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Doors of perception

Several have told me about a riveting series of articles produced by National Post journalist Bruce Hutchinson titled The Woodward's Project. The paper describes it...

The Post's Brian Hutchinson is embedded for a month in the country's most notorious neighbourhood, Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The Woodward's Project is an online and print series that chronicles his experiences as part of a unique urban experiment to bring together rich and poor in the most derelict, subsidized and politicized neighbourhood in Canada.

I'm looking forward to seeing this series unfold. As with anything to do with the DTES neighbourhood there are some surprises, and some grim realities. I also quite like the photography that accompanies the series, such as the doorway image above that accompanies one of Hutchinson's updates.

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Great series.

The 'Bad Date Sheets' are put out once a week and given out to the ladies working in the survival sex trade. They can be found at various shelters and drop-ins. The VPD also has copies.

I volunteered at one of the shelters and it always sickened me to see women come in that had been beaten up. I remember it being very bad after one particular Thanksgiving long weekend.
What people need to realize, these women, due to their addictions, weigh somewhere around 90 - 110 lbs, soaking wet. It doesn't take much of a 'man' to hurt these women.

And, if you read these 'Bad Date' reports you will see several 're-offenders'.

Too bad the initiative can't be taken to blow these sheets up and place them on billboards around the Lower Mainland.

Someone knows these offenders and it would perhaps prompt them to provide information to help stop these crimes.

Check out BCWineLover.com!

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