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Another "moment with Mike" happens Friday at 8:10am on Shore 104.3 FM

And here I thought that all that college radio I did was for naught. Last week on Shore 104.3 FM's morning show with Steve and Colleen I got to talk about the little issue the City of Vancouver is having with consultation. In particular the "pilot" bike lane being poured in concrete on Dunsmuir. You can play the clip and/or download it here:

This week I'm still talking about Vancouver, but this time it's the lovely debate about how we politicize our public institutions. Vancouver is at the top of a lot of lists – the kind you want to be on, such as "most walkable" and "most livable" city. What is it about Vancouver that makes it work? I argue that it's in part the tradition of having a non-partisan public service.

Of course, the folks we elected last time out aren't subscribing to that notion. You can hear my commentary tomorrow morning on Shore 104 FM at 8:10am. Steve's off this week, and Doug will be in the driver's seat.

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