Why not have Ziptrek at Robson Square permanently?

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Up in the tower: CityCaucus.com speaks with Brent from Ziptrek Ecotours

I've heard the question asked several times. Why not have Ziptrek at Robson Square all the time? Well, hold on, folks. Apparently it ain't that easy. There are electrical wires for our trolley buses to consider, and as Brent from Ziptrek Ecotours suggests, someone might have a Blackberry or their car keys fall out of their pocket. Are these issues insurmountable? They're not showstoppers to me. It's great to learn about Ziptrek back in Whistler, which gives you a true message about sustainability. At Robson Square, it's just an unmitigated good time.


Thank you for your 2010 "clearing house" of all attractions. I've been using it for almost 2 weeks, and it's still the best (and often the only) info I can find on all the great fun to be had in the city.

The answer is to have this part of Robson Street stay pedestrian after the Olympics.

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