybe this is how they make that up for the little country bounded by dikes.

Anyway, I took this silly video on my one visit to Holland Heineken House. I think it's so odd I'm just glad I have an excuse to share it again here. If Holland wins, my hope is that Squire Barnes plays this clip on the Noon News (or even better, Satellite Debris!) as part of the celebration of all things Dutch.

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The Thought of The Day

"Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm.
Juan Guillermo Duke de Riperdá
vs. Don Quijote de la Mancha?
Or, when the Spanish wished they were Dutch."

So I say,Holland. The Netherlands. The Dutch.

Most sustainable, wind & wave powered cities. Friendliest people in Europe. Best in 'quick beer and smoke' Airport restaurants. Unprejudiced Coffee Shops...Amsterdam. Best place to process and develop your 35mm film...The Red Light District.

The most expensive slice of Pizza, the dirtiest water channels you don't wish your enemy to fall in, and the noisiest 'ready to wear' wooden shoes.

Who cares?

The Dutch would not have extradited Marc Emery into the double standards American hypocrites custody. Not in thousand years. Instead, they would have sent them the following message:

Oh, have I also mentioned that they play a mean, lean and clean game of soccer?
And as a plus, playing in South Africa it's almost like playing home away from home for them. Don't get me started on that. I wish for an orange hat.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

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