Would Quatchi be the best next G-G after Michaëlle Jean?

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Everyone loves Quatchi – but is it enough to get him into Rideau Hall?

I'm not sure if it's written down anywhere that the next Governor General of Canada needs to be a flesh and blood human being. Which is why I'm proposing we "think outside the box" and consider a soon-to-be-terminated and beloved mascot for the job. Check out my latest 24 Hours Vancouver column in tomorrow's edition of the paper, and see if you're not convinced that the idea has merit.

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Brilliant idea! Of all the mascots only Quatchi has the gravitas to be viceroy and if you really think Michaelle Jean was 'very good' then the Quatch is going to exceed all expectations.

The prospect of termination is very disturbing, however. Please contact Stephen Colbert at once to publicize this horror and ensure that the unsold mascots do not end up in landfills to bemuse future generations. How would Mr Rogge or Mr Furlong feel if that was their fate? Let them go to Value Village to find loving homes.

(By 'them' I mean Quatchi and friends, not our esteemed Olympic organisers who certainly do not belong in a store for unwanted old relics.)

How about a robotic humanoid IMF logo.

My vote is for the Green Men.

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