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A swarm of controversy has been averted with news Allen Garr will not tend City Hall's hives has had it confirmed that Vancouver Courier political columnist Allen Garr will not be helping to make Vancouver the Greenest City in the World. Garr is no longer going to be the City's beekeeper according to Garrick Bradshaw, Director, Facilities Design and Management, in an email received this afternoon.

Garr ignited a swarm of controversy for his publisher when it was learned he would be looking after bees at City Hall as part of Gregor Robertson's Greenest City initiative. pointed out that writing a political column about City Hall and working as part of a key political plank for Mayor Gregor Robertson might be a difficult dual role for the longtime left wing writer. Garr defended his work on the hives because he was donating his services.

It has since been learned that Garr is allowed the ability to collect and sell the honey produced by the hives he works on for free for organizations such as the Vancouver Convention Centre. As no final agreement had been settled yet according to Bradshaw, it's not known who would profit by the honey produced by City Hall bees.

At our deadline it's not known why Garr discontinued as City Hall beekeeper. Garr contacted and indicated that our story was a complicating factor in his relationship with his publisher.

The City of Vancouver is now looking for another beekeeper, and one who presumably works for free or in trade for honey sales.


Looks like someone got caught with their hand in the honey jar.

I hope this makes you feel good about yourselves. You stopped an honest man from donating his time with something he loves doing for the benefit of everyone in the city and the environment. CityCaucus - you're my hero.

Oh puuleeeese. Gimmie a break. Garr knew he made a mistake and he did the right thing by pulling back. Albeit reluctantly. If anyone should be apologizing it's Garr to his readers. But he seems too stubborn to do so. That happens with age. I give credit to Garr for at least withdrawing his offer to support the Mayor's green plan by becoming the city's beekeeper. But why attack the city caucus guys for simply questioning the media? Shouldn't they be open to scrutiny too? doesn't that support democracy? The left is so sanctimonious.

I feel much better knowing Vancouver will have to pay for a beekeeper when it could have had the best in the Lower Mainland for free.

Did anyone at CityCaucus every apologize for incorrectly reporting that Garr was getting paid? I seem to recall A. G. Tsakums did, but Mike Klassen was too stubborn to do so.

glad to see there is someone with a sane outlook left, see above all by chris. thank you! petty bohunks those others out there.. toooo many of them..

@ Chris. Thank you for making us your hero. Didn't you just comment over at another blog that you don't read us anymore?

Guys, don't back down. Garr is the one who should be apolgozing to courier readers. I'm waiting for his Friday column to clear things up. He goofed up and his backing down from the beekeeper position all but confirms this. His lefty pals are now coming to his defense, but it looks oh so contrived.

Yep, I'm just here to troll and point out how ridiculous it is to accuse Garr of conflict of interest because he could sell the honey he volunteered his time to collect. We live in a province where police investigate themselves whenever they beat a civilian and Ken Dobell could legally could get paid by the city to lobby the province, while getting being paid by the province. And yet you're worried about a few jars of honey. If beekeeping is such a lucrative businesses, why aren't you setting up hives?

I laugh at your own spin, Chris. Talk about trying to change the channel--what the hell does police investigating their own + Ken Dobell's services have to do with Garr?

Why, maybe you just answered that very question! That Garr, as a JOURNALIST---one who is supposed to at least APPEAR to be outside the realm of political influence, opportunism or favour (oh, hoo-ha, I KILL myself sometimes!) even thinks he should be "volunteering" at City Hall---regardless of who is running it---shows how deluded and out of touch he is--or thinks we are. Or, worse, how cynical he is about his own profession.

Gosh, to be able to be a buddy to the Mayor and pals, to show your political solidarity by "bee-ing" at one with them, and then to write---unobjectively of course---about their ideas, their actions and their regime--- well, let's just call up those Pulitzer Prize people, toute de suite!

'Cause I am sure that Al's little column will improve exponentially, the further he has his nose up Vision's collective arse. BTW, is that what they call "access" these days?

Back in the day, journalists seemed to have a healthy skepticism about whoever formed the 'establishment'. It's embarrassing to see the once mighty and respected Garr, who used to flex an impressive reporterial muscle, go all flacid on us by slobbering and pandering to the current inhabitants of City Hall.

For gawd's sake, I hope he does win a seat on the VanCity board, so he has a new sinecure. His time as a reporter, to be taken at all seriously, is long past. However, he could consider a gig as a PR guy, I guess.

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with a heavy heart that I must report that... Allen Garr has drunk the Kool-Aid.

I spoke with Mr. Garr today in front of Van City, he feels that his old political enemies started this mess. He also stated that he will "still be involved tending the bees for the city" with someone else (wink wink).
So, does that mean he will be writing his political column objectively with the help of someone else? Or is this just an illusion for us simple folks.
In either case Mr. Garr, your lack of transparency helped me to decide NOT to give you my vote today at Van city.
City Hall belongs to the people of Vancouver, not just the select few. I was disappointed with his answers, and will never bother to read the Courier again.

I'm shocked by what Garr told you. I'm a Vancity member too and was planning on voting for him until I read your comment. No longer. He's obviously a true politician now. And you know what they say about politicians.

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