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Mike and Daniel are in today's Vancouver Sun Weekend Review

It's always a pleasure for us to be able to write for the Vancouver Sun's readers, and today we have an op/ed talking about the "unusual political imperative" coming out of Vancouver city hall these days, whereby city council seems to be more concerned about building a farm than a city.

Mayor Gregor Robertson, a former organic farmer who spent a decade living in rural communities before setting out on a political career in Vancouver, is the leading force for a new "agri-lifestyle" here. Policies around the promotion of backyard chickens, vegetable gardens and beehives have helped to define Robertson and Vision Vancouver's term in office.

Our column is titled Chickens? This is a city, Mr. Mayor, let's work on that, and we'd like our readers to let us know their thoughts too.

The Sun has had some laudable commentary about Vancouver city hall this week, including today's fun piece by Shelley Fralic titled Who says there's no future in journalism these days? Essentially Fralic is saying that the whacky policies coming out of 12th and Cambie are not only the subject of a lot of water cooler laughs, they keep people like her in business.

Earlier this week columnist Miro Cernetig also wrote a very funny piece about the Olympic social housing for essential service workers (a policy that now includes teachers).

By the way, CTV's Stephen Smart did a great piece on the Olympic Village housing debacle last night. If you watch the clip Geoff Meggs keeps claiming that they've "started the debate" with council's decision to prefer cops and teachers over other folks. Meggs thinks we're all fools, of course, as council's decision is DONE. They rammed through a $65 million decision within 48 hours and voted on it at 1am in the morning.

This decision is over. There is no debate unless council is forced to reconsider and kill the bylaw. Coun. Meggs is trying to fool us by saying otherwise.


Meggs was also on NW spinning out that his decision to add teachers to the priority million dollar Olympic housing list was simply about opening up the debate. I too thought that was a bid odd considering that he was up until early in the morning on Friday ramming this preferntial housing legislation through. Debate? I think the short time for debate has come and gone. I voted for Meggs in '08 (thought he'd be reasonable), but I won't be next year. His performance is less than stellar on this.

I keep asking : name three members of Council who would put the public interest (or the needs of the poor) ahead of the wishes of their campaign contributors.
Still no answers.

It's time for juiceboy to vacate his city hall premises. Vancouver is becoming a huge joke under vision's reign of error! Is there any way we could force a recall before next year? We can't afford to keep Robertson in office for much longer. He's damaging our reputation beyond repair. This insanity may even force me to attend the NPA agm next week. They're the only real alternative to vision.

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