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cknw logoAfter focusing heavily on the Olympic and Paralympic Games over the last several weeks, the CKNW civic affairs panel is back with a vengeance tomorrow. Province columnist Michael Smyth will be hosting the Bill Good Show on Tuesday. Joining me on the panel from 9 -10 am is fellow blogger Frances Bula and developer consultant Jim Green.

cbc-logo If you're able to get up by 7:15 AM, you can also tune in to the Early Edition on CBC with host Rick Cluff. He'll be hosting Courier columnist Allen Garr, Bula and myself as we join him to talk all things civic. It's a double header of civic politics tomorrow and it should prove interesting.

You can expect a number of topics to come up for discussion including the dismissal of Vancouver's chief electrician, campaign finance disclosure, openness and transparency at city hall, social housing at the Olympic Village, bee hives at city hall, funding the Evergreen Line and much much more. Remember, if you want to call into the Bill Good show, you can dial 604-280-9898 in the Vancouver area. Hope to hear from you!


I hope the topic of opening up urban cultural institutions within the city is included on the agenda. It's a topic whose time for discussion has come.

Is Michael Smyth married to Jenny Kwan? This might explain his anti government bent.

I just listened to CBC civic affairs
Wow, what is with Alan Garr? The guy is an embarassment. He is like a hired PR person for Vision and COPEulate. This guy is so whacked out that he makes Frances (the talking mule) Bula look normal ( if that is even possible).

I didn't realize the mayor's communication staff gets a guest seat with Cluff on CBC.

Seriously CC-boys, you need to stop referring to Garr as from the Vancouver Courier and start referring to him as to what he is. A mere messenger boy or carrier pigeon if you like for Vision Vancouver.

And yes, I could have put a clever Bee reference. I chose not to because his association with city hall and his job are no longer matters to joke about.

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