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Members of both Vision and the NPA are voting at their AGMs on Wednesday

Vision Vancouver are voting at their Wednesday AGM to give more license to their members to allow "bulk sign-ups" from single households. The NPA in 2007 changed their rules to require just the opposite, stating that only a maximum of TWO member sign-ups from a single household could be paid for by one person. So if you want an NPA membership, a wife could buy for her husband, but not their still living at home son or daughter.

Here's the updated clause for the Vision members to vote on:

A member may pay such dues on behalf of any person who is that member’s parent, spouse (including someone who has cohabited with the member in a marriage-like relationship for a period of at least two years), son or daughter, and who resides at the same address as that member.

Vision Vancouver want to allow you to buy memberships for as many folks as someone wants, provided they have the same residential address and they're a family member. The reason the NPA changed this rule a few years ago was due to potential abuse. As small organizations it's very hard to confirm whether everyone lives at the same address (or not), without cross-checking all members against valid ID.

It's also worth noting that Vision will be voting in new and/or reconfirming directors for their board. They are David Eaves, Denise Taschereau, Shauna Sylvester, Ron Laufer, Caroline Neufeld, and Tiffany Kalanj. It's not clear from their website whether this is a contest, or an acclamation for all the above. My natural inclination for fun is to google their names beside the word "Hollyhock" to see which one of these will meet with Gregor's approval. For the record it would appear those people are Shauna Sylvester and Denise Taschereau, but if anyone can let us know otherwise leave a comment.

The NPA are also meeting on Wednesday evening, at the Vancouver Museum. We've already discussed their motions to update the organization's name, and to develop policy based upon community consultation. Should be an interesting evening for Vancouver politicos.


The Thought of The Day

“Vancouver Vertigos are Pimping Up the Volume, eh? Their issue shows no nipples, though. Right now, their whole Executive must be on Pacifiers dipped in Vicodin."

Section 2GOOD.2BETRUE should instead read: 'Bring in a Stripagrammer to entertain the AGM. It will raise the Credibility Rating with all the Canucks fans and will ultimately inspire an entire Cougar Generation.'

Mike, with all due respect, I want to know more about what NPA is doing to take these Vancouver Vertigos out of the office in one and a half years from now! Not interested a bit in reading about what VV's doing. We know what they've been NOT DOING in the past TOO MANY months.

As far as I am concerned, they could bring in Pamela Anderson from the Silly Con Valley, as their spokesperson. Boobiliciously Brainiac Daughter of a Handgun she is, this Pammy gal! And all, 100% natural, so help me God, just like the Hollyhock Visitor’s Farewell Tin Can encapsulated air sample.

It’s not going to cost you $200; or $150; not even $100. You can have it for only three easy payments of $23.23, for a grand total of $69.69! Buy it before they suck all the air out of that Island of Cortes, and they’ll throw in, for free, a Penny Ballem “Lie through Your Dentures” Seminar DVD, in what else, but one of her own majestic Power Point Presentations!

Enough of this... I could rewrite Vision's MO in one sitting. However, you don't want me to crush your NPA party for lack of innovative ideas on Wednesday? Or do you?

We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy.

"We live in Vancouver and this keeps us busy" may end up be a true remark when it comes to the NPA, but we'll have to see what comes of their Wednesday meeting. As Alex T suggested, there may be some life in the old girl left. If not, well, nature abhors a vacuum. Let's hope that folks rally around an alternative to VV for everyone's sake.

Who is willing to bet that someone from Vision will be caught registering one of their backyard chickens as a member?

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