Ziptrek crews getting the lines ready for Robson Square

Post by Mike Klassen in


We caught this horseplay on video by crews getting Ziptrek @ Robson Square ready

Excited about the free Ziptrek line at Robson Square? So are we. A few things to note: there are no age restrictions, but guests must weigh more than 65 pounds (29.5 kilograms), as the zip line is gravity-fed. Organizers hope to accomodate about 1,000 ziptrekkers per day.


this is what I was trying to find online on Sunday.

Daniel and Mike,

Daniel, I listen to you every Tuesday on CKNW –Thank you BOTH (and others) for putting all this info together. From a family of five, limited budget, wanting to check it out.

Very much appreciated,

Check out!

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