"Sam Sullivan made me swear," says Mayor Gregor

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Did Sam Sullivan cause Gregor to get Tourette syndrome?

As we've pointed out before, when it comes to leadership in Vision Vancouver's government, the fallback position is always Blame Sam!

We saw it during the Olympic Athlete's Village fiasco where Gregor and newly hired Penny Ballem gave Jim Hoggan a double-dipping PR contract to come up with the "Billion Dollar Boondoggle" messaging. Now apparently nobody wants in at the Southeast False Creek development. Gee, do you think that telling the whole world that the project was a bust might be a factor in lagging sales?

Well, we're seeing it again from Mayor Gregor. He's blaming his fit of Tourette syndrome at last Thursday night's city council meeting on his predecessor, former Mayor Sam Sullivan. Yes, Gregor, Blame Sam! See Roberton's comments in today's Vancouver Sun story by Jeff Lee.

Robertson said in an interview the city doesn't have strong relations any more with many community groups. He blamed much of that on Sullivan's EcoDensity program, but acknowledged his own gaffe hasn't helped matters. "It definitely creates a lot more work and effort to assure people that we're open and listening and that we want dynamic debate on this," he said.

What might be just a little irksome for his city council colleagues Louie, Deal, Stevenson and Chow is that they all voted unanimously to accept the EcoDensity Charter.

So, is Sam Sullivan causing Gregor to lob F-bombs in the direction of concerned citizens? Or is this another case of making excuses? EcoDensity was a lightning rod for critics of neighbourhood centre zoning, but it also has been hailed by other cities as an important step in sustainability. Without question the City has done a poor job of trying to explain the policy to citizens.

Eventually Gregor Robertson is going to have to realize that he's elected to be Mayor, and not Vancouver's chief excuse maker.

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Move on.

Perhaps, boohoo, you should head over to Alex Tsakumis' blog and see what your hero, Robertson, has been up to.

My question would be - is he receiving backhanders from various developers involved in the 'non-rental' STIR program?

And I say 'non-rental' as the STIR properties are a for-profit condo development program according to Rennie Marketing.

Enjoy the read!

"Without question the City has done a poor job of trying to explain the policy to citizens."

Wasn't former Communications Director Laurie Best (spouse of Vision Vancouver operative and Mayor's office staffer Brent Humphrey) in charge of the communications and PR for the NPA's EcoDensity initiative? Nuff said.

I did go to that blog and it just seems like a lot of yelling and self congratulating.

Also, I'm not sure how many times I have to explain that not jumping on the bash gregor bandwagon does not equal love for gregor...but here's one more.

Perhaps reading your posts leads some of us to the conclusion that you are a member of the Vision fan club.

If you could not derive anything more from Alex G.'s blog than 'a lot of yelling and self congratulating', well then, what can I say.

It is sad and somewhat pathetic that halfway through his term, Mayor "Hack" is still blaming Mayor Sam Sullivan for his own failures. It reveals a lack of moral fibre, a lack of maturity, and a poltical cynicism that is shocking from someone who was elected selling the city on a dream: "I will end homelessness!"

Unsurprisingly, homelessness is up several thousand on his watch, public consultation is a joke, and our leadership position at Metro is lost, undoing years of hard work. Leadership is abandoned for spin and photo ops, while the city drifts at a time of rapid economic dislocation worldwide.

"But it's Sam's fault!" cries a man too small in spirit to ever fill those shoes.

Perhaps making such assumptions based on a few posts is a bit of a leap? Everyone here seems so stuck in 'us vs them' mentality that as soon as I even appeared to not be 'us' I was outcast as a fervent supporter of 'them'. Makes you wonder....

I will try and read that blog some more--not sure why it's covered in photos of himself (I assume that's him)... but it's not all that different from this one...

Point taken.

His article (currently first on the blog) on the STIR program is very reveling.

Even Allen Garr has weighed in...


"But more to the point, as regular readers will know, Robertson just doesn't get the idea of public consultation. You could say he doesn't give a (your word here.) You can understand why his handlers like to keep him in a bubble to protect his -- now soiled -- squeaky-clean image."


Thank you, Allen Garr, for saying it like it is.

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