"Future of the region" focused on Surrey Wednesday

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Mayor Dianne Watts addresses the business community and the media on Wednesday

CityCaucus.com spoke today with Mayor Dianne Watts, who is perhaps Metro Vancouver's most respected civic leader. The Mayor is preparing for her annual State of the City speech to business leaders and the media tomorrow at noon. While no details of the speech can be published until Wednesday afternoon, we can share some high level topics that Mayor Watts will be discussing.

After the massively ambitious list announced during last year's State of the City address, it's no surprise that this speech will have a "stay the course" theme. A big component of the speech however, will be about the continuation of Surrey's Economic Investment Action Plan. While Watts will mention issues relating to her city's crime reduction strategy, she will not emphasize questions of social disorder. As she puts it, as Surrey becomes a big city, some big city problems sometimes follow suit.

A particular point of pride for Surrey's Mayor is the continuing success of the TownShift initiative. TownShift was a highly innovative strategy to invite urban designers from around the world to re-imagine five town centres in the sprawling city. It's an important step for Surrey to progress toward reduced car dependency, and making more dense, healthy and walkable communities. Representatives of over 20 countries submitted their ideas, surpassing the wildest expectations of organizers.

CityCaucus.com will be in attendance at tomorrow's speech, and will follow-up with a report. We will also be posting to our Twitter page during the noon hour, so be sure to sign up to follow us at Twitter.com/citycaucus.

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