MMA possibly on ice in Vancouver

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UFC throwing punches
Will UFC get another knock-out blow in Canada as they prepare to walk from Vancouver?

Vancouver's reputation among extreme sport fans stands to get a black eye, and the city could lose millions in revenue according to a report filed this afternoon by Canadian Press:

It looks like the UFC won't be going to Vancouver in June after all. A source says the show has been called off and the mixed martial arts promoter is looking at Cincinnati as a possible replacement city. The Vancouver card was slated for June 15 at GM Place and the UFC lobbied hard to get the city to open its doors to the sport.

But it appears the deal fell through because the UFC and the city could not reach an agreement on other details around the show. The UFC has already held two shows in Montreal and is pressing to have Ontario sanction the sport.

Earlier news reports revealed that the MMA Expo at the city-run PNE had been cancelled over concerns about liability. Vancouver city councillor Kerry Jang, according to the Vancouver Sun, claims negotiations with the UFC are on track for their June 12th event at GM Place. More as this story unfolds...


I could not believe it when I heard this on the radio today. Can't these guys get anything right? This is millions of dollars lost for the city. Brutal.

I for one would be extremely happy if these steroid monkeys (and the men who love them) were told to get lost before they have a chance to lay their peculiar brand of "fighting" on us all.

And before you cretins who support this institutionized beating call me out and cry that it's a 'sport", I do know what it's all about. I dated a guy who trained in this crap. I wasn't impressed then, and not impressed now, no matter how much you try to legitimise and sanitize it. It's brutal. Period.

Jaysus---a new casino, MMA---what's next---throwing Christians to the lions??

This town is going to become as sleazy as Vegas if we aren't careful.

I don't give a fig about their millions. It's tainted $$$$.

And what about the women that love this sport....and there are many of us.

Dear Not Your Wife; it looks brutal but it isn't. There is actual data that shows MMA is relatively safe (e.g. compared to football and cheerleading) This debate has become to tiresome for me to provide links, just google MMA, injury deaths football cheerleading.

And BTW, feel free to not watch - just don't tell me what I can watch.

Max, that's your problem. And I do mean, problem.

Good Grief, as I said, I've watched the training, listened to the "mentality" and rationale fromthe practitioners themselves, and the crazed, almost catatonic state these guys get into when their manhood (so to speak) is on display(really, who really WANTS to tap out?). But do I think that DELIBERATE 'Applied Pain' 101 is something our society needs more of?

Unless you're a sadist, I don't.

No, I sure wouldn't watch it. I like to protect and nurture my humanity, when possible.

Check out!

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