24 Hours column: Five reasons you should care about Tsisserev

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Klassen's latest 24 Hours column explains why you should care about Tsisserev's sacking

Many folks have puzzled about why there has been any fuss over the removal of Ark Tsisserev in his position as Vancouver's Chief Electrical Inspector. Most media have taken little interest in the lame excuses, changing stories from the Mayor's office, and the apparent dissembling and spin. My colleague Mike Klassen's latest column in 24 Hours attempts to boil it down for folks, providing "five reasons" why most of us should care.

Whether it's the fact that Gregor Robertson for weeks either pretended to have (or had) no knowledge of one of his own decisions, the continuous changes to the story by Robertson himself (and his irksome "it's an HR issue" excuses), the loss even more top management like Tom Timm, the safety issues, and of course the flip-flop on Vision's campaign promise on transparency, we've got lots of reasons to not give these guys another pass.

You can pick up the paper to catch the story (which is the headline at this time on vancouver.24hrs.ca) at your favourite coffee shop, Skytrain station or at one of those lovely little orange newspaper boxes around Metro Vancouver. Email what you think to van24feedback@sunmedia.ca.


Instead of telling lies which he is not very good at and then kissing penny (yuk) he should stick to tendin' the carrot patch!!!!!!!!

Thanks for caring about Ark. He has come out of this all right. It's time to put this one to bed.
Another weak attempt at discrediting the Mayor.
You guys must really miss that good gig you had.

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