Chicken policy implications coming home to roost for Vision

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Winnipeg takes a pass on chickens, while Vancouver can't get compliance

Chickens are in the news again, as they will likely be right up until Election Day 2011. First, the Vancouver Sun's Randy Shore has written Vancouver's chicken registry lays an egg which describes how only seven people have registered their new backyard chicken farms with the City since adopting the new costly policy. Instead, people are continuing to house the little fowl covertly.

Supporters of Vision Vancouver will likely shrug this one off, but eyes roll with just about everyone else in the city when it comes to this topic. Vancouver burned up staff time with all their planning and talk in what looks to be a political bust for Vancouver's fledgling Vision government. Chickens, gardens and bike lanes is about all most people today attach to the list of accomplishments for Gregor Robertson and his farm team.

Fortunately for Winnipeggers, their city council applied good sense when one of their own proposed a chickens by-law.

City council's property and development committee voted Tuesday to effectively ignore a request to study the idea of allowing Winnipeggers to keep egg-laying hens within city limits. Some North American cities allow the practice, but Winnipeg isn't ready to get cracking on backyard egg operations.

"I don't think I am ready to move through a set of regulations where people can have chickens in residential neighbourhoods," committee chairman Gord Steeves (St. Vital) said following the unanimous vote. The councillors were intrigued with the idea of people growing their own food, but did not bite.

"Why stop there?" Transcona Coun. Russ Wyatt asked facetiously. "Why not goats?"

Why not goats indeed, councillor. Why not goats?

- post by Mike


we're not ready for backyard or in our case side yard chickens...yet as we are getting our garden figured out since that's still free

we'd probably want to register just because we are in a dense residential area where neighbours complain and schoolkids are close by

what is this band of merry men and ladies going to do when the Coyote population starts enjoying this menu item for breakfast? It is not if... it is when. Ever seen a Husky dog off leash around chickens?

Did anyone every contemplate this inevitable scenario and what the plan might be? A safe house for chickens perhaps? Rehab for Coyotes?

and to think there are real issues out there that are glossed over for this nonsense.

The Thought of The Day

“When the unauthorized backyard Rooster will sing, the West End resident will know to put the kettle on. Time for another Five o’Cluck Tea!”

I was recently informed that some very enterprising individuals are recycling The Vancourier , 24 Hours, Vancouver Sun and other local rugs giving them a second shot at life on the shelf, in the form and shape of egg cartons.


Writer Sandra Thomas even initiated a chicken poem writing contest not so very long ago, well, past due by now if any of you are interested, and no, I did not send one, knowing in advance that Vancourier does not encourage Anti Vision satire.

However, after reading Mike’s insight on the chicken saga in Vancouver, I brainstormed with my Muse over a glass of South African White Blouberg.
This, is what We came up with:


Don’t call me Soup,
My name is Drumstick,
I sleep where I scoop,
And Ippy’s my friendly sidekick.

Gave me the Vision for the ‘coup’
And a few tin cans, around to kick,
Don’t call me Soup,
My name is Drumstick.

Hollyhock Therapy sessions in group,
Tell you what... it helped me Dick,
Already knew how to cluck, move and poop,
I’m listed for the BBQ, in the Time of Nick.

So please, don’t call me Soup!


Funny, I have a sudden craving for anything KFC and for no good reason, what-so-ever, hmmm, are they still open at this hour? Probably not... this is not London.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

The biggest question is whether Vision's poor record of substantial accomplishments will spell their demise in the next election. Rags like Van Observer and Van Courier are staffed by pro-Vision editors that you'll never read any balanced criticism of Robertson.

But, the population is sensing the stupidity and utter failure of this mayor. Like this article says, what has Robertson really accomplished accept some feel good programmes that no one except his own inner circle cares about?

Vancouver needs a mayor who works for the immediate needs of the majority of taxpayers and city dwellers, not a minority of eco visionaries who want to impose their version of utopia on all of us.

The fact that Robertson is uncomfortable with dealing directly with the media only exacerbates his growing unpopularity. Clearly, he is only a pretty face and is not smart enough to be a demagogue.

Robertson's performance only shows the left wing hell that's in store for everyone if we elect and NDP provincial government. The calibre of their people demonstrates they are more of a political movement not a credible political party that can run a government.

It looks like Vision laid an egg with this big waste of money. With talk of renaming Stanley Park to erase all traces of the evil white man I sure hope Robertson and friends aren't planning to rename Vancouver as "Green Acres".


"And Ippy’s my friendly sidekick.
Gave me the Vision for the ‘coup’"

That was a stroke of genius, Gliss! Your NDP...(And Ippy) was so subtle that I didn't get it the first time I read it. The context gave it away, ha, ha.
I hope NPA hires you as their Satirist during the next election.
As for the Vision flock, they will be 'chicken' together.

Vision lays yet another egg. That was well thought out wasn't it? Can anyone start making a list of their successes, because I can't think of any.

It's one cockamamie idea after another.

Monday, July 12, 2010
Who was in charge? Who is telling the truth?!
It was interesting sitting in courtroom 101 last week listening to some of the testimony from our Mayor, the City Administrator, the Director of Legislative Services, the former Director of Planning and Development, and the present senior planner. The process was tedious as the lawyers built their cases brick by brick.

Former Director of Planning and Development, Tim Whitehead was anything but kind to his former employers or his former staff, but he did admit on the stand that he (and by inference the City) was responsible for some of this debacle in the first place. Then we had Rick Page, Director of Legislative Services, and the Mayor, Wayne Wright, denying any responsibility, and pointing the finger at each other for this mess. Following the Mayor and Rick Page, we listened to the master of the dodge and weave, City Administrator Paul Dominato, deferring all responsibility to others as he decreed he was either not involved or had no input.

As I listened to the testimony unfold I was struck by one thought - no one in New Westminster is in charge. The City operates in spite of those at the top. At the end of the trial, the judge in this case will have to decide who is telling the truth. But even if the City wins the case, the citizens of New Westminster have still lost.

Blair Armitage

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R.N. said...
Thanks for the overview of this case.
Several thoughts on this. Where in the heck is the main stream media?
Both papers had some isolated reporting on this, but nothing with any depth of thought. I guess the MSM is not different from the rest of the city, nobody seems to care.
Second, your comment that nobody is in charge, the appearance of this is a result of deliberate attempts to pass the blame elsewhere. Where else but in New West could you see a Mayor and the Administrator both blame others for the whole sorry mess. Now that's leadership.
This whole debacle was orchestrated from the Mayor's office, and done through his lapdog, the Director of Development services.
It is interesting that two years ago, it was Mr. Armitage who as a delegate in chambers told the council of the day of the extreme dysfunction in the development services department. Several planners had left, and they sure were talking after they landed in their new jobs. Shortly thereafter the Director of Development Services tendered his resignation, and as the facts came out later, he was $150G richer for it.
The madness continues with the Pier Park price tag and lack of due diligence,but then it did serve it's intended purpose, it gave the Mayor an election announcement.
With all of the contradictory evidence given under oath, the Judges ruling on this one will be very interesting.
Thanks again for taking time out to present an overview, much needed given the sorry state of the MSM.
July 12, 2010 8:15 PM
G. Henderson said...
You are wrong in your title of the department you call Planning and Development Services.
It is called the Department of Development Services. There is no Planning. Literally or figuratively.
The only planning that is done is by the developers, and that is, to whose campaign are they going to contribute?
July 12, 2010 8:24 PM
Brianna said...
Very interesting comments indeed indeed! If the city is found guity in this trial and the public once again has to foot the bill, can crimminal charges be brought against those responsible. Why was the city's former lawyer not called to the stand?
July 12, 2010 10:05 PM
Lisa said...
So we pay the city manager 200 grand a year and he denies any involvement or input? Why are we paying him for? Mr. Daminato and Mayor Wright should both have a very good look in the mirror, I don't like what I am seeing!
July 12, 2010 10:23 PM
To Brianna said...
The former lawyer for the City would have been in a client/solicitor relationship with the city. This would preclude him from testifying.
It would not be very wise for any city to do business with him if he would end up on the witness stand after being the solicitor for that city.
Given that he was summarily dismissed by the city, he would probably have loved to be able to testify. This probably would not sit too well with his spouse, who is the Director of Development Services in New Westminster.
July 12, 2010 11:03 PM
Brianna said...
To To Brianna, thanks for the response. My husband and I have a friend at city hall, I am going to ask him what he thinks of all this. Some not quite right here and this needs to be investigated further.

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