Let's celebrate Vancouver in song!

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Ligia Oancea sings about the city she loves – and we should love her for it

Since the Olympics and the thousands of times we heard the I Believe song, there has been a noticeable deflating of the mood of Vancouver. Sure, thousands of tourists and athletes from around the globe can add a certain spark to any place, and when all that went I think that some of us were hoping we could keep some of that buzz alive.

Maybe it's the weather, maybe it's the HST, but Vancouver really could use a pick-me-up. And what better way to excited about summer in The Best Place on Earth than with a rousing tune?

All the great cities of the planet have songs named after them. Whether it's New York, New York, or Chicago, My Kind of Town, To Live and Die in L.A., or London Calling, these anthems have helped to define the places they sing about.

Has Vancouver got its own song? Not that I can think of. That is, until now! Ligia Oancea has written and performed a new anthem for our beloved town simply titled "Vancouver". Let's see if this becomes the kind of internet phenomenon we saw last week with the demolition disaster video. It's at just over 5000 views today, so let's get it up to 100,000!

What do you think? Does Vancouver need its own song to become a "great" city? Are there other songs that represent us we should know about? Leave your comments and favourite tunes for Vancouver in the summer of 2010.

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A coat of Arms, a song. the town fool, for those that can remember how about a dance The Chicken Dance loved by all

Personally, I think the song is awful. What a joke! And is she wearing a fur coat? That's absolutely horrible. This song and video does very little to represent the image of Vancouver.

2011 is Vancouver's 125th year and the city is planning a year long celebration. I'm hoping we'll have a Vancouver song contest with the winning song to be announced at the beginning of the year. As you note, many towns and places have really iconic songs - can we do the same for Vancouver?

The fur coat is enough to ruffle the feathers of Vancouver. That was a truly bad call however, that was an amateur video & singer. Quality, costume etc. can be easily changed.

What is much harder to change is the fact that this song is so out of place with the times. It sounds like it would have been sung at Expo '67. I almost expect to see a choir of children holding hands while singing ♫ Van-cooooo-ver ♫.

I would love to see a song to celebrate our beautiful city. This is unfortunately not it.

This video is profound. On the surface, innocent, well intentioned and optimistic.

The subtext unfortunately, horrible and dark, it says any man/womanchild can escape their past lives to be a Vancouverite and "grow up" here to fulfill dreams and dubious accomplishments. A California Remedial of "skyscrapers of elegant lines" - that only requires they pay the right price. We can afford to look the other way for lack of taste, substance, class or quality. Mind you the obligatory "rap" counts for some points.

I believe this could only be topped by Wing were she to be cajoled into composing a song for Vancouver: http://youtu.be/kqa-HYihaZo

In fact, I think I'd throw money at Wing to do so.

We live in BC and this stands for Bring Cash.

Suzanne, what a great idea! And I nominate Ligia Oancea's song! This really is "my place and my time"! It's camp, it's happy, it's DIY!! LIGIA!

The Scared Thought of The Night

"The Ghosts of Christmas Past in... June. Yeta, the Abominable Snowwoman it's alive and kicking in Vancouver!"

Mike, in my polls you just dropped 50% in popularity for nominating this almost socialist propaganda 'full of it' piece. You are about to give Tony Bennett a heart attack if he reads your comment. Frankie Blue Eyes is already preparing a comeback!

You probably are not familiar with the European Cinema, Mike, but I am. I've got goosebumps while watching this kitschy song & dance, whatever, reminiscent of the early 80's Eastern European movie soundtracks used in irony by the likes of Milos Forman, Andresj Wayda, or Nikita Mihalcov.

It could only be complemented by the other stupidly arrogant slogan that embarrassed me a year ago, one continent away to the south. You know which slogan, the one that's printed on every driving license in BC.

Why do Vancouver needs a 'in your face' hit is beyond me. However, if the song doesn't have a title yet, I recommend one:
"Vancouver, My First True Midlife Crisis"

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

The Bryan Adams "Here I Am" version that was in the Vancouver 2010 bid video hits me as a song about Vancouver.

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