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Sam Sullivan hosts another salon June 9th that you are invited to

Since the ending of his term as Mayor of Vancouver, Sam Sullivan has been changing the dial of his life and concentrating on his passion for dialogue and ideas. Part of that expression goes into his Global Civic Policy Society, which has hosted a number of "speed speaker" lunches. In those invited occasions, Sam asks a line-up of speakers to provide a talk on a topic with a strict 5-minute time limit. By being disciplined with the time it allows everyone to get out of the room and back to their offices in just over an hour.

Those familiar with non-political side of Sam Sullivan know about his passion for the Salon. The Salon was made famous by 18th-century Enlightenment Paris where leading intellectuals and movers and shakers would come together to share ideas.

He has hosted these affairs for over a decade, with most of them at his dining table. Now Sam wants to take his salons to a larger stage. On June 9th between 8:00 PM and 9:30 PM he's hosting his first public event at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre. Some of the fascinating personalities that make Vancouver the special place that it is will be giving a glimpse of their experiences and ideas at a public salon hosted by Sam. Tickets are affordably priced at $15, and you can reserve your seat by following this link.

Speakers include:

  • Michael Stevenson, President of SFU, led the University back to the city and has championed the Woodward's initiative.
  • Douglas Todd, the internationally renowned journalist on religion and philosophy, has unique insights into our cultural environment.
  • Arran Stephens turned a health food store on Fourth Avenue into the multinational Nature's Path cereals and developed a powerful relationship and insight into India.
  • Mark Jaccard was the architect of the carbon tax and is widely sought out for his environmental insights.  
  • Prof. Rena Sharon is one of Vancouver's musical treasures and founder of the Vancouver International Song Institute and will perform a piece of song music.
  • Al Etmanski, the man who successfully closed institutions for people with developmental disabilities and is on the forefront of new social financing ideas for social sector organizations.
  • Harj Sajjan is a decorated former Major in the Canadian Forces and as a turban wearing Sikh has interesting insights into multiculturalism.
  • Prof. Patrick Condon is a champion of streetcars and environmentally sustainable cities whose recent book gives principles for city building.
  • John Fluevog is a successful shoe designer and entrepreneur of international note.

The Global Civic Policy Society is sponsoring the Public Salon. Through it Sam Sullivan has assembled a Who's Who of the city's philanthropists some of whom will be introducing speakers. Their goal is to facilitate a more informed citizenry and encourage community leaders to reach beyond their own sectors. The challenge will be to glean important insights from these accomplished citizens and finish by 9:30 PM. Sullivan claims he will do it – and so far at least, he's been able to keep that promise.

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