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Reporter Jeff Lee is moving off the Olympics beat, and back to City Hall

For those of us who appreciate good old fashioned reporting of news with no agendas, we can take heart that one of the best reporters working at the Vancouver Sun is moving into City Hall. Jeff Lee, who has spent the last several years as the Sun's Olympics reporter, including writing a popular blog on that subject, is getting to know Vancouver City Hall all over again. Lee was formerly the paper's guy at the Hall back in the '90s.

"I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment getting back up to speed," says Lee. "Vancouver is a changed city during the lead up to the Olympics. I can hardly recognize City Hall today."

Lee also has the same passion for the city beat that we have here at It's a bug shared by other long time City Hall watchers like Bula, Garr and Howell. "I think I've got the best beat at the paper now. Vancouver is going through such an evolution after the Olympics, that it will be exciting to be covering it. While I live out in New West, I still consider myself as a Vancouverite who is fascinated by what this city is doing."

Apparently reporters have an old office on the fourth floor at City Hall (currently relegated to storage) that was formerly set aside for them, and Jeff has asked the City Manager to reoccupy it. Somehow I think that more than anything else will bring up the quality of reporting in civic issues.

Plans are in the works for a new Sun blog titled CivicLee Speaking, and Jeff's new handle on Twitter is @SunCivicLee. It's a good move by the Sun's top brass to put Lee back in the City Hall beat. As readers and followers of civic politics, we all win.

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thank goodness we have Jeff back at the hall. No nonsense, no hype - just the facts. Perhaps now we will get some clear answers in time for the next election.

Glad to see Jeff and the Sun covering the civic beat again. This is great news! Jeff is a no-nonsense, balanced reporter that will most definitely get to the bottom of what is going on at Vancouver City Hall. No more fluff. No more stories about Gregor's designer glasses.

I for one am looking forward to reading the Sun's civic page with Lee at the helm. Welcome back Jeff!

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