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Miro_Cernetig has confirmed a rumour from the past couple of days that city columnist Miro Cernetig has resigned from the Vancouver Sun newspaper, effective August 31st. Miro has provided analysis on the happenings at Vancouver City Hall and other topics for several years now. Miro's final columns are still forthcoming, but he plans to take some summer vacation time before moving on to the next phase of his career as part of the lobbying organization Earnscliffe Strategy Group.

Here is an email circulated at the Sun late yesterday.

From: Dudley, Sue (Vancouver Sun)

To: Herringer, Corinne (VAN_Exchange); SunEditorial

Sent: Tue Jul 06 17:25:51 2010
Subject: Announcement


It is with great regret we announce that Miro Cernetig will be leaving The Vancouver Sun Aug. 31.

Miro is moving on to new professional challenges, becoming a principal in the Ottawa office of Earnscliffe Strategy Group.

Since joining The Vancouver Sun in 2005, Miro has consistently broken news, broadened our cultural and diversity coverage, and strengthened our political reporting on every level of government.

A National Newspaper Award winner, during his time in our newsroom Miro was nominated for a Webster award and, along with Lori Culbert, received a Michener citation of merit.

Miro first entered journalism as an intern at the Sun in 1986, so it is somehow appropriate that, after working for various news outlets in China, New York, and Montreal, he now has come full circle and completes his journalism career at the Sun.

We wish him all the best as he makes this exciting new career shift.

Valerie Casselton
Executive Editor
The Vancouver Sun

We here at have benefitted from the insights of Miro's writing, and have even engaged in debates about his views of how the city is running under the Vision Vancouver administration. We too wish Miro well and will keep an eye on what he gets up to at his new gig in Ottawa.

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Great scoop, Mike!

And completely unsurprising....

You can't shit the bed forever. Miro's "perspecives" were clearly lacking for quite awhile.

Oh well, there'll be less whining about story placement in the Sun newsroom.

He was always good for a few laughs when he waxed on about how bad Global Warming was and how we should be all good little greenie-weenies and reduce our carbon footprint.

Gonna miss the laughs.

Check out!

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