Vancouver's best burger ever is BACK! Get ye to Wally's

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Wally's Burgers
The iconic neon sign is referenced outside Wally's Burger, now located at 49th & Elliot

They're now calling it "a bite from the past" and oh, what a bite it is! The very best hamburger ever invented on this side of Boundary Road came from Wally's Burger, the famous roadside stand on Kingsway. I used to put back these heartstopping sandwiches a lot in my high school years, and then lost touch with Wally's. I was sad to see it go, but mainly for sentimental reasons.

Yesterday an old high school chum looked me up and suggested we visit the re-opened burger stop, now located at the old Killarney Centre shopping area at East 49th Avenue & Elliot street (just a few doors down from Columbus Pizza). When I arrived I decided to go for broke, picking their classic burger listed at the top of the menu – the Deluxe Chuckwagon burger combo. We used to call it back in the day a Spider burger with extra cobwebs, and I'm still not sure why we did.

The burger is a messy one, so load yourself up with a handful of napkins. Along with your combo comes the famous wrinkley french fries, and a mid-sized cup of soda. Here's a photo taken with my phone – not beautiful but enough to get your mouth watering.

It was a lot of fun to travel back to the old 'hood, and it's fitting that Wally's remains so close to its Kingsway base. The interior of the restaurant is clean and modern – very simple just like the old digs. All that was missing was the pinball machine! I think the new owners (who bought the rights to the restaurant name) are anxious about whether Wally's 2.0 is going to work. The meal I had absolutely left no doubt in my mind – Wally's is back and you should take a pilgrimage their as soon as possible!

Wally's Burger sign The only disappointment in all of it is that the old Wally's neon sign is no more. Apparently it was bought by a collector out in Langley. I took a pretty good photo of the sign posted here, which you can click to see the larger version.

It's comforting to find a great Vancouver establishment like Wally's hasn't gone away.



Hey-the UFC event is back too! I won't say who Dana White is crediting for it.

thanks for the kind words. glad you enjoyed it. by the way we still call it Wally's Burgers not 'a bite of the past' that is actually our usp. I know it's confusing on the signage (fonts look all the same on a computer screen I guess) thanks again for stopping by and thanks again for your kind words.
hope we'll see you again.

After this raving recommendation, then I will have to make sure to go to Wally's Burgers when in Vancouver. Driving from Calgary.

Fantastic!!! So glad to hear this!!! :)

It's Costco purchased ingredients. Nothing is fresh. Not worth it. The owner just brought the rights and name to Wally's. It not like the original. Not like the 1950's burger joint.

I live in Richmond, but I`ll b e coming to Wally`s whenever in the vicinity. Funny I was there a week ago looking for Wally`s and was dissapointed it wasn`t there. Then today I read this article. Can`t wait to go to Vancouver.

I drove past this place on east 49 about a week ago but did not have time to stop in. Good that MIKE above put in the photo of the burger taken with his phone. Don't think I'll be eating there any time soon.
I tried this outfit last year when they were set up at cates park near deep-cove in North Vancouver..
You cant substitute thousand island dressing for the original red relish and the runny mayo white dressing. The bun looks about right but lettuce is not fine enough shredded. I spent about and hour a week from 1978-1986 ?? in the back of the original restaurant watching the cook put those burgers together he would repeat orders as called “chuck wagon , chuck wagon, deluxe cheese” and the cook would put down a different color plastic bread bag tag for each burger on the edge of the grill.

Someone ought to try and recreate this original burger. Start with the burger patties they were 1/6 of a pound from h&r meat supply 1st and boundary, The flavor was a little like ' the Texan Burger on Broadway and Burrard and the entrance to Stanley Park.

Completely different try 5 guys in park royal starting at five bucks .

Check out!

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