Vancouver Politics 101? John Cleese explains political extremes

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Monty Python's famous instructor outlines the differences of the right and left

There's an adage in blogging – when it doubt: YouTube.

Thanks to Mark for sending along this link to John Cleese from one of his famous and fantastic instructional videos. In this one he explains the characteristics of the extreme left and the extreme right. It's a wee bit dated, but not much.

Speaking of extremes, as in accommodation, here's COPE's assessment of the Vision government published in the Sun on Monday. They say:

Unlike some who have recently appeared in the pages of the Sun, we are neither uncritical in our praise, nor are we sarcastic and demeaning in our criticism.

Who exactly are they talking about writing sarcastically or uncritically? Miro? Us? McMartin?

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There's nothing dated in John Cleese's analysis whatsoever. It's as fresh and spot on today as it was the day he filmed it. Thanks for this great chuckle to brighten up a groggy, rainy morning.

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