Bloedel Conservatory revival prospects looking good

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Park Board Chair Jasper has another change of heart

We caught this report a couple nights ago by GlobalTV's Marisa Thomas, and it looks like the public may prevail in spite of Vision Vancouver's ham-fisted efforts to close this iconic attraction. bloedel-fundraiserBloedel Conservatory is experiencing a revival thanks to a little marketing and some hard work by supporters. It's hopefully a real lesson for politicos to be careful where you wield your axe.

 It's somewhat amusing to see the Park Board chair Aaron Jasper, aka Captain Flip-Flop, jumping in front of the cameras in support of the Conservatory after so vigorously defending his earlier decision to shut it down. But that's how some politicians roll, as they say.

We've been provided details about the upcoming fundraiser being organized by the Friends of Bloedel Conservatory for the evening of April 28th, at 7:30pm. Tickets are only $20 for an evening featuring live music, "tropical" chocolates and champagne. It should be a fun evening for all. Contact Hobb's Gift Store for tickets by calling 604-261-5998.


Cautionary tale or latest documentary on Vancouver politics? I just had to post this YouTube about how things really work at City Hall these days. Watch and listen to it carefully, and you will find many lessons...

George: Mayor Moonbeam
Seymour Noodnick: Developers (Condos, Casinos)
The Commissioner: Aaron Jasper
Ape: The Angry Taxpayers
Hippies: Hollyhock supporters

Yes, the Secret Weapon is indeed, Dumb Luck.

not that George... this is too funny!

For what ever reason, I'm happy that Commissioner Jasper is now onside to keep the Bloedel open. The dedication & focused hard work are paying off. But, it's not over yet. Stay vigilant.

We seem to have forgotten the Children's Farmyard. It's just as important to our understanding of where we sit on this planet &, might even might help us put urban eggs in perspective.

Well at $20 a ticket no excuses this time for anyone getting a cut rate (allegedly).

The farmyard does seem to be the Cinderella of this farce / tragedy which sums up the unfitness for public office of the current gang at City Hall. I'm just looking now at the prospects for my son's school where a great programme that is proven to work seems to be in the firing line.

I'd love someone with access to all the information to do a balance sheet between the 'savings' from these destructive cuts and the costs of severence packages, freebies, property tax breaks and pet projects over the last year or so.

Check out!

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