Our little April Fool's prank...

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We've never done one of these on CityCaucus.com before, but we thought we'd have a little fun. Trust us when we say that the folks at City Hall won't get off that lightly. Here's the original post...

CityCaucus.com sold to US buyer, Fontaine & Klassen to step down


Vancouver, BC – Management at CityCaucus Media Inc. today announced that 100% of their company equity has been purchased by Denver, CO based Altermedia Enterprises for an undisclosed sum. The deal releases all branding rights for the name "CityCaucus," and releases the domain license "citycaucus.com" to the new owners.

Altermedia spokesperson Karen Ramer explains the decision to buy into the Vancouver market. "As we've been buying local properties across the USA to develop online ad share, it's been Altermedia's goal to get a foothold into Canada." Ramer continues, "During the Olympics we really took notice of CityCaucus.com like everyone else, and felt that it was a good brand that could help to build upon our success in the USA."

As part of the sale agreement CityCaucus.com's founding writers and former owners, Mr. Daniel Fontaine and Mr. Michael Klassen will discontinue in their roles as editors and writers. Both will be subject to a non-compete agreement for 24 months.

"We've put a lot of hours helping to build a loyal following for CityCaucus.com," comments co-editor Daniel Fontaine. "Both Mike and I were very proud of our Where to Be for Free guide, and thought it was a good stepping off point."

"Getting 2.5 million page views during the Games was for us a proof of concept," says co-editor Michael Klassen. "But it really did take a lot out of us and we felt that with some time off with family and friends, we could come back fresh and look at other opportunities. I'm really excited to see where CityCaucus.com goes with some new writers and an updated approach."

Altermedia will incorporate more entertainment product into the revised CityCaucus.com, selected from the company's broad network of young citizen journalists. CityCaucus.com will be re-branded as CityCaucus Altermedia. The site will focus less on political subjects, and provide more free offers and ticket giveaways aimed at younger readers.

Altermedia Enterprises is part of the media division of Sanitarium, the worlds 3rd largest producer of natural health foods. Other Canadian holdings for Sanitarium include Soya World Inc. and Happy Planet Foods.

CityCaucus Media Inc. (est. 2008) is Canada's most popular urban affairs website, a source of news and commentary. Since launching the site has attracted nearly 3.5 million page views, and became the go-to source for information for one of the world's largest events, the 2010 Olympic & Paralympic Games.


Kip Hensen
Senior Public Affairs Officer
Altermedia Enterprises


Whoa. That came out of the blue. Congratulations, guys. You deserve a break. I look forward to what Daniel and Mike get up to next.

Kudos to you guys for cashing in finally. Not sure where I'm going to go now. It's not like I need fluff in my daily media diet.

Oh well. Enjoy the time off!

Wow. This is a shocker. What will us city staffers do without the "breaking news". Will the new owners still cover city hall stuff?

We'll miss you! Is this effective immediately? Perhaps they'll hire Alex to write for them?

Where do we put in the FOI to find out how much money you guys got? LOL. All the best in the future and you sure did a great job during the Olympics. We all appreciated it.


I think the goat on the front lawn of City Hall was more believable.

Yeah, right... And a happy April First to you too!!

I understand there's quite a toilet backup in the Mayor's office. Why not send Mike over to cover that?

Frank Kurz

Notice how the company that purchased this blog is linked to Happy Planet. Seems a little odd to me.

"Altermedia Enterprises is part of the media division of Sanitarium, the worlds 3rd largest producer of natural health foods. Other Canadian holdings for Sanitarium include Soya World Inc. and Happy Planet Foods."

Could it be that juiceboy has bought them out to relieve the pressure?

Hmmm. A goat, you say?

I smell a rat. I think the mention of said company also owning Happy Planet is the giveaway...


Congratulations Mike and Daniel! All the best in your new endeavours. While we certainly appreciate the local political coverage, your olympic information really illustrated how important social media is to contemporary life.


What day is it today? (psssst, look under my comment)

How dare you sell out for money. I thought you were one of the real people outthere doing a public service. The two of you have now graduated to my hit list as well as every agency in the DTES. I am terribly disappointed.

my first reaction was horror to lose your blog! OMG!

BUT . . . April Fools!


Hah I love how many people are falling for this!

Great, now we will wait for the invitation to the party where we all get a free beer to celebrate.

Congratulations on being acquired by our American neighbours. Those buggers had outbid us.

We had wanted CityCaucus to be a part of our rants at the UGLY Canadian.

I love April the first. Should be a national holiday, eh.

The Park Board caucus of the Green Party objects to this foreign takeover and will be asking a member of our caucus in the House of Commons to ask the Minister of Competition to block this sale.

I believed it.... then I remembered the goat. Good one guys.
What an April fool I am.

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