Dunsmuir Viaduct: do it now, apologize later

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Er, looks like the fix was in for the Dunsmuir decision. No matter, just apologize

Crack CKNW City Hall reporter Janet Brown had an interesting report yesterday. She heard from Charles Gauthier of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association, who found out that new bike traffic signals were already being installed on the Dunsmuir Viaduct. But here's the catch, the city council meeting on approval happens TODAY!

Apparently the "trial" run is more of a fait accompli. Here's CKNW's report:

"It was all a big mistake."

That's according to the City of Vancouver after crews started installing traffic signals for cyclists along Dunsmuir even before council made a decision on dedicated bike lanes for the route. Assistant City Engineer of Transportation Jerry Dobrovolny says crews made an error by starting to install the cycling signals.

The work was stopped when the city received a call from the Executive Director of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association Charles Gauthier who wasn't impressed.

"It confirms that decisions are made in advance you really can't change things," Gauthier said. A public hearing was held last month but Dobrovolny insists no decisions have been made.

The issue goes to council on Thursday.

We know the Vision folks are not much on including the public in decision-making, but this is certainly a pretty bold example of how this government works. It may in the end be a fine idea, but you'd think that those impacted by it might want to get a few words in before you start hooking up the new traffic lights.

The council meeting on this decision happens this morning.

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As if cyclists would actually obey traffic signals.

Another waste of money. It could be better invested in homeless shelters for chickens.

Vision's next project....

A true breakthrough in solving pressing urban issues

Homeless shelters for bike riding, antibiotic addled, left winged chickens..

all for the bargain price of $1,899,768.35 !!!!

you heard it here first!

arrogant, arrogant, arrogant. The only way to describe this vision government. Shame on them for ramming this through before it had been approved. They're making the liberal's decision to push the HST through the legislature look like downright democratic. At least they had parliament vote on it before implementing it.

People seemed shocked.

This Mayor and Council have shown time and time again that the words' public consultation' are not within their vocabulary.

They have an agenda and they are pushing it through regardless of who it may effect.

I watched Councilor Kerry Jang do the 'two-step' last night when a Global reporter confronted him about a survey they had given the stores/businesses that may be effected by these new 'bike lanes'. According to the store owner interviewed, the survey was dropped off months ago by a city worker and never collected.

Councilor Kerry Jang was all grins and arrogance.

It is all for show. They do not care.

This Mayor and Council needs to go.

A simple mistake, we all make mistakes.

I just want to point out that the reason the city worker never picked up the survey from the business interviewed by the global reporter is because it is a mail-in survey. It clearly says "Please mail by April 26, 2010". You detatch the information part of the survey, and the form part has a business reply mail address and postage on the back. Detatch and drop in the mailbox.

Alex - there are mistakes and then there is getting caught with your pants down....again.

This is not a mistake - this is habit.

Remember the 'public consultation' given to the HEAT shelters when were first instituted....the angry residents living around the Howe and Granville Street shelters?

I was at that meeting. I saw Councilor Kerry Jang remove his name tag and put it in his suit jacket when he realized there were going to be more than a handful of people attending that meeting and that the people that were already there were angry.

They did the same 'public consultation' with the other HEAT shelters that were opened this past winter.

And here we go again.

They wait until they are caught in the act and then do the 'ooops' sorry bit.

To the business that may be effected by these changes - document everything.

And then sue - collectively.


It was pretty obvious that the surveys were to be mailed in.

As if motorists would actually obey traffice signals.

Making the city safer for cyclist is no waste of money - the mistake was the process not the action. Get the consultative process going with not only the Business Improvement Assoc. but the Cycling Coaltion too.

Does that mean that cyclists will get off and stay off of the sidewalks?

"let them eat cake" says Mayor Gregor to his citizenry. I have GQ looks. I have an IQ worthy of mensa. I am a green-demi god that can do no wrong. I am on the side of angels.

Therefore I repeat "let them eat cake" says Gregor. You little people are mere pawns in my game to set up a bigger organization known as Vision BC. One day I will be back in the legislature and will be governing the province. It is my right! It is my destiny! I will green every corner of the province and everyone will see how truly good looking and charming I am. Did I mention I was 80% in the polls?




"Do it now" certainly beats "lets spend millions of dollars studying it forever" way that city used to operate. Anyway, it is a trial that can be adjusted to address any real issues that do occur. No point in spending taxpayers money to address every possible unfounded concern.

I watched an ambulance get completely stuck for 2+ minutes in an intersection downtown yesterday. Stop building crap in the middle of the bloody road. People are LITERALLY dying thanks to this eco-let's-put-a-bunch-of-barricades-and-gardens-in-the-middle-of-the-street- in-the-name-of-mother-Gaia insanity.

Vote Vision Vancouver - Because We Value Making A Point About Being Green More Than Human Life.

And on the CBC website:

'Vancouver approves Dunsmuir bike lane'


Your post does not make any sense. The bike lane has not been built yet so how can it be causing problems for ambulance. It is congestion caused too many cars on the road that is blocking ambulances. If you were really concerned about ambulances, you would stop driving instead of passing the buck and tiring to blame it on bike lanes that are not even built yet.

My post makes heaving buckets of sense, did you even read it? I didn't say anywhere that I was driving, and in fact I wasn't. So you make up this thing about me driving and then try to say because of that, it's MY fault there's gridlock? Awesome work. Hollyhock debating club alumni?

I'm not referring to one single bike lane, I'm talking about the creation of endless mini traffic circles, bus bulges, huge medians, etc.

Over the last 10 years the city has filled our streets with endless amounts of this garbage, ALL OF WHICH slow down emergency vehicles.

Really? Emergency vehicles are being slowed? People are dying? I look forward to the "Killer Traffic Cirles" on the front page of the Province.

Also-I'm FIGURATIVELY dying with laughter at the hysteria here.

Here you go pal, happy reading, and I do hope you recover from your giggly snicker fit.

I'm amazed that someone would honestly think that obstacles designed to slow down vehicles wouldn't also slow down emergency vehicles.

Besides bike lanes sans-sincere-consultation, could someone please explain why there sre sidewalks to nowhere now in the middle of Pacific Blvd near Davie + Drake Sts?

Huge lines of cars must wait now for anyone turning left. Who do THESE help?

@birdghost 14003....while I'm not disputing the fact that traffic circles slow down ALL you have anything relevant that would apply to a CANADIAN jurisdiction or shall we trust the local governments of Bellevue, WA and Des Plaines, ID to be the leaders on the subject?

Not sure whose bright idea it was to put a bike lane on a city road artery.

The Dunsmuir Viaducts are a vital artery into the city for commuters from the just doesn't make much sense.

And the recent commissioning of a $700,000 study to tear them down is absolutely baffling, not to mention that the viaducts are part of Translink's jurisdiction! Does the city not have better things to do?

Demolish the viaducts and you will have traffic spill onto smaller streets, making it worst for pedestrians and Gregor's cyclists. Council needs to understand that a transportation network needs layers.

The recent proposal of turning Hastings in the Downtown Eastside to a 30 km/h zone so that jaywalkers don't get hit is equally as baffling. They are ignoring the real cause: homeless people jay walking. Drivers aren't responsible. It's asinine to turn a major artery like Hastings into 30 km/h. And yes, do that and you will have traffic spill onto other smaller streets.

Check out!

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