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I'm not above shameless plugs – read Thursday's 24 Hours online, and turn on your radio Friday

The fine folks at Vancouver's great new entry to the radio market Shore 104.3FM have invited me on for a Friday morning feature these past several weeks. It's kind of a new format that I'm trying out in the Moment with Mike breaks at 8:10am. In about 90 seconds I've got to be a little topical, a little edgy, and of course, political. Tomorrow morning I have some fun at my own expense and talk about the subject of my addiction to politics.

Tune in and drop me a line to let me know your thoughts. I'll post last week's Moment when I get a moment.

Also, I didn't plug my 24 Hours column from today earlier. I gave my take on the CSIS Director's comments, which I submitted on a deadline about 2 hours before he made his "retraction". Regardless of what followed yesterday and today, I still stand by my analysis. Read the column here.

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