Throw a party for blue coats & cops, involve the kids

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Vancouver police during downtown celebrations
Keeping cool – VPD members remain relaxed as thousands pour into downtown

Widely celebrated for their part in a successful, high energy 2010 Games, the Olympic volunteers (aka the Blue Coats, or Smurfs), police and security forces deserve to be feted in Vancouver and Whistler. We suggest that these cities should recognize these folks for their exceptional work over the 2010 Games by throwing them a little party.

Granville Street, newly decorated and full of lovely light fixtures, became a true centre of the region with its art displays, and spontaneous street hockey matches. For the Vancouver volunteers and security, Granville Mall seems like a natural spot to invite all these folks down to celebrate. Same for the village square up in Whistler – invite those folks who made the Games such a success up the Sea to Sky corridor to your party.

While some have puzzled over why we had such a fun and relatively problem-free celebration in Vancouver's downtown core, I know that it was the presence of children and families which made the difference. In fact, all future large-scale celebrations must factor in affordable, family-oriented activities to ensure success and to help keep a lid on rowdiness.

There's been talk of having street hockey competitions on Granville Mall – a great idea. However, don't think for a minute this should involved only young adults. If you do that, it's guaranteed to become a giant piss up with all the problems that follow. Instead, tournaments must include little kid leagues, boys and girls, and even leagues for older folks – the ones with beat up knees and hips.

And for gosh sakes, have some decent food to eat on-site. I've been to too many events in town where the food line-ups are as atrocious as the quality of nosh served. Get some real chefs on board and serve up some good grub.

What better way to kick off a downtown celebration like this than inviting the volunteers and security folks who kept us safe and happy? Give each of them vouchers that they can spend on food, drink or swag, and let everyone else who comes down pay cash. It could be Vancouver's first post-Olympics celebration that confirms that we are no longer a No Fun City.


Haven't we learned anything from the past three weeks? Adults in Vancouver are perfectly capable and WILLING to peacefully take to the streets and HAVE A DRINK. They came out in the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS. This was amongst all of the popular dry LiveSites downtown, which were perfectly fine for kids and families.

The old Vancouver has to die and move on. We have to treat adults like adults. We have to stop strangling the spontananeous nature of our citizens.

But you go ahead and throw your kids street hockey party for the few hundred that come out. It will probably be more fun than Mayor McSmoothie's politically-themed car-free drum circles. But when will anyone who seeks power in this city actually LISTEN AND OBSERVE what the people of this city really want?

The fact that the liquor stores HAD TO BE ORDERED, to close early,reports on the news showing thousands of liquor bottles being emptied by police. MSM has not released stats on how many arrests were made for public drinking. I'll bet there were many.
Lets not forget the North Shore MLA caught DUI coming home from an adult making adult choices.
IMO, the alcohol is a bad idea for open had the optics of working well, but lets not forget we had a billion dollars worth of policing, of course it looked as if it was working...

$ one billion $ for security to party and loiter for two weeks, we are all desperate for a little culture, so party it up.but we will all be 'volunteers'(poor) soon so it'll have to be free, or in an unoccupied $22 million condo;-P.

It doesn't matter, because the real lawbreakers were the ones who smashed windows at The Bay...people who had the support of some pretty well-known people in this town...people who were endorsed by at least two councillors, a well-known lawyer and a MP.

The cops did a great job and deserve our full respect and credit. A+

the cops had nothing to do during these games because hardly anything happened to warrant their interaction. to say they did a good job is silly - a good job for standing around and collecting overtime? Give me a break!

Of course it matters, They are both breaking the law. Having a juicier crime doesn't make it more or less illegal, but we were originally talking about alcohol at events.
I don't quite understand what you mean, when you state that the window breakers were endorsed by these politicians and well known people. Endorsed to cause trouble and break windows? Or do these politicians support them in their regular jobs.


as someone who worked security during the olympics I can confidentially say myself and the majority of those I worked with do not want a kid-friendly event to celebrate our time there.

Drinks, music non-working party.

Check out!

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