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Look, Ma! I'm running for office! Garr & the Action Heros – click for larger

While common sense tells you that the NDP & banks are anathema, the example of the VanCity (ahem) Credit Union demonstrates that not all NDP-run financial institutions will go all "Four Corners" on you. It's not every day that and commentator Bill Tieleman agree, but on the subject of having Allen Garr become a board member for VanCity on the NDP Action Slate, we say hear, hear!

We think that the experience of being a director for a billion-dollar bank will be good for the lifelong socialist. Garr would get the chance to be George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life (not the conniving Mr. Potter, heavens no!).

Garr's presence on the VanCity board would require him to recuse himself from discussions of so many initiatives for fear of conflict, it would be impossible for him to write an opinion column. Anyway, the $20,000 stipend Garr would receive by sitting on the board would provide him with a welcome excuse to put away the old Smith-Corona typewriter once and for all and leave his weekly post at the Courier.

So we hope the fine members of VanCity cast their ballots for The Beekeeper.


Only about 3000 members vote out of 400,000 members, mostly old socialist apparatchiks of early members of the VanCity CU.
It's a bank these days, not a credit union, though they have sold off the Citizens online Bank, the insurance branch and other piddly bits under their new ex-Liberal DM president.

The honorarium is a bloat to various socialist hanger-ons (All the present board). It should go back to $200 per meeting day.

Garr will be useless on the board as he doesn't have the head for finance and will only be taking the lead of his other employer Ann Roberts, head of the clapped-out Langara "journalism" school, and ex-city councillor with one issue.

So much for the sunny Olympic vibes around here. Cold snap got you down?

Financial institutions should be run by highly paid experts, not by people elected by the deposit holders. That's why banks are so well run whereas socialist credit unions, including Quebec's Caisse de Depot et de Placement, are always colossal failures. When will socialists ever learn--economic democracy doesn't work!

PS: Down with Langara College and all public colleges and universities. Private education is the only way to go!

There is a special resolution on the ballot. The members of the Board want to increase their honorarium to $30K/yr, a 50% increase.
Best reason to vote for Garr? It keeps control out of the hands of Bob Williams. In either case it comes down to yet another bunch of old white guys. Boomer power!

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