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Not all youth are busy Facebooking - Photo: Royal City Record

Our youth today get a bad rap. The headlines often read about how they’ve become a pampered, under-worked and unfocused cohort who care about little more than Facebooking friends or spending time online. That description certainly does capture a segment of our younger generation, but by no means all of it.

Case in point is a group of youth in New Westminster who are actively working to find a novel way to fund a new Youth Centre in their community. A week ago I saw a number of them on a Saturday afternoon with their sandwich boards near the corner of 6th St and 6th Ave in Uptown canvassing for the public to vote for them. At first I wasn’t sure if I had missed something and the PM had called an election. Alas, the kids were actually asking local residents to vote for them in a contest by Kraft Canada which could result in them winning $25K. If they win, they intend on investing all the money in a new Youth Centre.

The New Westminster contingent is up against kids from Nelson, BC and the whole town is rallying behind them. Voting has now commenced and will run up until Saturday morning at 8:59 am. Unlike a regular election, readers can vote as often as possible by visiting Kraft's website. As a New Westminster resident, it wasn’t a hard sell to get my vote but I’m certainly hoping many of you also think this is a good cause and choose to take a minute out of your day to cast a ballot. The $25K would certainly go a long way in supporting the efforts of these kids who are trying to make a difference.

As a parent with a young son, I often think about his future and how engaged he will be as a citizen growing up in a big city. After witnessing these kids on a warm sunny day working so hard to help fund their youth centre, it does give me hope that not all is lost. These kids have clearly demonstrated that many youth are very interested in being active and productive members of our community and their efforts should be recognized.

Regardless of the outcome, these kids will have learned a valuable lesson in both democracy and the challenges organizations face in raising funds for good causes. With the help from a few of our readers, let’s hope their efforts result in a positive outcome for a number of Metro Vancouver youth. You have until tomorrow at 9 am to vote! Vote once, vote often – it’s legal.

If you want to read a good article on this, check out the Royal City Record.

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Nice post.

As we might say on all these blogs: vote early, vote often!

Good luck to New West!

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