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Connecting with voters can be tough when you avoid their gaze

Ah, the HST. Yes, we're all agreed that at midnight on June 30th the world will crumble. Remember those other 3 letters that everyone predicted would be the end of us – Y2K? Now it's H-S-T. I don't know about you, but I'm going to gather up the candlesticks, my family members and a BIG bottle of port that night, and I'm going to pray like a banshee.

A number of our readers have been vigorously defending the non-partisan nature of the anti-HST protest. And they're quite welcome to that opinion, of course. But I thought this pretty funny video by the hapless BC NDP caucus was worth a look. I don't think the cue card reading gaffes were meant for comic effect, but there are shades of Saturday Night Live (S-N-L) in here for sure. I'm sure those who couldn't make the shoot that day are thanking their lucky stars they missed this one.

Meanwhile, I hope that the vigorous non-partisanness of the anti-HST campaign carries forth.


I couldn't stop laughing when I saw this video. How amateurish. They keep looking to the side reading the script Bill Vandersalm and Bill Tieleman provided them. HA HA HA HA HA HA. So funny! Is this the best the NDP can come up with? If so, they're certainly not ready to govern. Mike, as for me and my family. Just like Y2K, and other previous predictions of doom and gloom, we will be turning out the lights and hiding in our basement on June 30th. After all, before the HST we were paying 7% PST and 5% GST. On July 1st we'll be paying 12%HST. Outrageous!!! NDP math says that 7+5 does not equal 12, and I believe them. Why would they lie to us?

The provincial economy will collapse. The earth will tremble. The tsunamis will arrive. Be fearful everyone, be fearful of the dreaded HST and the NDP government that will take office after the hysteria all dies down.

So the fine folks at the NDP who can't get a commercial right, think they have what it takes to govern the province.

It's no wonder the most reviled politician in BC history was elected for a third term.

I thought 2013 was the NDP's to lose, but after seeing this bunch, I'm not so sure.

Perhaps Tsakumis has it right when he says if Gordo and his minions are dumped this summer, and Taylor or Watts takes over, the Liberals still have a chance.

Wow, this was sad.

"Is this the best the NDP can come up with? If so, they're certainly not ready to govern."

What does slick packaging--or the lack thereof--have to do with good government? Or with anything else of importance?

In this case, it's quite enough politically that the NDP is taking a stand against the HST. I doubt the quality of the NDP video makes the slightest difference to the tens of thousands of irate citizens who are rallying against the HST.

Nathan. The NDP couldn't manage a popcorn stand and they can't produce a video. The Ndp and their civic farm team have never met a tax they haven't liked. That is unless it is brought in by another government. Have we all forgotten how many new taxes the ndp imposed on us during their reign of error? They were taxing us to DEATH. Bill Vanderzalm also jacked up taxes big time. This HST protest is simply about partisan politics and nothing else. Just admit it and I'll have some respect for you.

jezz louise . . talk about the amateur hour.

What did they do, hire Stephane Dion's video guy?

If these pinheads think this kind of media "savy" is going to get them into power, then just think how bad they would be as government.

But then every time the BC Fed, via their NDP sock puppet political creation, get to run the Province, they run it right into the ground.

Usually six feet under, with a grave marker reading "Here Lies the BC Economy, Killed by Socialist Stupidity. Again."

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