Vision's urban chicken plan finally unveiled

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chicken coop
City staff release guidelines for backyard chicken coops in Vancouver

It's likely taken up hundreds of hours of staff time and consultation, but the report following up on Vision's backyard chicken plan has finally made it to council. Dubbed as one of Vision's major accomplishments so far this term, the new back yard chicken policy will allow Vancouverites to begin housing chickens in their back yards.

The 32 page backyard chicken report can be found on the City's website and it covers a wide range of topics including everything from the Avian Flu to noise problems. It also provides detailed schematics on how each of the chicken coops should be constructed. Thankfully staff are recommending that urban chicken farmers "must follow bio-security procedures recommended by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency."

happy-chicken-vv According to city staff "enthusiasm for urban chickens has grown throughout North America in the past few years." Despite this enthusiasm, there are clearly many hurdles that prospective chicken owners in Vancouver will have to face. For example, the dumping of manure or dead carcasses is strictly prohibited. Staff are also recommending that manure is carefully picked up and flushed down your toilet. As for dead chickens, they should be brought to a local crematorium or buried in a pet cemetery.

When it comes to chickens in the city, Council will establish what they are calling the "Five Freedoms" which include:

  • freedom of discomfort
  • freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition
  • freedom from pain, injury and disease
  • freedom from fear and distress
  • freedom to express normal behaviour

When I read these guidelines, I couldn't help but think that these basic principles should also be applied to our human population as well. If you're concerned about the possibility of contracting a disease from the back yard chickens, fear not:

Health authorities in Canada consider the risk of H5N1 reaching North America, or other HPAI subtypes spreading among backyard hens, to be extremely limited, particularly if biosecurity measures, such as those recommended by the CFIA, are followed.

Staff go on to state:

A third recommendation that will reduce risks in the unlikely event of an outbreak, or in the event that HPAI is found among North American wild bird populations, is the requirement for all hen keepers to enroll in an on-line registry, and to update their registration in a timely manner. The registry database will allow health officials to pinpoint the locations of backyard hens should a health emergency arise.

As for whether chickens in your neighbour's back yard could be a nuisance, staff indicate they will be limiting the number of hens on site:

The keeping of backyard hens raises potential nuisance issues, including increased noise, unpleasant odors, and attraction of unwanted animals, such as rodents and raccoons. In order to minimize nuisance issues in general, staff recommends that a maximum of four hens be allowed per lot.

The banning of roosters will help to cut down on the overall noise complaints, however, laying hens also create some concerns for staff:

Laying hens produce a variety of vocalizations, none of which are very loud. Perhaps the loudest noise is an approximately five-minute period of cackling or squawking that occurs when a hen lays an egg.

It should be noted that all that squawking is apparently no louder than a conversation between two human beings. As for all that smell related to urban farming:

Unpleasant odors, from accumulation of manure and/or food scraps, can result if chicken enclosures are infrequently cleaned and food is broadcast in the pens. Although chickens produce only a few tablespoons of manure per day, accumulations of manure can produce ammonia, which is both harmful for chickens and unpleasant for others.

Few things known to mankind smell worse than chicken feces

In response to those odour problems in the height of summer, staff has set some strict guidelines. They state 'it is recommended to remove manure and scraps at least weekly, and preferably daily. Manure can be flushed down the toilet, or composted, but is not allowed in garbage cans in Vancouver. Composted chicken manure is an excellent fertilizer."

Somehow I suspect the previous guideline might be a tad difficult for by-law officers to regulate. The report also covers the issue of how the hens may attract some unwelcome visitors:

Hen enclosures can also attract unwanted animals, including rodents seeking food scraps, and larger animals, such as raccoons, foxes, skunks, and coyotes, seeking eggs or a chicken dinner.

As for the financial implications of Vision's new back yard chicken initiative, it will apparently cost taxpayers around $25,000 to implement. Staff have cleverly indicated they don't anticipate the need to hire any staff as a result of this new policy. However, they do state:

If complaint volumes are larger than anticipated, staff may request additional enforcement staffing resources.

After months of work and consultation, it would appear that Vision's plans for "systemic social change" will be arriving in a back yard near you.


Well, you guys did it on April the 1th. but you won't do it agasin on April the 2th. What a great yarn. It deserves the Pulitzer prize. It is a yarn right? Right?
Please tell me it ain't so.
As Vancouverites candle their eggs, they can think of their leader, the great stand-up Karmic, have happy planet consciousness, and do a Gregorian chant to Leonard's great line,"there is a crack, a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in, that's how the light gets in." (Repeat with each egg).
This will lead you to a higher thought level, which teaches, "There is a very fine line between a Vision and an hallucination."

Well, I read the story 'City considers a shelter for homeless chickens' on the Vancouver Sun website, datelined April 1 and thought it was such a clever April Fools Day prank, I should post it on my blog, along with other past pranks.

What convinced me it was a prank was Jordan Maynard's comments "People who tire of their chickens won’t have a problem finding them new homes, Maynard said. “I’ve heard that someone on Saltspring Island is starting a retirement home for chickens.”

I then realized this was a front page story on April 2 and sure enough, someone at the Sun confirmed it wasn't a prank..."we're not clever enough to come up with one that good" she wrote.

I can't wait to hear what the public has to say at the May 18 Public Hearing regarding the amount of staff time that has been spent on this report and especially the proposed $20,000 expenditure for the homeless chicken shelter.

One can only hope that Jordan Maynard will be there to tell us more about the retirement home for chickens on Saltspring...just in case council choses not to fund the shelter.

If you want to read what others have to say on this topic, just go onto the Vancouver Sun website...there are about 70 'soundoffs' and counting.

My friend Mike responded to an email on the matter with a proposed new government program...'a chicken in every plot'.

Chalk up even more progress for VISION. This chicken thing puts Diane Watts' Economic Investment Action Plan look downright anemic! And we should all feel ashamed in thinking the Mayor was asleep at the switch while Penny Ballem was busy firing Art Tsivsserev (or laying off or terminating with or was it without cause? - I can never keep it straight!) . As it turns out the mayor was very busy working some back room deals to enhance our City's image - proving Vision is not just about chickens and bees.

we know that people already don't pick up the doggy doo (even though they are required to by law). What makes us think they will dutifully care for their chickens?

We don't have enough bylaw officers now... geesh

Staff must be mortified by all this and I personally am totally choked that they consider this entire excercise a good use of taxpayer money.

Gregor Robertson and his merry band of socialists have just lost it! There are poeople in the downtown eastside that are dying due to lack of shelters and he's going to open one for chickens! OMG can u say crazy. I thought you were BSing when you said they have a freedom chicken charter. I then read the report and there it is. Let's get rid of these nutbars as soon as we can. Where can I sign up for the NPA?

Chicken poops er... coops...

New Ageism at Hollyhock...

And on and on...

I'm starting to get the impression that Mayor Moonbeam and his "Vision" are gaining a striking similarity with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, the guru whose disciples took political control of the Oregon town of Antelope back in the 1980's!

HATCH - Homeless Action Team for Chicken Habitat.
Will Rich Coleman be expected "pitch in" too?

Do not some of these chickens actually prefer the free range lifestyle? Many of our coops have confining rules - we need no barrier chicken shelters and not just shelters we need housing solutions and programs to get these chickens re integrated into society. Many of these hens are hooked on scratch - we have to dry them out first.
Pivot Legal Society is searching for an avian law specialist to ensure these birds rights are not clipped.
And the Mayor will clarify his election promise to solve homelessness by 2013 -- it was AVIAN homelessness he was referring to and we are almost there as a recent census showed fewer turn-aways at local emergency coops.


hey bozos!

how can you complain about raising food in your backyard. if anything there was too much caution by council to waste staff time.

in Calgary Mayoral hopefull Paul Hughes took it to court. the mayor said, "let's see if it works" and agreed to a trial. it took 0 seconds of staff time. now its allowed for up to 40 families and if no trouble occurs it will be legal. just like it is in municipalities across north america.

it's about food sovereignty folks. plain and simple.

Food sovereignty, are you FN kidding me.

If you get 4 chickens, you'll get 4 eggs a day tops.

That isn't enough daily food for a child eat.....geezus.

Food sovereignty my arse. Grab a brain and get a life already.

If you want food sovereignty move to an acreage in Delta and start farming you goomba.

Anyone want to take bets on how look it takes for the coyote population to soar and talks of a cull start because they're going after cats and kids again.

FN Morons, every single last Visionista.

Who would have thought that Andrea Reimer's little motion would be the beginning of the end for Vision. I am thrilled that they're pushing veggie gardens, bees and chickens. It shows the voters how nutty and loopy these new age agents of social change really are. Please Andrea, could you bring more of these motions. Please!!! This way you'll all be turfed out next year.

Chicken Mites are hard to get rid of.

Been there, done that Never again.

Also the Vancouvers rodent problem will certainly rise. Rodents love chicken feed. And then there's the Racoons who love eating live Chickens and their eggs.

Sounds like fun for all.... including the Mites

Thank god Mayor Moonbeam is a one time wonder.

All of this nutty stuff sounds likes Vision's version of COPE debating Star Wars weapons in "outer space" during their tenure.

Both Vision and COPE at least have one theme in common - Kooky "Outer Space" ideas.

The Thought of The Day


Therefore I, Glissando, say to you all: “ICH BIN EIN STUPIDER” underlying my support to the stupid of Vancouver!

What is the difference between a Developer and an Environmentalist? The Developer wants to build a house in the woods; the Environmentalist has already got a house in the woods! That’s all!

The VISION Comrades want Bike Lanes because THEY ARE Biking! How about those who don’t own a bike and/ or don’t know how to bike and/or can’t bike?
The VISION Comrades want Backyard Chicken because THEY HAVE a Backyard! How about those that live in a rented apartment, in a condo, or in any other dwelling that does not allow such an activity to take place?
The VISION Comrades want BEE HIVES in the City because they are Nuts! How about those who are allergic to bees, remember, we live in a city!?

Don’t you have enough dogs shit on your shoe soles? How many on/off leash parks are there? Can you mix those parks with a chicken promenade/ free run? What would happen when someone insists of showing their chicken the Ocean? Do we open up the beaches to them? Aren’t the seagulls and the pigeons going to be pissed? How about if someone calls for a Bring Your Chicken to Work Day? Would it be wrong for me to start a Fox nursery in my garage? If my neighbour’s Rooster jumps into my yard and starts humping my chicken, would it be fair to say that I could jump into his yard and start humping his lovely wife? Are we going to install public art depicting the Holly Cock? Would it be morally wrong to eat an omelet made out of three brothers and sisters, and later would you be able to look their mother chick in the eyes and tell her that they've been adopted by a well to do family in Kits? So many questions and so little time!

It is so sad to watch this kibbutznik-topia experiment developing in our Vancouver; I knew it all along why I wouldn’t waste my vote on Vision in 2008. What’s next?
Should we ban dihydrogen monoxide in our parks now or later; or maybe not use sodium chloride in food recipes anymore and why not, put a tax on breathing? Oh wait, that’s called the Carbon Tax! Stupider me...a thousand pardons Comrades.

ASK JOEL segment:
“What I want to know is this: are you or are you not allowed your”Free Call” subsequent to your arrival on Cortes Island? Thank you.”

For those of you who are not yet aware, the Carbon tax is a tax on breathing invented by one of the biggest con people in the modern history, Al Gore whose carbon offset company was set up by... the crooks of Enron. And who’s their best friends here in Vancouver? You got it! But that’s another story.
Until then...

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This Council is nuts.

@B, this is most definitely NOT about food security. This is about symbolic gestures to Vision Vancouver's greenest city objectives. Just click open this graph produced by the BC Ministry of Agriculture showing how much available land for agriculture Vancouver needs to just have enough to eat, then compare it to the land we actually have, the land we can actually grow on (public and private) and the land we DO grow on. It just doesn't add up.

No matter how many chickens we put in every plot, it will never feed a fraction of us.

Does it not strike you as a bit odd that the Mayor who is pitching local food is the guy who made his money (and I assume still is) shipping exotic fruit juice concentrates here from Columbia, Costa Rica and Equador (source HP website).

Cry Bob cry. This council is loopy and to think we still have 18 months before they're booted out of office.

Don't forget it's Robertson that wants to ban bottled water in Vancouver yet his own company uses plastic water bottles to sell their juice to customers. What is the carbon footprint of each of those plastic bottles? How many of them end up in the landfill? Can we say hypocrisy? I wonder if Robertson felt he was in a conflict of interest by voting to ban a competitors product?

Not sure why I choose to get involved here, but here goes.

Mayor Robertson was also an organic farmer before he started Happy Planet. Don't forget that point.

Mike: I said it's about food SOVEREIGNTY. This is a big topic that I won't get into right now. I'm sure there are already plans in the works at many DTES lots to raise chickens fr eggs for food for locals.

Yes, it's a symbolic gesture, but only because people that

And Glissando, complained about bees by saying "what about people who are allergic"? What's up with that? I suppose you think we should ban peanuts and shellfish from our city? Bees pollinate, pollination helps plants, food plants and others. And c'mon your argument against bike infrastructure is ludicrous, there are tonnes of people in this city who cycle and tonnes more that would if there was decent infrastructure. Don't worry, I think there will be enough road left for you and your gas guzzler.

oh wait, I'm wasting my time even opening a debate here because all the complainers are here complaining instead of out in the community doing something.

open your minds folks. the problems in this city are not the fault of this city council.

unfinished thought:

symbolic because people who want to raise chickens are already doing it. we won't have chickens roaming the streets. sure, a few folks will get all excited and jump in without being ready, but it'll be manageable. and actually i think bees became legal under the last administration and i don't recall hearing anything about a spike in allergic reactions.

ok shoot, one more thing.

I assume with all the whining against Vision that many of the complainers are NPA folks. Check out what Peter Ladner is up to these days and tell me again if this is a Vision delusion.

btw, Counc. Anton had her election signs recycled into mobile chicken coops built by Jordan Maynard who is quoted in the original post.

And yes, I own a house in this city, but no, I won't be getting chickens any time soon.

OK I think I'm done.

don't be an idiot. we have the best water in the world coming out of our taps. the bottled water ban isn't a new idea that Robertson cooked up. Municipalities around the world are banning bottled water because it's an easy step in reducing waste.

I can't navigate City Hall's information web pages very well (there is a conspiracy outthere to prevent ease of information) but it seems that the Chicken Shelter Report scheduled for City Council on April 8 2010 Policy Report Licensing Report dated March 24 2010 by Tom Hammel 604-873-7545 has been cancelled. If I am wrong would a political junkies out there please email me.

The meeting to discuss the back yard chickens is still on for next Thursday at 2 pm. You can check out this link to see the full agenda.

You will note that it has been put at the end of the meeting to ensure anyone wanting to speak to the report will have to wait for a while.

there is food sovereignty and there are backyard, disease spreading, mite infected chickens. To elevate this ill conceived 'me too' moronic idea to the same level as the food sovereignty movement is laughable if not a total insult to the supporters of that movement. But then VISION is laughable and insulting so I expect nothing more from their supporters.

Educate yourself Omoishiroi. Disease spreads in factory barns not in backyard "flocks". You can ask the province's #1 vet about that.

Talk to anyone who knows anything about food sovereignty, which you obviously don't, and they will tell you that something like raising chickens in your backyard for food is exactly what the movement is about. (albeit a very small part of the movement.)

BS - We get you're point.

Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.
And on that farm he had a chicken, ee-i-ee-i-o,
With a cluck cluck here and a cluck cluck there
Here a cluck, there a cluck, everywhere a cluck cluck
Old MacDonald had a farm, ee-i-ee-i-o.

Ol' MacDonald had a farm ee-i-ee-i-o.

BS - to cite the Paul Hughes example as adding some credibility to backyard hens is laughable. Paul is the founder of the 'CLUCK' party - Calgary Liberated Urban Chicken Klub (I did not make that one up folks!). Paul - to make his point about backyard hens- knowingly broke the City bylaw and forced the city to fine him so he could have his 'day in court' proving that all nutbars have not yet migrated to Vancouver. And one can hardly say it took zero time - what about the bylaw officers, the court time, the cost of the 'trial'!

'cluck cluck there!'

It seems as though most of you are complaining about the time and money wasted on changing this bylaw. I agree, it should be a non issue.

Not sure if anyone has brought up a valid reason as to why people shouldn't be able to responsibly raise chickens in their backyards. If anyone has one I'm all ears.

Gawd, B. Take a breath. This is not about whether people should be allowed to raise chickens. This is about government priorities. Vision have been in power for over 15 months, and the first policy of their own making to be implemented is backyard chickens. I think that amazes people – that we've devoted so much resources to a policy that will affect so little change.

Putting this into the food security category is mere spin. If an earthquake or some other disaster befalls Vancouver, those chickens will not save us.

More likely is that we'll see an increase in mess, bad odor and, sadly, the mistreatment of animals. Not to mention the increasing carbon footprint of households using energy to house and feed the birds. This is policy made for the few, not the city as a whole.

With a monicker like BS, and being the Vision propagandist he is proving to be, how could this be anyone other than little Jonathon Ross.

It fits, the guy is full of bullsh*t and he exhaustingly defends Vision by posting irrelevant and distorted retorts to any that criticize his biggest source of consulting fees.

Jonathon = BS
BS = Jonathon Ross.

Either way, it sounds about right.

Thought of The Day

“When the Communists took the power, the “good” lasted in all, for about three seconds. On the fourth, Vision Vancouver and their Chickenists have arrived.”

When Communists first took the power on false pretences (behind the well known deceiving slogans like – equality for everybody - one worker one vote - a better world for comrades- chicken in every backyard – all the people own all the chicken in harmony - "four legs,good; two legs, bad"...) and under extreme violence, it was good for everybody, hmm, for exactly three seconds.
During the first second they took the power; during the second one they changed the locks and threw out (that was mildly said) all the dissenters; on the third second they locked the doors.

And then for 80 years they imprisoned everyone, keeping them dormant...think Sleeping Beauty fairytale but without the beauty word in it. And when the "prince" has arrived, what he found, was an old pissed off anorexic princess, “good old times” amnesiacs wandering in the streets, and more crooks, villains, pickpockets and swindling hard imperialist hacks that Brothers Grimm could have not possibly ever imagined or be able to handle with their vivid imagination.

Now, Bullshit, assuming that’s your long name for BS, do you get the picture in that head of yours or you are too high on chicken shit fumes?
And by the way don’t make me translate in plain English that Joel Solomon (from the previous post) speech cause it won’t be palatable. Not even for you, Visionaries.

Oh, look I have some time left for the...ASK JOEL segment:

“One scholar asks: that speech of yours was from the Third or from The Fourth International?”

Done. Do you get it now, BS? It's not about chicken, it's about you people, using the chicken for slogans.

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

Glen: Never head of Jonathon Ross. I am me, not he. And really quick on the uptake with the name, way to go! (Let me digress here to say that I don't fully understand what you're writing. It almost makes sense and then...?)

If you read closely you will see I am defending a modified animal control bylaw to allow backyard chickens and I have not really defended Vision. The NPA's own Anton and Peter Ladner are in favour of backyard birds. But, I am about to.

Mike: Yes, breath drawn, held, and exhaled. Thanks, I needed that. I did go on a tangent there for a bit didn't I? You say that backyard chickens are the first policy of Vision's making, and while this may be true - I'm not rally keeping track - there is a huge reason for that, and it starts with an 'O' and ends with a 'lympics'. Including inheriting the Olympic Village debacle from the previous administration and needing to manage the resulting budget shortfall. I'd also say that HEAT and the GCA plan are good starts for a long term sustainable future.

The resources put towards this initiative are part overcautious accountability and part just good ol' bureaucracy. Again, I agree that less time and money should have been put towards this study. People have been raising chickens in this city for many years without trouble. With or without the bylaw change that will continue.

Glissando: What are you on about? Last I checked both Gregor Robertson and Joel Solomon were businessmen at heart. Communists? Say what?

Hey BS -- first you referenced the CLUCK party founder, then it was food sovereignty, now it's HEAT shelters referenced as a long term sustainable solution? HEAT shelters were a massive failure and were closed last year! And now you work the Olympics into the mix - I can't keep track! Can we expect to see something from Che Guevara in your next post?
Can we at least agree urban chicken farming is receiving more attention from the city than it ever deserved? And to go one step further - can we all look at the city of Surrey web site to see how a real world city works on real world problems?
Chickens and bees and VISION oh my....

Jonnie, or BS, whomever you are:

A) Peter Ladner is no longer in politics and lost the last civic election. If you factor out the leaked document scandal, he still would have lost but perhaps the NPA would have a couple more council seats short of a majority.

Part of the reason he lost is for supporting crappy ideas such as this. Suggesting that chickens are the way to go because "even Peter Ladner" supports backyard coops is a failed argument.

Are you sure you're not Jonathon Ross because you're sounding an awful lot like him.

B) Bringing Suzanne Anton into the chicken farming equation isn't going to help you either.

Despite Suzanne's experience on council, she continues to be an unmitigated disaster. Her Federal Liberal ties to many in the Vision party holding the same membership cards, often makes most wonder what party she's really with.

I won't bother listing her confusing actions this year the list would be far too long.

Lastly, if you've found City Caucus to defend the actions of mayor and council, I find it very unlikely that you have never heard of Jonathon Ross, if you aren't he.

Like I said "BS" works whatever your name really is.

The Thought of The Day

“Solomon, Robertson...
Their veracity of making money may be wrapped around a Capitalism concept but their socio-political ideology shouts Communism 101 for Daltonists from an organic Animal Farm away! “

Now they are Green, no, wait,Red.Now they are Green again, oh, Red, Green again, damn, I’m getting dizzy...

And BS, remember this, before the Communists were known as Communists, they were in fact Capitalists or let’s call them Little Imperialists, who were not successful enough in making other people’s money as their own as fast and in as big quantities they needed in order to fulfil their own cravings for power.

I am not sure of your level of understanding and I am also not sure of the level of knowledge (history, politics, literature, business...) you posses, no pun intended, but, because I am in a good mood, I am going to tell you a little story, the story of ...

The Boy, the Chicken and the Bee

Once upon a time...There was a group of marginalized, capitalist exiles, bored to the bone, unappreciated dimwits that lived on a faraway island (think of the illusive Tortuga Island, the first buccaneer’s heaven, a place from where they could plan their privateering and a place where one could safely front their loot), but let’s not get too much ahead of ourselves, there was a Mother and a Father.
They were all thinkers, not workers. They were thinkers for a very looong time. All day long they were thinking. Others were working. For them. Have I mentioned? They. Were. Thinkers!
When they wanted to have fun one would come up with an idea “hey do you want to think of something?” So, they were thinking... Until, The Robertson Concept was born.

Sailor boy. Farm boy. Juice boy. Oh, boy! Political Boy.

Fast forward...

The first campaign slogan is born:

“Use the loot,
Place your bet,
Get to shoot,
MLA - Boy, met!”

Now Boy, Mother and Father gets to wet and oil the ropes in Victoria. Not enough. Playing in the Small Leagues was waste of Loot. Father had other plans. Boy wants older Playmates too. Boy wants bigger titties. Mommie says No. Boy nervous. Puts tantrum. Titties! Titties! he says. Mommie says No. Boy says Yes...Happy-end. Mommie says Yes. More Loot. Public money shredding rehearsal. Do not disturb.

Enters the Cope Vision Renewal Pact. Boy tricycles around the yard. Father , Mother happy.
Boy shows toys to other kids. Shares toys. Gives away toys. Takes back toys. Mommie says Yes. Father says No. He learns about Contradiction. Boy plays with other kids. Not like him. Boys learns about Diversity. Father makes love to Mother. Mother says Yes when she means No, and she says No when she means Yes. Boy learns about Manipulation. Boy uses Manipulation on Contradiction and Diversity. Boy wants more titties. Mother says Yes. The Boy grows.

Fast forward...

Now sitting on his potty Boy looks happy. Mother, Father are looking for a Governess. They need a mean Governess, a lady able to handle the Nannies, the Tutors, the Butlers, the Cooks, the Butchers, the Stable Boys, the Coppers... More Loot. Public money shredding in progress. Do not disturb.

Governess opens Ball. Everybody they invited. Relatives are coming. Friends are coming. More relatives are coming. Kings and Queens are coming. Governess reads Boy her favourite story - “The Puss in Boots” Boy loves this story. Lying, impersonating, stealing, B&E, Monster Killing in the First Degree, counting and not sharing of the Loot, the Wedding, the throne, the Inheritance,everything is in there. Boy loves his Governess. Father loves Governess too. Boy grows.
More Loot. Public money shredding complete. Do not disturb.

Until one day. It’s Sunday. Boy wonders in his legume backyard. Finds a dead chicken next to a dead Bee. No Sting though. He looks to the sky and shouts "Damn you allergic reaction to a bee’s sting!"
Backyard door, open. Boy upset but curious. Boy gets out unattended. That's Unusual. Mother and Father are not in; the Governess has her own problems. Boy gets Lost. Never to be seen or heard of again.

Governess is fired. Mother and Father fight. Father still likes Governess. Mother grieves. Mother gets back to a smaller Island. Father runs away with Governess. Never to be seen or heard of again.


But mark my words children; they must be thinking of something, somewhere. They must. It’s in their nature.As they will always be known as...The Thinkers.

So BS, see, I never thought talking to you about chicken would be so much fun!

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

i'm here for the chickens my friends. but i'll stay for the conversation. see ya next time.

Excuse me. You are now saying because Peter Landner and Suzanne Anton are supporting chickens that this somehow makes your support of this ridiculous policy more credible? Peter Ladner is Vision with an NPA membership card. He's a total flake and everyone knows that. For heaven's sake, he was the one promoting the Burrard Bridge lane closure before Vision was. As for Anton, poor Suzanne. What a hopeless opposition leader. She's a big federal liberal, yet all her closest federal allies are stabbing her in the back on a weekly basis by getting into bed with vision. This despite the fact we all know that the NDP runs vision, not the federal liberals. Isn't one (or both??)of the authours of this blog a federal liberal? What's with all these federal liberals in the NPA who don't realzie that their pals in Iggy's party are dancing with vision. At least some of the more opportunistics one's like Ross are. They know that's where there bread gets buttered. In any event, what a stupid policy and all these bees, vegetable gardens and now chickens are making vision look like a bunch of whack jobs.

I've read the Report to Council and I'm interested to see the number of recommendations for "responsible keeping of chickens." I suppose things might work fine if everyone is responsible, and they don't tire of regular manure cleanings. But no where in the report does it mention the costs of bylaw enforcement. If I keep a dog, I pay a licencing fee, and this helps to fund bylaw enforcement and animal shelter services. But there is no fee to keep chickens - so Joe Taxpayer is on the hook to enforce bylaw infractions associated with new age egg-munchers who ferry bags of chicken feed in their Volvo wagons to their carbon-sucking heated chicken coops? This is all show and no substance.

Glissy, this may be your finest hour.


Gliss Christian Andersen...
Glissando Remmy, you are a great storyteller.

Farm animals belong live in farm , not in the city . period ! i love to have pig or caw on my balcony . you will be ok with that , see how stupid idea is that . Shake your heads please .

Check out!

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