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Sam Sullivan was recently appointed as the official ambassador to the 2010 Paralympics

The Toronto Star has a major piece in this morning's paper claiming that Vancouver's former Mayor Sam Sullivan is in the running to become Canada's next Governor General. According to the Star, federal conservative insiders are telling them Sullivan has the core essentials of what it takes to become the Queen's representative in Canada.

Over the last several weeks I've also heard Sullivan's name being bandied about as a possible successor to Michaelle Jean. During his term as Mayor, Sullivan has several occasions to be invited to Rideau Hall to discuss the GG's role in the 2010 Olympics. Jean and Sullivan were not only cordial to each other, they both passionately shared a common interest in the future of Canada as a player on the international stage.

The Star's Petti Fong does a major piece about one of Canada's most famous flag twirlers and states:

He can speak French, Cantonese and Punjabi and internationally, he may be Canada’s most famous flag-waver.

Former Vancouver mayor Sam Sullivan, known by some critically and others affectionally as Citizen Sam, may add a new title to his roster after being touted as a prospective governor general.

Several sources have told the Star that Sullivan’s name has come up as a potential successor to Michaelle Jean.

“It would be the kiss of death for his chances if anyone acknowledges that he’s in the running,” said one source. “But on paper, he looks near perfect.”

I've known Sam for over a decade and he's one of the most well read individuals I know. He most certainly has his critics, however, no one can deny his passion for helping the under priveleged and people with disabilities. As for whether he'll actually become the next Governor General, I think his chances are quite slim - but it remains a possibility. I know for certain it's not something he is actively pursuing.

Most recently the Prime Minister appointed him as the official ambassador to the 2010 Paralympic Games, a role that he seemed to relish. Sullivan pushed hard during his term as Mayor for the equal treatment of both the Olympic and Paralympic Games. He insisted that both flags would fly side by side on the North lawn of City Hall as a symbol of parity between the events.

Fong quotes one source who states:

He may have spent out his political capital, but he doesn’t need political capital to be the GG. He’s done well since leaving politics and still has backing from influential people.

The Prime Minister is expected to announce Canada's next Governor General in the next few months.


Interesting rumour. While it's true that Sullivan was a lightning rod as mayor, people seem to love the guy when he's a figurehead like during the Paralympics.

The feds seem to be pushing accessibility as an issue on the international stage, as indicated by their recent announcement to the UN would indicate...

I am surprised nobody is pointing out that the very meaning of General Governor and Lieutenant Governor are antiquated. Ceremonies and costumes. I usually see better ones and are more fun to watch during the Gay Parade. Symbols nobody care about anymore. And monies spent stupidly. Not to say they are completely,utterly useless, remember the weak show put by the GG when we most needed her to show some spine? A few months back? Give me a Republic with Presidential Cohones, and a government with a PM that’s not a bully, anytime. OR else bring back the Queen. Keep Quebec as Quebec and rename the rest Queenland.



Perhaps your reference to the Pride Parade and the latter reference to renaming the country Queenland, may be something for you to do some soul searching about......

I'm just sayin'.

(And yes I'm joking.)

"they both passionately shared a common interest in the future of Canada as a player on the international stage." Wow, that is one incredible connection these two have!

And, what a legacy you've given the man. I can see it on his tombstone now: Here lies "one of Canada's most famous - and well read - flag twirlers."

It would be nice for next GG to come from West Coast. Any of the names mentioned would be great. If Hansen does not take it - Sullivan would be a nice alternative. They should give Michelle Jean an international role for Haiti. It would be a great task for her.

Sam would be wonderful in the role...were it not for the baggage...

Sad, really. So much promise...

Alex don't worry about his baggage. Once he becomes GG he will have someone to carry it for him.

Check out!

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