Drinking Rosé, London's Cyclops & the Zalm

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london 2012 mascots
Let's count our blessings, shall we? This could have been us

There were a few inquiries about the debut "Moment with Mike" on the Shore 104 FM morning show last Friday, so without any further ado you can listen to (or download) the segment here:

This was a first kick at The Shore segment that you can catch Friday mornings during Steve and Colleen's show on 104.3FM at 8:10am. May long weekends – even the cool and wet kind – are always big milestones for Canadians. Break out the BBQ, get out the camp stove, or hit a patio. Which is why I have to puzzle why we're busting our humps getting HST signatures in honour of Bill Vander Zalm & friends.

You gotta hand it to The Zalm. He drove the nail in the coffin of the dynastic Social Credit party, and he's doing his damnedest to do the same for the BC Liberals, too. I wonder if he keeps notches in his shovel for this kind of stuff.

Be sure to pick up 24 Hours tomorrow for another fine edition of the paper and my latest column.

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