Vision Vancouver's money problem - it's time to disclose now

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It's time that the public gets to have a look at who's paying Vision's debt

There's been a lot of talk about campaign financing lately, and much of it seems to avoid hard questions of influence, the potential for money laundering, the funneling of donations through third parties, and of course why Americans seem to be so interested in supporting Vancouver's mayor. We should be glad, however, that at least the subject is on peoples' minds.

We've posed a question several times here on – who is carrying Vision Vancouver's debt? Who is affording the organization the ability to hire full and part time staff and organize 18 months out for the 2011 election? There are many questions about where Vision's money came from, and is still coming from today.

We also ask, where is the due diligence of City Hall watchers like the Georgia Straight or The Tyee? I've come to expect someone like Charlie Smith to connect the dots like no one else in Vancouver's media can. Yet there is no scrutiny at all on these questions coming from The Straight or anyone else. Monte Paulsen of the The Tyee went to enormous lengths to smear Sam Sullivan with insinuations of corruption over $5000 given by the Nanitch Society to buy a table at an NPA fundraiser for volunteers. Yet when it comes to analyzing the hundreds of thousands of dollars filling up Vision's bank accounts, you can hear a pin drop.

Today we learn that Vision Vancouver are holding another fundraiser. And to rub salt in the wounds of neighbours angry with their STIR initiative, they're holding the fundraiser at the Coast Plaza Hotel in the West End in a couple of weeks. Vision are using a shameful "divide and conquer" tactic to push through STIR by pitting Qmunity against community. Qmunity, the Vancouver LGBT support organization, stands to gain a new office downstairs at one of the STIR buildings, and are lobbying heavily for the project. I think Jennifer and the folks down there deserve support, but I pity the fact that they've been put into the position of having to sell STIR to get it.

Today we're bringing back and old friend, our COUNT-UP CLOCK. Just look at the top of the page and you can see how much time has lapsed since Vision's last financial disclosure on March 16, 2009.

top-bar-clock According to the Vancouver Charter, elector organizations are required to disclose any new money they raise. As any money Vision raises is going to pay down their quarter million dollar 2008 campaign debt, it's doubly important that citizens know who's paying the party's way.

So moving forward, keep an eye on's trusty clock at the top of each page. You'll know exactly how long Vision keep hiding their financial disclosure.

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When will disclose its funding? Details, we want details.

Thanks for your question, Mike. The short answer is we don't have funding to write here. We did do well in advertising during the Olympics, making the time off from our jobs easier to bear. But it's not every month we get over 2 million page views.

If you or anyone else feel like donating to us, there is a link at the top of this page where you can learn how to support

So even though all your writers have direct connections to the B.C. Liberals and/or the NPA and all your blog posts criticize the NDP and/or other Vancouver city political parties, you aren't a funded mouthpiece for the NPA/Libs?

I think you have Mike confused for another certain GregorVision fluffer/UFC fan who's back must be so red by now with all the scratching.

@ Paul | June 9 & Mike May 22:

Funding comes from advertising, advertising from companies which support.

@ Paul June 9:

using your logic, shouldn't The Tyee, Georgia Straight, and BCTF be silenced?

They're without a doubt partisan groups with HEAVY political ties & big mouthpieces.

Check out!

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