Vision Vancouver insiders fill "hidden" Olympic pavilion guest lists

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Vancouver House: Can we squeeze a few more FD Element staff on the guest list?

When it came to the Olympic hosting, Mayor Gregor Robertson made big promises that the hundreds of prime seats the City of Vancouver bought for Olympic competitions and the wads of cash wasted on Vancouver House would pay off big for taxpayers.

The payoff it seems went to Vision Vancouver political insiders and pals (see a photo from the party). The fact is that in spite of the best efforts of several reporters including 24 Hours' Bob Mackin, the City and the Vancouver Economic Development Commission has refused to provide detailed lists of who got free tickets during the 2010 Games. Information requests to the VEDC's acting CEO have received no response after several weeks. And furthermore, the City's showcase pavilion – the dud venue known as Vancouver House – was in effect turned into a gathering place for Vision to fête political supporters.

Back on March 4th requested the list of invitees to the series of private receptions held at Vancouver House. We just received the response last Friday – that's June 18th! And lo and behold, it's 32 pages of blacked-out sheets. Apparently Vancouverites are not allowed to see who Vision invited to these taxpayer-funded bashes.

A city news release sent out prior to the opening stated that Vancouver House would "play host to a number of international business leaders at events coordinated through the Vancouver Economic Development Commission... to encourage new investment." That didn't happen however. Instead we saw Vancouver House host locals, including a labour night (Feb. 16), Filipino-Canadian night (Feb. 18) and Indo-Canadian night (Feb. 22).

One company that scored big was FD Element, the company we reported had registered "" for Gregor Robertson and was hired by the Mayor's office to build his website. According to the guest list, they attended so many events the company practically had its office moved to Vancouver House.

While it's not unusual for sitting governments to throw parties for friends, it is unusual that they would make an effort to hide this information from the public. Furthermore, it's pretty clear that during all those days and nights Vancouver House was closed to the public for these private parties, not a lot of "international business leaders" were present.

In fact, it appears that no international business leaders ever attended these events at all.

So what did Vancouver get for what they spent on Vancouver House? Apparently a whole lot of photographs of Gregor Robertson. Robertson's office hired a full time photographer to tag along with Gregor during the Games. plans to challenge the decision not to release the names on the Vancouver House guest list, and we'll provide it to our readers as soon as we are able.

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Indo Canadian night. Filipino night. What about Italian night? First Nations night? British Night? Chinese Night? Why did the mayor and vision choose to select these two ethnic groups to celebrate?

Were there lots of Indian or Filipino athletes participating in the 2010 Winter Games? Me thinks not. They clearly used tax dollars on a politically oriented pavilion to help get more votes in these communities. One more reason to give Robertson the boot next year. Great investigative work.

Perhaps Canada'a Auditor General could be seconded to look into this matter.

What a disgrace. Hope the msm pick up this story, too. Great work!

We have the right to know.

"Robertson's office hired a full time photographer to tag along with Gregor during the Games". If he was carrying a concealed audio-recorder he's got a job for life with Vision.
Let's just get it over with and produce His Worship as a reality-TV show. "Rockin' The Hall" or something of the kind. Why wait for the documentary or (dare we hope) feature-length biopic?
Upside? You won't have to pay for the laugh track.

Shame on the mayor for not making this information public. This was our tax dollars. What does he have to hide? The people he wined and dines should be okay with making their names public, otherwise they shouldn't have accepted his invitation. These was were not private parties, so make this info available to the public now.

Words not included in the current Mayor and Council's vocabulary:

Open and Transparent Government

Public Consultation


The people in the picture sure look unhappy about being photographed; definitely not the convivial vibe of people partying during the Olympics.

It all looks very suspicious...incriminating almost.

It makes me sick. I ride a bicycle without a helmet and get fined. Indo canadians riding motorcycles legally with no helmet.. These one sided laws are the end result bribed politicians. lining there pockets.. Vision !! yeah right.

This photo is a keeper. These guys are responsible for making Vancouver a no-fun city? Not in your life. Deal looks like she needs a few more glasses of wine to get this party started. As for Robertson's wife, she looks like she'd rather have her teeth pulled out without freezing than be at this party hosted by Gregor.

Wow great story guys. Best report on here in weeks. I had the misfortune of wasting 3 minutes in that place. Truly a terrible terrible pavillion.

Did anyone catch Global TV's story on this tonight at six? You have to catch Madame Bedlam when she squirms in front of the camera. Marissa Thomas (reporter) asks her why all the union donors to Vision got invited to a private party at taxpayers expense. Her response..."I'm just a civil servant" and I don't know what this is all about. Huh? Aren't you the City Manager? Weren't you appointed by Mayor Moonbeam? Why are you distancing yourself from this? Hmmmm...are cracks appearing? Hopefully Citycaucus puts this video up. Quite funny.

Check out!

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