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A political commentator's life is never dull, and while we go into a sleepy summer mode here at CityCaucus.com over the past week, there's more content available for those who need their political fix.

Over at 24 Hours my column this week focuses on Vancouver's little image problem of its own making beyond our borders. We should want to have better relations with other cities in Metro Vancouver, yet we produce police reports blaming the 'burbs for our crime problems. I tie it into the annual tradition of Vancouver blaming our litter problems at the Celebration of Light fireworks on visitors who ride in on transit. Surely, we Vancouverites never litter our own beaches??

Oh, la di da. What’s wrong, Vancouver? Can’t take a few bad boys from Burnaby? A few ruffians from Richmond got you rattled?

Maybe it’s me, but isn’t this a little bit of hypocrisy coming from The Couve? After all, Vancouver loves it when you all come into town and spend lots of money at hockey and football games. Emptying your wallets at Playland is all well and good, but can we ask you to leave your bad attitude back in the ‘burbs?

Speaking of good mockery of Vancouver politics, check out the Georgia Straight's "Gregor F-Bomb Ring Tones". Yes, now you can keep these classic political moments for yourself and add them as alerts on your cell phone. Not quite as cool as our coveted NPA Hacks t-shirts (still available while quantities last!!), but pretty rad nonetheless.

Tomorrow morning @ 8:10am my Moment with Mike is back on the morning show on Shore 104.3FM with Steve and Colleen. This week I comment on "the tale of two cities" and the news that Surrey Mayor Dianne Watts is running for re-election in 2011. More on Mayor Watts in a later post.

I've done a few Moment with Mike segments over the past few weeks, and I've not posted the archives for a bit. So here are a couple of past clips in case you missed them...

I've covered a few topics, including my own crippling addiction to politics which aired on June 25th (mp3).

I also reflected on the sorry state of the recording industry during the days of our file sharing free-for-all, which aired on July 9th (mp3).

And going back a few weeks there was my take on the interesting story of the child who ran her own "Save the Bloedel Conservatory" campaign. Thankfully there is some good news on that front, and the iconic facility is going into a partnership with the successful Van Dusen Gardens (mp3).

Check out Shore 104.3 FM tomorrow morning at 8:10am to catch the next Moment with Mike.

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