Win 2 free Olympic tickets to men's quarter final hockey!

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Power Smart Village
Snap a photo here and you could score free tickets to the Olympics is pleased to announce that we are running a joint promotion with BC Hydro’s Team Power Smart that could result in you winning one of two pairs of tickets to the Olympic quarter final match-up for men’s ice hockey. The promotion will run until 6 pm on Feb 22nd, 2010. If you are a BC resident, there are three ways you can participate:

First, everyone should either go down to the BC Hydro 2010 Power Smart Village located at 333 Dunsmuir Street and sign up to Team Power Smart. Or, you can simply visit or text JOIN to POWER (76937)

Once you’ve done that, you can win the tickets by:

1) Uploading your favourite Olympic moment photo to our Flickr Group (one entry).

BONUS: If the photo clearly shows you at the Power Smart Village, you get 2 entries. Be sure to tag your photos "powersmartvillage".


2) Become a fan of on Facebook (1 entry)

OR, finally...

3) Re-Tweet the following text (1 entry)

I want to win Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey tickets from @citycaucus & @PowerSmartBC #van2010

Here is the fine print: No further entries will be accepted past 6 pm on Feb 22nd. We will select the winners and notify them on Feb 23rd.Tickets are for the 12 pm quarter-final game taking place on February 24, 2010. Twitter users will also have 12 hours to confirm their winnings and will be notified by “@” or direct message. Tickets can be picked up at the Power Smart Village. Please ensure you bring valid government ID with you indicating you live in BC. If the winner cannot attend another name will be drawn.

Good luck!


I'm a Facebook fan, but how do you actually "enter"? Just post a comment here?

I want to win Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey tickets from @citycaucus & @PowerSmartBC #van2010

All of our Facebook fans are already eligible to win the tix. Hope you're enjoying the Games!

well done on this site....great info

I would love to be able to win tickets . I am currently on disability and this would be a big boost for me

super exited to win

I love Canada, I love that the world is here! I love the games, I would LOVE to win these tickets!

BEcame a fan on Fb, posted a photo, but not sure how they would contact me if I *were* to win?

Please note that simply leaving a comment on this post will not be enough to win the tix. You must either sign up as a Facebook fan of, Re-Tweet the message (as per the instructions above) or upload your image to our Flickr Group. Remember, a photo taken of yourself at the Power Smart Village is good for two entries.

I'm on Facebook and I love hockey. I would love to win tickets to a game. GO Canada Go!

Canada is doing so good in the olympics. It makes me very proud to be canadian! I loved the mans Hockey tonight switzerland versus Canada. I call it the clash of the titans.

I love hockey so much, I would love to go to a Olympic Hockey games!!
Go Canada!!

Hey I joined Powersmart and i am a fan ....I hope to win the tickets...GO CANADA GO!!!!

pick me pick me!!!!

love your site! ok I am a member of the BC Hydro Power Smart team and fan of citycaucus on FB...would LOVE to win the tickets!!

I hope it worked, I'm a Team Power Smart member and fan of City do you connect the 2 and know that I did both to enter?

Thanks for the opportunity!

Winning these tickets would be the best! Ever!

I want to win Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey tickets from @citycaucus & @PowerSmartBC

Go Powersmart Go!!!! I would love to win the tickets.

I want to win Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey tickets from @citycaucus & @PowerSmartBC

I want to win Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey tickets from @citycaucus & @PowerSmartBC #van2010

What if you enter all 3? Is it 3 separate entries..?

Yup...and only 30 minutes left! So hurry.

HI -- I posted my photo on flickr earlier today. It is still not showing (new account holder). Does that mean I miss out on my 2 entries?


No worries, Steph. Thanks for letting us know.

Have you chosen a winner for the hockey tickets yet? I entered all 3 ways and did not see a winner posted yet. Thanks

Check out!

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