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The City of Burnaby is curiously promoting the Mayor's annual fundraiser in their calendar

If you live in a big city in Canada, you likely receive a nice calendar from your local city hall outlining when to look out for garbage day or the annual city parade. It’s the kind of item that gets a lot of use in my busy household . However, in the City of Burnaby, the calendar is causing a bit of a stir as one of the items listed in it has a few partisan political overtones.

If you are a Burnaby resident and received your calendar from Mayor Derek Corrigan and council earlier this year, you may want to flip to July 14th. There is an important event that the City of Burnaby wants you to attend. It’s titled the “Mayor’s Annual Golf Tournament”. The problem is the tournament is not put on by the City of Burnaby, rather, it’s Corrigan’s political party sponsoring the event. That’s right, the Burnaby Citizens Association is holding a fundraiser and it’s being promoted in the City of Burnaby’s taxpayer funded calendar.

David Field, a local Burnaby resident, is up in arms with City Hall over what he believes is overt politicking on the City’s dime. CityCaucus.com has obtained a copy of a letter he sent to the Chief Electoral Officer whereby he states:

I am writing in regards to the recently discovered announcement in the City of Burnaby 2010 calendar advertising the Mayor's Annual Golf Tournament on Wednesday July 14th. This City of Burnaby calendar used taxpayer’s money to develop, print, distribute and clearly makes this event look like it is sponsored by the city of Burnaby.

I was thinking this is great, an event that will wholly benefit a local charity. Imagine my surprise when I discover this "charity" event is a political fundraiser for the municipal political party called the Burnaby Citizens Association (BCA). The very same political party that the mayor, entire city council and school board trustees belong to.

As a disclaimer "A donation will be made to a Burnaby Registered Charity" is included at the bottom of the flyers advertising this event. Nothing is mentioned as to how much the BCA political party will make and what percentage of the profits will be donated, or which registered charity will be the lucky recipient.

I have learned that based upon the fact that this is not an election year, the profit to the BCA political party from this event do not even require submission to Elections BC. – No one would have known!

How many years in the past has the City of Burnaby calendar and taxpayers money been used to further the coffers of the BCA political party in Burnaby city council? How many times have the people of Burnaby been duped into thinking this is a city sponsored event?

Can you please look into the legality of using taxpayer money to fund the City of Burnaby calendar and having the mayors political party using it to advertise for a blatantly motivated political fundraiser? I know for sure this is ethically wrong at the very least! The taxpayers deserve to know!

According to documents produced by the BCA for their fundraiser, it costs $200 per participant with major sponsors forking over up to $5K each to have their names associated with the tournament. In very tiny font at the bottom of the form it states that a portion of the proceeds will go to an unnamed charity.

As we’ve seen at Vancouver City Hall over the last two years, the politicization of the public service has become a very hot topic these days. It would now appear the BCA is catching the same illness afflicting their brothers and sisters next door.

At a minimum I think the Mayor should apologize to the citizens of Burnaby for this gaffe and perhaps commit to donating at least half of the proceeds to a local charity. After all, taxpayers helped to promote the event, surely they should receive some benefit too.

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The Chairman of the People's Republic of Burnaby admitting a mistake? You'd have a better chance getting Kim Jong Il to apologize than Corrigan.

I hear that CSIS has been keeping an eye on some of BC's municipal politicians whom they fear could potentially be under the sway of a foreign government. Perhaps Corrigan's people should be checking El Presidente's golf bag and brandy snifter for listening devices.

If this type of blatant partisan political pandering had happened at any other level of government, you can be rest assured that Corrigan would have been the first to demand the top person in charge (Premier, Prime Minister) be strung up and publicly flogged.

In this case you can bet the farm that some poor lowly snivel servant will be sacrificed for the greater good.

As we all know by now in Burnaby happenings, nothing gets approved without el Duce's nod.

Why Corrigan is still mayor is beyond me...

The only reason Corrigan and his fellow cronies always do well in elections is because they have figured out how to win in a low turnout. The voter turnouts in Burnaby are always horrendous but that shouldn't worry Corrigan and his ilk as they will always do well in a low turnout. If you are organized (which he is) and the others really aren't, coupled with a low turnout Corrigans party will always win.

One thing that would help is having businesses paying taxes in Burnaby being able to vote as a business. It's unbelievable that a business who pays more taxes than most residents or renters cannot vote yet a renter in the city of Burnaby who can give his notice within 30 days can leave the city in a heartbeat can vote.

The argument that businesses can write off their taxes and renters and residents cant is really a weak argument as depending on a businesses tax status they can be lucky if the amount they effectively get back is 50% of what they pay. Even then they would probably pay more than most residents.

Until this happens guys like Corrigan will have a cozy little boondoggle. And Corrigan knows it.

so so so true

so what is the best way to defeat Corrigan...I want to help.

Just add this to his long list of 'for me profit'.
Hasn't anyone caught on to his blue's festival tax-payer funded holidays? New Orleans? Which was reported on this website. Portland? Where they said they were going to meet with officials and then after the fact said "unfortunately, it was Independence Day weekend and not many officials were around". Is this not something that is organised prior to their "fact finding trip"?
The only reason Burnaby has this festival was because Drummond (rip) and Corrigan are blues music fans and they wanted to have their own little festival where they could consume as much alcohol and listen to music they enjoy on the the tax payer's dime. The VIP tent (open bar) is notorious for certain politicos over consuming alcohol.
It's sad that there are so many people who know about all this stuff that is going on but feel that they can't put a stop to it.
Residents of Burnaby need to wake up and get involved.

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