FOI shows 132 more VPD staff join $100,000 Club

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This image features neither a VPD member nor Canadian money, but you get the point

An FOI filed months ago with the Vancouver Police Department by has now arrived in our mailbox – coincidentally just before a long weekend. It reveals that 477 employees working for the Vancouver Police Department are now in the exclusive $100,000+ Club. This compares to the 2008 calendar year whereby 345 employees were earning more than $100K in 2008. If you recall, The Province newspaper also provided this story with front page coverage last year.

Our FOI requested the salaries (including overtime) and expense claims for all those employed by the Vancouver Police Department in 2009. The highest paid employee on the list was Chief Jim Chu who earned $303,602.44. Other top earners include several Deputy Chiefs and inspectors who also earned up to $207, 897 per year.

The Vancouver Sun also put in a separate FOI with the VPD which asked for the names and salaries of all employees making over $75K. The VPD only provided them a short list of employees whom they considered not covered under the Freedom of Information Act.

Our list is more extensive as it lists all the salaries and expense claims for each employee, however on our printout the names have all been blacked out for security purposes. We're not sure why the Sun's list includes names, while our more extensive list with all salaried employees does not? It is interesting to compare how many employees earning top salaries were not forwarded to the Sun as part of their FOI request.

Last year, despite serious budget cuts to summer kids and arts programs along with layoffs to city workers, the current Vision council chose to significantly increase the police budget and hire more police. At the same time criminologists are telling us that crime rates are plummeting across the nation.

Vision also voted to provide police and other public service employees with special access to market rental units at the exclusive Athlete's Village development on Vancouver's waterfront. The Vancouver police union is one of the top public sector union contributors to Vision Vancouver's campaign.

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I am not suprised. i don't think there are many city councils have the balls to bring police or fire departments into reality. A budget cut would snap them into reality but I doubt it would ever happen.

If you look at wages and benefits each member probably already costs 100 k.
So if someone takes home another 20 a year in overtime it saves money in the long run.
I know if someone is pounding on me I don’t care if the guy is on straight time or double bubble
We need to reign in the politicans not the cops

i disagree. Municipal politicians pay is small amount in overall picture. Add to that they don't get much for benefits.

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