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The cover of the latest edition of Megaphone: Vancouver's Street Paper – click for larger

Megaphone is dubbed Vancouver's Street Paper. It's sold in several high traffic locations in the city, such as Kerrisdale, various spots downtown, Commercial Drive, Kits and Cambie Street. It's a very good read and worth a small investment of a twoonie or more. The latest edition, according to the paper's Executive Director Sean Condon, is one the team behind Megaphone are very proud of.

The inside flap of the paper describes the concept:

Megaphone is a magazine sold on the streets of Vancouver by homeless and low-income vendors. Vendors buy the paper for 50 cents an issue and sell the paper to customers for a suggested do- nation of $2. All money from the transaction goes into the pocket of the vendor.

Megaphone’s goal is to provide economic opportunities to homeless and low-income people while building grassroots support to end poverty.

This issue features some very compelling writing from Down Under – a feature story from an Aussie source on how South Africa is dealing with poverty in their midst in advance of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. There's also a thoughtful piece on the future of the VAG, and the debate on its location.

I was honoured to be asked to submit an article for "My Megaphone", a sort of soapbox on page 7 that someone from the city can discuss any topic they'd like. Past writers have often advocated for work that they do, but I wanted to do something different. Rather than politics or urbanism, I thought it'd be fund to tell a story from my life here in Vancouver.

I went waaay back in the time machine, back to my Killarney neighbourhood and the summer I graduated high school. It was the day I met the rock band AC/DC at the Fraserview Golf Course and got their autographs. It was just about a week before they had released Back in Black. That record went on to sell 50 million copies and became the second largest selling album in history.

For me, it was pure East Van nirvana to meet some of my rock idols in their heyday.

This edition of Megaphone is now available all around town, so if you've never picked up a copy before, be sure to have some cash on hand and pick one up. Publishers will post an online edition of the paper next week. You can also catch Megaphone @ Facebook.com/MegaphoneMagazine, and you can follow them @Twitter.com/MegaphoneMag.

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I usually pick this up when I see the seller with it. Haven't seen this issue yet but I'm sure I will soon enough.

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