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When I first came up with the concept of about 18 months ago, I had no idea where this journey would take me. 1200 posts and 4 million page views later, it’s clearly become a big hit with the public and civic workers across Canada. Our post-Olympics readership continues to grow while the number of subscribers and followers on Twitter and Facebook is heading upward each day. It’s truly been a wonderful and exciting time getting to know so many of you online.

As you can appreciate, running with my good friend and co-editor Mike Klassen is a labour of love. While the site has admittedly pulled in a few advertising dollars, the reality is running Canada’s most popular urban affairs blog is not paying the bills. Unlike some online journals and bloggers that are well funded by various charitable foundations and/or political parties, we don’t have a sugar daddy willing to underwrite our writing and research.

Many evenings both Mike and I could be found on the phone mapping out our next story idea or editing a future post. On an average week, it can take a minimum of 20-25 hours of my time to keep the operation running on a shoestring budget.

When it comes to my involvement with, the question I get asked most is “how do you do it?” Most people are simply stunned that both Mike and I can balance our work and family commitments and still maintain a very healthy diet of at least one post per day. Well, I’m here to report that it’s proving a challenge for me. My paid employment is increasingly taking me out of the province while my six year old son deserves more time with his dad. As there are only so many hours in the week, something had to give.

That’s why although I’m not saying goodbye to, I will not be posting as frequently as I have in the past. I have also notified my good friend Bill Good at CKNW that my volunteer duties on the Civic Affairs Panel every Tuesday morning will end on Tuesday, June 15th.

Rather than several posts a week, I’ll be writing less frequently and on broader issues of life in our urbanized world. Mike Klassen will take over my duties as the editor and publisher, while I will join Michelle Pereira, Kerri Brkich and others as contributing writers. I’m hoping to continue participating in the CBC Early Edition civic affairs panel which requires much less of my time on a regular basis.

I still firmly believe in the power of social media and blogs like as an effective tool in raising awareness on key issues facing our cities. It also gives voice (for better or worse) to citizen journalists who aim to keep both our politicians and the media accountable. On the whole, while bloggers can make mistakes (as do the mainstream media), our world would be a very different place without them.

So while I’ve had to give up my corporate jet, penthouse office at CityCaucus Tower and all the perks that come with senior management, I still plan on dropping by from time to time. Thanks again to all of you who’ve made what has become...Canada’s top urban affairs blog.

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From one blogger to another - good luck with your future non-blogging endeavors Daniel.

While we often disagree politically, you and Mike deserve credit for creating a lively and sometimes infuriating website that friends and foes both read.

Your Olympic free events idea was literally brilliant - but I'm glad to hear you didn't make so much money off Google ads during the games that you are both retiring!

But one last question - is your departure a signal you are running for the NPA Vancouver mayoralty nomination? Just kidding.

Wishing you all the best Daniel.

Always enjoy your posts, Daniel. Good luck in the future, with whatever you choose to do.

You'll be missed, Daniel. You and Mike and have established something unique and extraordinary, and have had tremendous success influencing the news cycle on a regular basis. Have a great time enjoying next steps that are bound to be just as rewarding and challenging.

Daniel, there are not enough words to say thank you properly. Thank you as well for your Olympic gift to the people of our city and our visitors. Here's to your next great idea!

Hey All,

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and emails. I've really appreciated all of your comments.

Rest assured, I may not be writing as much...and won't be on the air as much...but I'm not moving out of the city:-) As I noted in this post, I still do plan to write (time permitting) about urban issues over the coming months. In fact, I have a quick post on my recent trip to Phoenix that Mike will post be posting up later today.

I would hope that some of the readers may want to fill in the gaps by contributing their own guest editorials on occasion. I know Mike would welcome this and it would help to keep the dialogue going. Surely there are some potential civic candidates of all political stripes who want to get their perspective out there over the next 18 months? Why not use CityCaucus as your place to get that dialogue going?

Check out!

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