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Partying downtown
2010 Free Events Guide creators say keep the party going!

Vancouver, BC
– Fresh off their enormously successful campaign to get the public to turn out to the free pavilions and other attractions during the 2010 Games, bloggers at are throwing down a “Paralympic-sized” challenge to Vancouver businesses and organizations: Get out and promote yourself during the upcoming Games!

“The Olympics were great, but now everyone needs to get ready to celebrate our Paralympic Games starting on March 12th,” says Daniel Fontaine, co-editor of the popular blog “We challenge Vancouver business associations and organizations to find ways to ‘keep the party going’. That means providing as many free attractions as possible and encouraging the public to get engaged.” has produced a new guide on their website devoted just to activities during the Paralympic Games ( They’re telling local business associations and organizations to send them their “free” attractions to include on the new guide.

“Giving the public access to free venues during the Olympics helped to attract many families, seniors & youth downtown who may have otherwise stayed home,” says Mike Klassen, the site’s co-editor. “We’re still getting calls from folks who missed out on the Olympics, and would now like to get out for the Paralympics. We’d like to hear from Gastown, Commercial Drive, Kits or Main Street this time – and we’ll help to plug their events.”’s Where 2 Be for Free guide for the 2010 Olympics became the source for both locals and visitors from abroad. The online guide received 2.3 million page views, and their printable version was downloaded over 30,000 times in a five-week period. For a majority of celebrants, the free attractions became the best and only option for experiencing the 2010 Games. Submissions for the Paralympics period can be made by email to

Here are some of’s record-breaking statistics the period from January 25th to Feb 28th:

  • 2.3 million page views
  • 30,000 downloads of the Where 2 Be for Free printable guide
  • Nearly 1 million unique visitors
  • A record 141,000 page views in one 24-hour period
  • Over 5500 “Facebook share” posts & 1300 new Facebook fans
  • Over 600 Twitter “re-tweets” & 800 new Twitter followers is based in Vancouver and is Canada's most successful urban affairs blog discussing the issues of importance to Canada's cities.



Mike Klassen,
Daniel Fontaine,


Make no mistake, the Paralympics are as worthy as any sporting event out there. The compelling stories, the determination, the achievments are nothing short of stunning. But, to expect business associations to pony up cash for free events after the majority of us have been obliterated over the last 4 weeks is wishful thinking.

Consumer cash was spent during the Olympics but not in traditional places. The footprint of activity was very small (is 10 square blocks a fair assessment?). Business in North and West Vancouver tanked. Business south of False Creek tanked. Disposable income was diverted - and we knew it would be so - so please, do not take this as a victim post.

My business association is tapped out. The last thing I can justify is sending people somewhere else to spend their time and disposible income at this juncture.

Rent and property taxes are not taking a time out for the Olympics and we need folks to get back to normal and start shopping again, rather than venturing off and standing in line all day for a free event.

Sorry guys, you need to bark up a different tree.

Please... take in the Paralympic events, and once they are done, grab dinner or beer in your local neighbourhood. We would be most grateful.

I am so excited the party will be continuing in Vancouver during the Paralympics, and more pavillions and activities will be open. It is too bad all of the pavillions won't be open , but hopefully there will be just as much energy and excitement as there was.

Perhaps instead of pushing his green agenda, the mayor should have been sitting down with business owners like yourself and figuring out a way to make the Olympics a business success for everyone. I agree that too much emphasis was put on the downtown, while "outlying" areas like Kits, South Granville left behind.

Thank you so much for this page. It made it possible to enjoy the games. God Bless you both and all the helpers.

Are you going to continue for the Paralympics?

Thank you so much !!!
If it hadn't been for this website and the free events listed my family would never have left the house.
so thank you again and God bless you both :)

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